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7th Mar 2013, 8:11 PM in Ch 14: No More Fake Smiles
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Author Notes:
(Dirtiest joke yet, I think...) XD

Yet another long forgotten fact that hasn’t been mentioned in since it was first brought up (in this case, nearly 300 pages ago). Rain has asthma. Of course, we haven’t really seen her HAVE to contend with it. This particular situation is likely not inhaler-worthy, but it’s enough to send her into a coughing fit.

The wording for this page was murder. I knew what I wanted Rudy to say in the fourth panel, but I had trouble finding that perfect balance of “believably innocent statement” plus “awkward double-meaning a group of teenagers will LUNGE on”. Frankly, I’m still iffy on it. At the same time, this is basically how I remember my high school days. You couldn’t say innocent words like “blow” or “swallow” or “beaver” even in the most clean of contexts without laughter erupting around you. It’s one of those things I REALLY don’t miss about being a teenager.

Oh, any guesses to our door visitor?

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User comments:
You said it was a lighthearted chapter without as much drama as the last one, so probably not Aiken or Kellen. So... maybe Emily?

Also, I thought Rain's asthma was an excuse to avoid gym so she wouldn't have to change in front of others. I'm kind of surprised to learn otherwise.

Yeah, I figured not a lot of people probably took the asthma thing seriously, thinking it was just part of the excuse (especially when I didn't bring it up for ages). My fault. ^^;
Some Ed
The key detail that said it wasn't just an excuse was the inability to get a doctor's note with the right *name*. Doctor's note showing asthma? No problem.

Admittedly, this was a subtle detail, and I have known people who managed to fake asthma well enough to get a doctor's note from a less competent doctor. (There's a bunch of things that can cause asthma symptoms, so even if it looks 100% like asthma, tests *should* be run. Because some of those things can kill if not treated properly. Also, at least one *really* contraindicates using an asthma inhaler, so the test shouldn't be "does an inhaler help you". Basis of knowing: I don't have asthma, I have something else. My condition apparently looks a lot like one of those things that can kill if not treated, so I got even more tests run. Whee!)
The mystery door person is... nope I got nothing.

I for one miss the days when you could fix a game by blowing into it (I am 25 so NES and SNES where what I grew up on)


I miss playing my SNES. :(
Puddle's smile, it gives me the HNNNNGGGs
So adorable :3
BetweenARock (Guest)
XD Rudy. Everything you say is going to dig you deeper.

My guess is that it's either Jessica or Emily at the door.

Blowing into the cartridge always works. Just ask my Super Smash Bros. game.
Nexios Leader
Im giving my props to the rabbit thats the most well behaved bunny I've ever seen lol
I did that once at one point haha XD
My friends and I were playing secret hitler, and at one point (since I was still relatively new to the game and the rules) I said, "Wait, does it have to go in?"
I don't think any of us stopped laughing for 5 minutes straight.
Ah good times good times.... I wish things could go back to how they were then....
Panel 6 is so cute!
Lena/Lyra (Guest)
I forgot she had asthma, I thought that was a ruse to get out of gym
Easily the best joke in the entire series! When I first read it I had to take a 5 minute break from reading to calm down. I never expected such a dirty joke from this comic