Rain Undelayed
23rd Nov 2022, 2:43 PM in Rain Delay
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Rain Undelayed
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Author Notes:
I've had this idea mulling around my head since like May or something. I don't know why today was finally the day I decided to draw it (lord knows I have other things I could be working on). ^^;

That said, yes, My Impossible Soulmate does open in the year 2000 (I have my reasons, but I can't go into detail regarding why just yet). Still, that does mean 24-year old Rain at the end of Rain, and 16-year old Chiaki at the beginning of MIS shouldn't logically be able to meet. Don't think too hard about it. This little meeting is just for fun; it's not canon. XD

As for this being a Rain Delay... also don't think too hard about that. If I have ideas for more, even if there's nothing left to "delay", I'll gladly draw them or any other filler strip going forward. Even after My Impossible Soulmate starts (in a week and a half on December 5th, which you'll be able to read right here!). Please join me and check it out when the time comes! ^_^
User comments:
Wow, I'm surprised rain didn't freak out and start fan-girling as soon as she saw chiaki, her favourite(?) author, right next to her
Amelia (Guest)
huh, I didn't even realise this until you mentioned it, but the timeline almost perfectly matches up.
Claire (Guest)
Is there more reason than that Chiaki needs to have returned to our world and have had time to write and publish several books?
I think officially, it still isn't confirmed that Chiaki from MIS is the same Chiaki who wrote Black Wings Kaminari., even though we have a lot of evidence pointing in that direction. The character profile for the MIS protagonist doesn't mention her last name.
Technically, you're still able to delay volumes 6 and 7 🙃

I love this interaction, btw
Huzzah! Rain finally managed to meet Chiaki! Sure, it may have been six years later than intended, but I imagine the con's line would've taken roughly that long anyway
Puppet (Guest)
Oh my gosh! Rain did get to meet Chiyaki
Also I find the idea of us still getting Rain delays instead of like, Soulmate Waits when MIS is pushed back really funny.
Katya (Guest)
So, I guess the Iseikai for MIS has to do with Y2K?
Sam (Guest)
Nice Bojack reference

Also barring time travel shenanigans, Chiaki would be 35 if I'm not mistaken
Puppet (Guest)
I love how Rain is explaining all this to Chiaki. Like she's used to being dragged around through the multi meta cosmos like a kite by Jocelyn and is older, wiser.
I came at the speed of trans
Yes, this is the perfect crossover!
And I'm amused that Rain doesn't seem to recognize Chiaki's future role as an author.
I got a bit of a laugh from this one
Melior (Guest)
Are Rain volumes 6 and 7 still on track to be out by the end of the year? Would love to get the full set as a Christmas gift.

Volume 6, yes. I believe that'll be ready very soon.

Volume 7, I'm afraid will still take some time. Ideally, sometime next year.
I love seeing a Rain Delay after the comic wrapped up.
2000. That’s the year I was born. Neat.
Pseudonym (Guest)
I'm impressed they can speak each other's fonts.
> even if there's nothing left to "delay"

You could call them Rain(y) Days instead of Rain Delays. ;)
The last Rain delay... It's a fitting send off for the gags!