10th Jan 2013, 8:07 PM in Ch 13: Togetherness
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Author Notes:
Subtle joke in the first panel. XD

Anyway, I guess I should explain for anyone who hasn’t interacted with a Nintendo product in the last six years or so (as the Funtendo Yuu Us is a parody of the new Nintendo Wii U). In short, all their recent consoles have an feature where you build an avatar based on yourself called a Mii. With the Wii U, it is actually integral to setup, since each person’s account on the machine is designated via a Mii. So here we see Aiken thinking he’s helping but… yeah…

If I may say, I think Miis look kinda stupid. Especially when I draw them. And ESPECIALLY when I draw them in a manner that’s supposed to “resemble-them-mostly-but-is-off-a-little-kinda-intentionally”. You know, just keeping it off minutely so Nintendo doesn’t sue me (for instance, “Baby Bro’s” hairstyle is not actually available option; it’s similar, but not exact).

What does one call a parody Mii though? O_o

This is a lengthy blurb anyway, but I want close with a little fun fact: Since the Mii Maker screen always makes a point of having a “birthdate section”, I decided I should probably include it. But when I create characters for any story, I often have a zodiac sign in mind for them, but rarely come up with a specific birthdate. As it turns out, Rain’s a Virgo. I’ve known that forever. But the actual day wasn’t decided on until I drew this page. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Still in denial, but he's not trying to cut off all ties with Rain, and he IS setting up the Yuu Us, which WILL save time. Though he's making a male Mii-spinoff (maybe we can call it a Yuu?), this is still a pretty good sign. ^_^
Fortunately the avatars are pretty malleable, easy enough to fix.
It seem's like Akien thinks that "bonding" will make Rain go back to "normal". sigh . he just doesn't get it yet that this is who Rain is and how she has always been (personal experience trying to explain to people who do not understand)
Jude P (Guest)

(That's a (very bad) pun as well as a sarcastic expression of emotions regarding drama.)
Sky Beams (Guest)
Haha, there's something about the way he did that that makes me laugh. Big bro's in denial XD
VioletSkye (Guest)
Rain's a virgo?! I'm a virgo too! =D
Should have recognized that naive obliviousness we both have
but wouldn't recognizing her naive obliviousness counteract your own naive obliviousness, thus making it so you'd have no frame of reference to recognize hers with?
Kesi (Guest)
Haha! He’s still trying desperately to change Rain! Buhaha
newfan (Guest)
Found out about this conic 2 days ago (in 2021) and have read this far and am loving it! Can't wait to keep reading more and get caught up!

Also Rain and I have the same birth day!
Keiya (Guest)
This is hilarious to me because I sorta came out to my family slowly, but one of the first steps was changing my Mii.
Nathaniel Blair (Guest)
Rain shares my birthday!
Someone doing that to me would hurt so much