3rd Feb 2013, 6:08 PM in Ch 13: Togetherness
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Author Notes:
I know, I know. This page is decidedly lacking in Fara vs. Aiken. We’ll get to it. I promise.

And yep. Even Emily gets her own segment in this chapter. I both really like and dislike this week’s arc. I mean, Emily’s development here is more crucial than you’d probably think, and there was just a lot that needed to be said about her… and proper timing required it to be in this chapter. But at the same time, this little arc feels very disjointed from the rest of the chapter. So, I apologize for not coming up with a smoother way to fit this in.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Poor Emily! I just want to cry manly tears and reach out to her. D':
Interesting...there are still some unanswered questions (what group channel falls under,and what is Fara gonna say to Akien) but now we have some new questions about Emily (She wears Glasses at home but not in school???) but we also learn that Emily is not perfect.
Love the comic can't wait to see what happens next

Emily feels glasses would make her look less perfect, so she doesn't wear them in public.

Although, she is actually SHOWN having glasses back in her first appearance. Check her left hand on this page - http://rain.thecomicseries.com/comics/11/
Some Ed
Chanel is in the "freshman" group, and so by socializing with a senior, she transcends any group she would normally be able to get into. Therefore, she's in Rain's group, since Rain's group has generally accepted her. (I'd call this Gavin/Maria's group, except since Rain started school, everything revolves around her. Almost like it's her strip or something.)

I feel sympathy for Emily, but recognize she chose the path that led to this juncture. I suspect if she were to reach out to our main cast, she would be accepted, to the extent she accepted and showed herself to be trustworthy to everyone in the group.
Julia KaNeko
I have a theory, but I'll wait it out to see if I'm right at what's with her...
if i'm correct as to what your theory was

you're probably right...
who's Emily?
She is the blonde who seemed kind of like a thorn in the shoe during the halloween party but she definitely doesn't ring my bully bell anymore.

Emily is the blonde, bitchy girl. Hosted the Halloween party. Chase's ex.

It's been a while, but she and Rain actually became friends back in Chapter 10. But she doesn't know Rain's secret, and none of the other characters really like her because of her reputation as "that blonde, bitchy girl".

Aaaaaand I think that's pretty much what you need to know. ^_^
What do u use 2 ink your comics? Any softwares, or maybe ink pens

I use a tablet (Bamboo Fun). So, there's no inking. I just draw it directly into the Photoshop, essentially, and add the color and text to it there as well. ^_^
and thats why i feel bad for emily plus she is cute with glasses
Sky Beams (Guest)
Aww! Poor Emily!
some weight… yes… since 1 month…
Oh, i never noticed the foreshadowing on this page
Katarina T Golding (Guest)
Love this comic/story. Like I am sure so many others do. I just found it and have read up to #320. I am way way past high school and today I feel very much for those in early years of transition. I have had a much easier time being older during transition, nowhere near the issues and trials these brave young adults are doing to live their life as truthfully who they are.

Question: The very first page with the black and white of Rain, May I have that tattooed on my calf? the thoughts and ideas of going through what she is doing, the good and bad she will go through have me so full of emotions not very describable. I so often dream of what having the courage and drive to begin my journey back when I first knew I was not living right.

I have waited literally decades to be true to myself and would so honor and those who are fighting to be themselves so their lives will be true. This would be both. a show of my inner self and the support for everyone being brave to bring their true self out.

My e-mail is "firstluff56@hotmail.com" I know you must be busy but if possible, hearing from you if you wish me NOT to use it would be appreciated, otherwise I will treat it with the most respect and adoration.

Best wishes and thanks again for an amazing story ,
Katarina (Kata) Golding
@Katarina T Golding

Honestly, I'd be honored! If anyone's ever gotten a Rain tattoo, I haven't seen/heard about it yet. So if you end up getting one, all I ask is that you share a pic. I'd love to see it! ^_^
Poor Emily. I love you so much, girlie. We'll get there soon... so excited to see more of you again. 💜
I feel so bad for Emily she may not be the nicest person but she definitely doesn't deserve this