21st Mar 2013, 6:06 PM in Ch 14: No More Fake Smiles
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Author Notes:
To answer everyone’s inevitable first question, Kylie is sitting on the floor. It’s not the first time I’ve shown the character doing that either. For some reason, I just imagine Kylie being the sort that prefers the floor to chairs.

With that out of the way, we start the party nice and awkwardly. Yes, we know from the last chapter that Maria and Chanel were going out, but this is the first confirmation for most of the group. It’s likely Rudy knew, and by extension, Rain too. But Gavin and Kylie would have had no way of knowing. Emily barely even remembered Chanel, so she couldn’t have either.

As for Maria’s reaction, I don’t think she’s actually upset by their congratulations as she is of Emily getting to learn this truth as well. Chanel, not really knowing Emily, enjoys the support though. ^_^

I know it’s been a long setup, but we’re finally about to jump into the meat of this chapter. Gonna be fun~! XD

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
I remember you saying that you made Chanel a major character on an impulse after making Maria come out in public on an impulse. How do you feel about it now?

I feel very good about it. Chanel has quickly become a personal favorite of mine, so as far as impulses go, I'm very pleased with how this all turned out. ^_^
Oh my gosh, Chanel's everything is too adorable for me to handle~! e_e
Julia KaNeko
Dunno, but I feel like drawing Rain for you as a quick sketch!
Hey, I'm rereading the comic and pages 103 and 104 are duplicates. Just a heads up!

I dont think you adressed it but in the begining of the last chapter you mentioned Chanels "straight but attracted to a member of the same gender" as being called something specific... What is it?
She said that Chanel is homoromantic asexual (or some other variation of asexual).
Aimy (Guest)
except Homoromantic Asexual wouldn't be straight. (unless "straight" is being defined as not-gay, which would be problematic because that would mean bi and pansexual folks would be considered "straight")
Could someone direct me to where I said that? Somehow I don't remember saying anything specific. 'Cause as I recall, I wanted you guys to guess (mind you, that doesn't mean I didn't goof and say something, it just means I don't remember it).


You did ask us to guess I remember that. I wasnt sure if you had revealed the answer yet. I should have asked that first lol

No, it's not a problem. You WERE asking.

Anyway, I don't THINK I revealed the answer myself. Chanel's sexuality isn't a secret like Rain's is, but you'll know for sure before this current chapter is over, so I'm opting to hold off just a little bit longer. ^_^
so how are they deviding up this pizza cause last time i checked theres about 7 of them and like less then 10 slices of pizza per box unless they ordered more then 1 box they are all gonna get 1 to 2 slices each
There was two boxes of pizza. A medium usually has 8 slices. So that's two for everyone, and an extra third for two others (or two more for one pig ^.-).
Some Ed
If it's like groups like this I've been in, it's either two slices for everyone except one person only takes one, one takes three, and another takes four (but only after making sure nobody else wants the last slice), or

Two people share one slice, one person takes one slice, two people take three slices, one person has two slices, but then hoovers the rest after it's gone cold and everyone else calls it disgusting.

I'd only consider the 'pig' term appropriate if the person who ate the most didn't first make sure everyone else was full or at least no longer interested in the pizza.
The T.C. (Guest)
It's weird as hell to see someone physically do "THIS"
no (Guest)
^^ this
Naomi (Guest)
Selix (Guest)
Mamukoot (Guest)
Ky is like me when i play XBOX at my friend's, the damned tv is too far away to sit on the couch and read, so I've taken up sitting on the floor. I also do my homework on it oddly enough.....hmmmm.
Swoft (Guest)
I love Ky so much
Skyler Skittles (Guest)
Ky acts so much like me its great. I relate to Ky on a spiritual level.
Sam (Guest)
Same, same, same

It's hard to say, though Ky is definitely one of my favorite characters out of the entire series.

I too am a floor-sitter. Sometimes when another person asks "Why don't you just sit in the chair you're leaning against?", I'll respond with something to the effect of "Oh yeah, sure. So just sit *in* the chair? Be reasonable"
Gavin and Ky are great! I always hate when it's silent. Also best girl Chanel proving why she's best girl