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31st May 2013, 9:09 AM in Ch 15: The January Girl
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Author Notes:
Whoops! Is it Friday already? I almost forgot to post. XD

Anyway, Maria and Gavin making bets with each other was a piece of their dynamic that was kind of abandoned from lack of necessity so far. No lie; the last time they do this is the first page they appear on! I kinda wanted it to be a running thing (to address their constantly differing opinions on almost everything in a semi-amusing way), but I just haven’t needed it. That said, if it’s still only been these two times, than I’ve used every chance I could so far.

That said, is this proof enough that Gavin wins? Or is Maria right and this could this be a case of Drew making excuses to jump back into the closet where it’s safe? Sure, they’re both sticking their noses where they don’t belong, but aren’t we all just a little curious?

Also, I have a new tablet now thanks to everybody's donations. Sincerely, you guys saved my butt. It’s a totally new device and I'm still learning things, but we shouldn't have to deal with a hiatus for Rain, at least. If the worst thing is that it's inconsistently drawn for a chapter, then I think we're in good shape.

To those of you who donated $25 or more, you have rewards coming. I emailed you via the addresses you supplied when you donated. So be sure to check your emails, because I would very much like to make sure everyone gets a reward for their generosity. Additionally, there are still slots available for rewards as well, so it's not too late if you're interested. The asked amount has been received already, but if you want to bump up to a higher reward tier, the option is there.

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User comments:
DrunkenGrognard (Guest)
The dynamic of constant side bets actually works really well for these two - I know a fair number of people IRL who do it with their friends. Plus, it's entertaining.
hmm even though it's only been shown twice I'm sure Gavin and Maria have made other bets. Also seeing how most people who bet never have the money I'm sure Gavin owes Maria like $500 and Maria owes Gavin like $200
Zackwell (Guest)
They're both doofuses in my opinion. It'd be great if Emily could have shed some light on the fact that Drew is probably pansexual. (Much like myself.)
Karen Lynn (Guest)
There's a typo in panel four. "You're guys are both terrible people." Looks like you started writing the sentence one way, then finished it the other.
Drew is likely clinging to this girl in hopes that she'll "Cure him".
I know you don't mean that Chanel because you're dating one of them