2nd Dec 2011, 5:00 AM in Ch 6: Fallen Angel
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Er-hem. Thoughts?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
You go girl! ;P Maria knows just what to say hehe.
hueloovoo (Guest)
That was a beautiful rage. I applaud her ability to remain in control and think clearly in the face of the all-consuming rage that must have prompted such a response. Sticking up for brother has never been quite so awesome.
Trasee Darkwatch
Very nice! She told him! ^.^
That speech was beautiful.
Damn, I wish this were an anime now. I could practically HEAR the rage in Maria's voice
*Kathleen (Guest)
I think I'm in love with Maria!
DominoJaye (Guest)
Can I have Maria as *my* sister...? Or girlfriend? (or in a Japanese anime, she'd be both... :| )
TheAlmightyJ (Guest)
Dude, she's a lesbian.
Argh, comicfury, why can't you thumbs up a comment?!?!
Just another bi girl (Guest)
I think that sentence can be used pretty much anywhere in this comic. Now I'm gonna be saying it all through the comic. Thanks a lot lol
Who says DominoJaye isn't? (or couldn't be?)
the idea that this behavior wouldn't just get rudy severely beaten is somewhat ludicrous to me
Depends on the bully, really. If she really did make him almost pee his pants, he'll at the very least think twice about coming near Rudy, ever.
because then Maria would beat him up
Maria is my hero. =D
DiEvAl (Guest)
Wait, what was the point of the axe, if Maria didn't hit him with it? :D
Go, Maria, go, go!! We're all behind you!
Anon (Guest)
So I felt a focus on hallway so are maria and Rudy gonna say this like this to todd
Ink Phoenix (Guest)
tell him girl!!!
Perrolas (Guest)
kkkk, i love the yuxtaposition of maria's cute design and her saying "little piece of shit"
See this is why Maria is the scariest character in the entire comic