5th Feb 2013, 6:16 PM in Ch 13: Togetherness
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Author Notes:
Gotta wonder how Chase keeps attracting all these beautiful women… -_-

I don’t know if she’ll ever be important, but just in case, I kept calling Chase’s new girlfriend, Mindy in the back of my mind. Maybe that’s not enough to get her onto the character bio page at this time, but better safe than sorry. You never know.

Also, more importantly: I kinda feel bad for Emily, AKA the character you probably never thought you’d feel bad for. Her Christmas is turning out to be anything but merry. Poor kid. (Sorry for all the downer developments lately. I promise the next chapter will be less depressing.)

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User comments:
You know, Emily looks really nice with glasses. She looks way less evil. ^_^
Oh gosh, this one hit a soft spot. T_T
Oh, I feel so baaaaaad for Emily...
( ok, so maybe I DIDN'T want those two to get back together...)
emily now most felt bad for charachter
Tualha (Guest)
Oh geez. I think I know what word she's trying to get out in panel 6. Yes, going back two comics, it's clear. I was going to add, WHY don't young people use protection, then I remembered what kind of high school she goes to. Sigh.
Oh no. That theory someone was talking about on the last page... Now I have one, and this isn't going to end well for Emily. Nooooo. q.q
Sky Beams (Guest)
Emily... nnoooooooo...
I wonder how old his new girlfriend is. 14? Maybe only 13?

Emily doesn't need Chase. She needs someone who will actually love her.
Once again poor Emily she doesn't deserve any of this