31st Mar 2013, 6:52 PM in Ch 14: No More Fake Smiles
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Author Notes:
This is an actual dare that I witnessed while playing the game one time. I can’t vouch if it’s really that bad, but the person who was dared to do it, acted kinda like that. Maybe they were playing it up, but I can’t imagine it being terribly pleasant all the same. XD

Not my favorite page, but eh, I hope you guys like it.

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User comments:
Love panel 6
Had to share. my therapist is writting my referal letter to an Endo. Major moment for my transition.
@ j-eagle12212012

Wonderful news, hon. I hope all goes well for you. ^_^
Congratulations! Enjoy your new and exciting mood swings! ^_^
I very much look forward to it thank you
3 1/2 years late, but congratulations!
EatingAllZebras (Guest)
4 1/2 years late, but congratulations!
no (Guest)
7 1/2 years late, but congratulations!
Hooman Bean (Guest)
(I'm just gonna aproximate but) 8 years late, but congratulations!
Thank you everyone

I hit a hitch shortly after but I finally got everything going
I'm about 2 years into my medical transition and am enjoying every mood swing 😆
Jude P. (Guest)
Heh. Well, if it were me, I'd sit down and tough it out and not show any discomfort just so they wouldn't get the satisfaction out of it.
I dunno, I wouldn't wanna sit down with ice in my pants. The seat would be wet for the rest of the night. D:
its rather disturbing once the ice starts to melt cause it doesnt feel like normal what its much thicker sorta like..... cold blood......
It is apparently awful. All the guys out of my friendship group had to put icecubes down their pants. They screamed. I kept quiet about feeling like a guy more than half of the time.
Ruth (Guest)
You put the ice inside a ziplock freezer baggie so it doesn't make your pants wet, that would be sadistic cruel to put a friend thru at a party.
Chrissy (Guest)
Just re-reading, and that I love the comments that come from Em being out of the loop at least at this point on Ky
I like this page. As some one who has never put ice in her pants, that's got to suck