Dressing Room
29th Nov 2012, 9:49 PM in Ch 12: Drab
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Dressing Room
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Author Notes:
A LOT of people saw this dressing room scene ending in disaster. The funny thing is, while yes, this would’ve been a clear, obvious and totally believable way for Rain to [unintentionally] come out to Aiken, it actually never once crossed my mind until I saw all the comments on the last page saying, “she’s doomed” or something akin to that. So guess what doesn’t happen right here…

Go figure. ^_^;

And yeah, just a cute little red dress, based on a real one I saw on Amazon. Rain gets to wear the cute things I can’t afford to get for myself. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Oh, wow. Rain looks... Wow. :o

Those last three panels are just so perfect.
Beautiful. I just want to hug both of them and partake in the absolute bliss of this moment, y'know?
wow even without makeup Rain rocks that dress. good call Rudy good call
Awww... these two are so cute.
Tatum (Guest)
wow, and this was the page that I first saw and inspired me to read this amazing comic. Awesome work, excited to read even more! (oh, how cliché can my wording get? but in all seriousness, I love this series!)
Akane (Guest)
Aww, Rain looks SO much herself (even without makeup and all) in that dress, after all too long without.
Well, why would Aiken even go into a women's clothing store. Jessica's not with him. Though, maybe he'd want to buy something for Fara? Or maybe he's just browsing the windows.
Katie (Guest)
I'm envious! I wish I could wear a cute dress like that and be a girl.
Katie (Guest)
I'm envious! I wish I could wear a cute dress like that and be a girl.
Katie (Guest)
Sorry for the mix-up. Double (or is it triple now?) posted. Could someone delete the extra post?
Rudy is a good BF.
Emily (Guest)
Can't tell ya how good it is to see Rain comfortable again ^_^
Mitheria (Guest)
Ummmm I dont suppose that dress still exists on amazon?
Link of possible?
Awww! So much cuteness in a single page, beginning and ending.
I guess she wants it