31st Jan 2013, 6:35 PM in Ch 13: Togetherness
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Author Notes:
This page is brutal. Probably one of the heaviest things in this comic to date.

Obviously, what Aiken says is not only incorrect, but also deplorable. To my trans brothers and sisters: if someone ever says something like this to you, don’t even give them the time of day. These people are not worth your tears or your words. And to my cis friends: please, please, PLEASE just remember that genitalia doesn’t have anything to do with gender. Having a penis doesn’t necessarily make you a man. Having a vagina doesn’t necessarily make you a woman. Period.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Family "re-education" time.
Woah. You're right: this really is heavy. I'm not sure how Rain would respond to this, given her personality, but Aunt Fara... Aiken's in for a lot. :P

By the way, how does Aiken feel about homosexual people? His negative reaction to trans-folk is mostly due to his own experience. However, that doesn't mean he has to hate the entire LGBT community.
DrunkenGrognard (Guest)
Good on you for sticking to your guns, Rain.

Aiken, you really are just that stupid, aren't you?

You are 100% right. Gender has nothing to do with genitals. On a related note I have my first session with a therapist for a refferal for HRT on Feb 6th wish me luck.

That's wonderful news, hon! I hope all goes well. ^_^
Congratulations & good luck! ^_^
Kitsune kun (Guest)
I know that this page is strictly coincidental, but I recently had a fight with my 2 younger brothers.
I find this as an omen of sorts( the page) . I think. After the fight, it all got emotional. Plus, I've....had thoughts. Can you spare any advice.....please.... T.T
Kitsune kun (Guest)
Funny thing too, my fight started with video games as well.
Just sittin there, minding my own business. And Matt comes and turns off the game.
Just saying.
Iule (Guest)
Hey, a lot of time has passed... I'm reading the comic for the first time and I'm getting to know the frequent commenters like you through each page. I haven't read the comments on the next pages yet, but I hope you're alright. If you need someone to talk to feel free to reply :)
no (Guest)
yeah, just found this and I´m binging it, and at this point the comments are half the story
Awwww man, I never wanted to kick a comic character ass so bad before today. Gavin didn't even get this reaction from me in the beginning/
Mackus (Guest)
Now, now, to be fair, there is some correlation between gender and genitals. All Aiken is saying that there is also causation, which is a valid point to consider.
*chuckle* okay, okay, trolling aside. I think that Rain is rather insecure with her gender (I would expect most trans people to be), and is grasping straws (as she did with "yay, I suck at math!") with playing girl character. That or she is trying to show some spine.
I hope its not "so much for Aiken not being thrown out because hes not provoking fights".
Of course, from his POV Ryan is the one who's provoking him. I hope he stayed so long here, because he genuinely wants to understand "why anyone would want to be trangendered". Come on people, communication never killed anyone! Probably.
I think you should read your own comments more than once from now on.
Ugh, fine. What did I did, why it was such horrible thing to say, and what sort of ironic hell I deserve because of that.
Of course Rain is insecure, especially with a brother who keeps attacking her. And she is hoping and trying to get along with him.

And you are definitely wrong on one point (and I'm not saying only on one point), Aiken knows that he the provocateur. Fara pointed it out to him, and he still went ahead with making "Baby Bro".

If, as he told Rain, it's not that big of a deal, then why'd he do it? He was trying to provoke her, that's why.
i may be cisgendered but i think that people who are transgendered aren't doing anything wrong
There was a difference between Gavin and Aiken and it's an important one.

Gavin gives a shit about his friend's feelings.

Aiken doesn't give a shit about Rain's.

Who decided to change their behavior to make another human more comfortable?

Aiken's of the breed that cares more about some old-fashioned ideal that got people killed and still does than his sister's emotional and mental health.

It's not hard to make others important to you more comfortable. Or even compromise. But Aiken insists on the opposite. Plus his FREELOADINGN ASS IS VISITING THEIR HOME



Infinity (Guest)
When I saw the last panel, my first thought was "SHE MAD BRO".
I wonder how Aiken would feel if he knew what actual herm bodies are like...

Shame he can't get past his recent trauma to at least accept his own sister.
Wait I thought anatomy is what determines if your a guy or girl just not mentally
Kitsune Chan (Guest)
Well you couldn't be more wrong it isn't what a person is born as physically that determines if a person is male or female, what decides that is the heart and soul of the person themselves, there are even genders outside of male and female. I was physically born male but my personality has always been female. It isn't what you are physically the determines what gender you are.
Donut Studios
Was your last sentences in the author's note supposed to be a pun. If so, I laughed at it.
Kitsune Chan (Guest)
I myself am a MtF transgender, I went through something similar to this 4 Christmases ago when I came out to my family 1 weeks before Christmas, my cousin who was my best friend didn't react very well and still to this day will never accept it.
Jay (Guest)
Aiken reminds me of my brother. He told me to stop pretending to be something I'm not when I came out to him. I wanted to scream so bad.
Akane (Guest)
I got this from two of the most sensitive people in my life I had turned to, desperate for support, at a time when something like this inevitably left me absolutely shattered...
fuck you, aiken
MeWho (Guest)
... because there are a LOT of people who just can't get past that. And since, for a LOT of guys, that 'marvelous little toy' they were born with is so precious that the idea that anyone would willingly give it up is just TOO mind-blowing. That they can't get from that point to understanding that someone who feels that way ( WANTS to 'give it up' ) is NOT just 'playing around' is actually pretty sad. But, as was given back to me in a conversation about anti-Semitism in Poland and the USSR, an awful lot of people are easy to brainwash and short on logic.
The second page is perfect! I can hear her yelling at him