9th Dec 2012, 8:42 PM in Ch 12: Drab
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Author Notes:
Honest to god, this was like THE most fun page to make. Ever. I kept going back to it too. Dream-Rain had to be drawn three separate times and Dream-Ruby twice. After all, I had to make sure Gavin’s mental images were adequately sexy, while still keeping up the continuity of what they were actually wearing (Rain’s yellow shirt outfit is the last girly thing Gavin saw her wearing. See “p.245 - The Closet”).

Er-hem. If I may, special mention goes to Dream-Ruby. I think that may (inadvertently) be the sexiest image I’ve ever drawn. Just sayin’. >_>

Discussion: What does this revelation tell us – if anything – about Gavin?

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User comments:
Ummmm wow....I like the way Gavin thinks. Dream Rain and Dream Ruby are super sexy
Dream Rain. Though in real life I'd have a hard time, kinda like Gavin.
You know, if there was an entire chapter that turned out to be a dream, I'd usually rage.
If it was one of Gavin's dreams, I think i'd be okay with it.

But this is quite interesting. If we follow the logic through, it means Gavin doesn't get attracted to girls like Maria and Kylie, doesn't get attracted to guys either, but does get attracted to guys dressed as girls.
I'm not sure there's even a word for that.
Ruth (Guest)
Oh shit, you didn't just accuse Gavin of being a chaser did you?
ada (Guest)
oh... several years after, hotdiggidy dang there's be one chapter that is a dream...

and cries
To me, it seems like Gavin's instinctive or physical side is stronger than his rational one, so even though he KNOWS that they are boys, they act, dress and look like girls, so that's what he sees and feels and that's the view that dominates in his head, at least subconciously.

By the way, I'm kinda a new reader here. You've done a really nice and entertaining work here, and reading this I've learned a bit about stuff I've never had the chance to experience in real life.
AmbiguousMouse (Guest)
Technically, he only knows Rudy's a boy. Rain's a girl, which he's aware of, and Ky is... Well, Ky is just Ky.
Nexus (Guest)
I just gotta say Im been follow this for awhile(great story btw) but Rain is just so cute Im straight but I personaly dont think I would care on the matter
I like this page too. For, uh... Other reasons. *shifty eyes*
Akane (Guest)
This reminds me of the "Tutor me Gavin" scene X3
I wonder how Dream Kylie will look.
Skyler Skittles (Guest)
Will we even see Dream Ky(lie)?
What does this tell us about Gavin???

Well it tells us that his testosterone-fueled teenage brain goes bonkers every time that he sees or thinks about a pretty girl and even fantasizes about them. That pretty much tells us that he is a healthy, normal, cisgender, heterosexual young man. And the fact that he has no homophobic or transphobic traits, means he's mentally healthy, confident, knows who and what he is and feels good with that,,,,tells us he's an awesome dude.
WaywardS0ci0path (Guest)
So, correct me if I’m wromg, but couldn’t Gavin be skoliosexual? Because the fantasies about Rain, Ruby, apparently Ky, and later Ana...
Samantha (Guest)
He could also be gynosexual. Attracted to the female form (transgender or not) rather than specifically to ummm skolios.
Mitheria (Guest)
.... Also skoliosexual is a new 1 to me. So research tiem
Gavin=chaser confiremed
Except that he also respects them as *people*, not just fetish objects
AriaOfEffect (Guest)
My brain went to "repressed gender envy" before "chaser" but that might just be me projecting my own high school experience.
Okay, now I kinda can't wait for these two to get together and end up being intimate, followed by Ky gently teasing Gavin in front of the group about his unfounded insecurities now that he's in a queer relationship.
"What? The bra already came off!"
You're dodging the question Gavin