28th Mar 2013, 7:35 PM in Ch 14: No More Fake Smiles
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Author Notes:
I apologize in advance. Most of the dares are pretty lame. I’m not above openly admitting that the “truth” option was the reason I included this game in the story (but it would’ve been unrealistic if EVERYONE chose truth). ^^;

Anyway, I think this is quite an interesting development. Maria knows full well who Gavin really likes, but actually helps prevent that little bit of information from looming over the party for the rest of the night. So maybe nothing was really resolved, as Rain remains none the wiser. But for Gavin’s sake, I can only hope this doesn’t turn into something later. (But yes, this is the only “Truth” that ends up being a lie... although technically, Gavin didn't say anything. So he really didn't lie at all.)

Also, at the end, Rudy is joking. I hope people know by now that he does that. Anything, especially to get a rise out of Gavin (seriously, no pun intended).

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Julia KaNeko
*Snickers* Pfft! >//w//< This 'gon be goooooood!
Maya Lopes (Guest)
Crap! So close...! XD~
Rudy humor to the rescue
In Gavin's place I'd joke back, probably "Sure, but only if you put on that dress you have".
*sigh* Sometimes Rudy's sense of humour is wasted on those people.
Delia (Guest)
Rudy would have actually gone and put on the dress though.
I really don't understand why anyone would play this game. It can always go wrong. Always!
Some Ed
So one time, when I was in college, a group of women, one guy, and myself were in an apartment together, looking for something to do. Knowing I'd never participate, the guy suggested truth or dare. I didn't object to the game, but opted out. I'm not sure why most of the women went along with it, but the one guy wanted to show he'd do anything for them, so chose dare every time he was picked. And he was always the next one picked. So, for him, it was a great way to try to learn things about the women he was interested in who were in the room.

Two of the women, on the other hand, had absolutely no aversion to lying for truth or dare, and wanted him to do things he'd dislike, so they chose truth every time and lied their asses off.
"especially to get a rise out of Gavin"

oh jeez XD
Ari (Guest)
"it would’ve been unrealistic if EVERYONE chose truth"
i don't know what kind of truth or dare games you've been playing, but i don't think I've ever played a game of truth or dare where anyone actually picked "dare"
Classic Rudy charm