19th Jul 2012, 7:54 PM in Ch 10: Friendship
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Author Notes:
Well, this is interesting…

Theoretically, we can toss Rain’s kind words up to her being kind of intimidated by Emily (and based on past experiences with her, can you blame Rain?). But Emily? As kind of a continuation of the last update’s question, what’s up with her?

She clearly had an agenda in the beginning of the page, but does she really believe Rain’s answer? Did she get the answer she wanted? Is she looking for any other answers with the rest of her dialogue, or do we think she’s being sincere?

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User comments:
huh no one has commented or rated this (Rates 5 and waits)
Since you commented on the lack of ratings, this page has gotten 4 more ratings, all of the 5 stars!

Also, I like Emily a little better now. I like seeing that she has a nicer side, and admitting that she's a wee bit jealous. *hugs Emily*
Picnic Ant
Hrm. Emily isn't quite the Queen Bee Rich Bitch she originally came across as. Good job at making a secondary character with some substance :D
Skyler Skittles (Guest)
I was right!! Emily is a deeper character!!
Luna (Guest)
nice foreshadowing
I mean... Rain was half right...
I like Emily and Rain's dynamic. It's nice to she them bond over skipping gym class (and boyfriends I guess)