2 Years of Rain
28th Nov 2012, 7:03 PM in Special
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2 Years of Rain
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Author Notes:
Two years. Wow. How is it even possible I've been at this for so long? The short answer: I have the best fans the internet has to offer. From day one, this comic gained a far better reception than I'd ever anticipated. If people didn't show so much support and appreciation for this story, it'd have been so easy to give up on it. But I'm glad that I'm still at this. And I'm glad you're here, [hopefully] enjoying it with me.

This year took us from Page 154 (Pandora's Box) to Page 272 (Easy). It was unfortunately a lot fewer than the previous year, but that was because of that terrible month and a half long hiatus I suffered without a means of drawing anything.

As of today, "Rain" is two years old, but it still has a lot of life left in it. There are so many LGBT-themed shenanigans left for Rain and her friends to get through. So I do hope you're enjoying everything so far and that you will continue to enjoy it for however long it takes to tell their story. ^_^

Thank you, everyone. Have a wonderful day.
User comments:
Wow that's pretty cool.
It's impressive enough that you have this much in just two years. Rain looks amazing in that, by the way. I love the panels you picked out. It tells so much about this story.
incredible job keep the story coming
Congrats! :D
Happy Birthday! I tried to make you an ASCII cake, but the formatting eated it.
And now I've hit two years later! xD

I should totally go to sleep, but I can't stop reading! Worst part is I totally told myself not to read til tommorow night because I might be up all night when I've got work all night.

Probably was right. Grats on making it this far!
thats alot of water.....
AnonBlue (Guest)
You're not wrong. 2 years of rain would be a lot, depending on how light or heavy the rainfall is.
ReinaGlasses (Guest)
10 years of rain is A LOT of water...
Siskin (Guest)
Happy anniversary to Rain and Jocelyn!!!!!
10 years after this 2 year commemoration, I'm so glad I was able to find something so entertaining (and dare I say often relatable?) as "Rain" is. Thanks for keeping it going all the way through.
I can't believe all of that happened in a single year. I love all the panels you chose for this picture