2nd Dec 2012, 10:12 PM in Ch 12: Drab
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Author Notes:
And here we learn a little bit about Chase and… Kellen? Oh, my.

Although at least we can finally see the connection; why Rain seemed so familiar to Chase, but she didn’t know him. Although, believe it or not, part of the revelation here was subtly hinted at an even longer time ago (simply refer to Page 109 - Those Left Behind).

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User comments:
Julia KaNeko
Oh... Fuckbunnies... O_Oll This won't end well...
Revelations, revelations everywhere!

Although this page also brings up another question; What's so "crazy" about Kellen?

Also, the one picture of Rain on this page is freaking adorable.
When a guy says his ex is crazy, he's not always a reliable narrator. ^_^ On the other hand, given Rain's neurosis and Aiken's fecklessness, Kellen would be the exception to the rule if she turned out to be well-adjusted.
Keiya (Guest)
The crazy comment is coming from Aiken though. Then again, siblings always think the others are nuts, it's just the way of the world.
The T.C. (Guest)

This is gonna be a good'un.
I hate Chase. Even more than I can't stand Todd.
Speculation: Jessica is trans and they broke up over her dysphoria.

Nah, only I could come up with such an aneurism-causingly ironic twist. XD
Luna (Guest)
i mean... you are not THAT wrong
FayeBliss (Guest)
If you are looking for the hint, Those Left Behind is actually page 115
I'm about to start hating Chase even more, aren't I?
oh no...