20th Nov 2012, 9:14 PM in Ch 12: Drab
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Author Notes:
Kind of a wordy one. Gavin’s classmate that he’s referring to is Drew, by the way. It’s been brought up a bunch of times here and there for the past hundred pages or so.

On an odd side note, Kylie’s become a much more complex character than I meant for. I’ll roll with it though. ^_^

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User comments:
Oh goodness, this one's deep. I wish movies had dialogue half as good as this.
What Ky said, is how I felt for years. I didn't understand the whys, I was even convinced that I'd never heard of transgender until I saw Boys Don't Cry. That movie, and getting drunk New Years Eve/Day 2000/1 is what helped me find myself and begin my long journey to freedom.
Tessa (Guest)
Lets get the SS Kyvin sailing!
ellie (Guest)
*sends virtual hugs to kylie*
Maybe Non-binary?
Szarrukin (Guest)
Genderfluid, to be more specific, although I don't think that term was very popular in 2012.
Is Kylee a crossdresser or transgender?
Selix (Guest)
Trans, since they seem to identify as a guy when presenting as such. I won’t say more here, but it is explained further along in the comic
Thds ship is growing on me
I can relate to Kylie. Once I actually transition I plan on telling everyone it's safe to. Being trans isn't something I want to hide it's something I want to be open about. I wish I was less of a coward then I could let everyone know who I am. If only