Rain Halloween 2022 - Shamed Sprocket Persist
10th Oct 2022, 10:34 AM in Post Rain
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Rain Halloween 2022 - Shamed Sprocket Persist
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Author Notes:
Happy (early) Halloween, all! ^_^

First real Rain strip after the comic ended too. I planned to occasionally whip these up from time to time when inspiration struck (and still do, going forward), but wow, it's hard to find the time. If I'm being totally honest, this entire strip started as me just wanting to do a piece of fan art, and not being able to find the time for months (had books and another comic to focus on, after all). Then it became, "what if Rain cosplayed that character instead?" And then, "what if it's Halloween and Lydia's cosplaying another character from the same game?" And then, "what if Lydia threw a dolphin at somebody?" Logical progression, you see? XD

But yeah, for months, nothing happened. And I figured if I didn't do it for Halloween, I was just never going to do it. So, uh... here we are. XD

If you're unfamiliar, Rain and Lydia are cosplaying the characters, Bridget and May, from the fighting game Guilty Gear Strive (or in Rainverse, let's call it Shamed Sprocket Persist). Several of the gags do assume a degree of familiarity with the characters, so my apologies if they don't land.

Ironically, I haven't played Strive yet myself. It's been on my radar for years because some of the earliest entries in the series are among my favorites in the genre, but again, time is an issue. My old main, Bridget, getting her reveal (in being added to the game, and officially canonically coming out as a trans girl) certainly raised my interest a few notches, though! So I really wanted to at least draw something, if nothing else!

Emily and Gavin also cameo in this strip, and yes, I absolutely considered having them cosplay other characters from the game too. I figured Emily would probably make a good Millia, but I also thought it might be a bit much to cosplay like that at work in her profession. I also thought about Sol, Ky, Chipp, and Leo as costumes for Gavin. But I ultimately veered away, thinking, contextually, Maria having to make all these costumes for her entire friend group seemed like a lot. XD

But anyway, it's just a little gag strip for the fun of it. And I hope you like it whether you know the references or not!

Also, I am aware Bridget is kind of a touchy subject for some people. But as per usual, I won't be tolerating any misgendering in this comments section, and I'm not interested in hosting any toxicity (I don't think I need to tell y'all that, but I just want it to be said). This comic is meant to be silly and fun; so let's keep that out of here, please. Thank you.
User comments:
Beth (Guest)
Thank you! I've been missing my Rain fix so much!

This comic helped me get through a lot of hard times, and helped me figure some things out along the way. You truly created something special and I'm excited for the prospect of maybe potentally some day more Rain in the future.

Jocelyn, thank you so much for bringing these characters into the world.
Don't deny candies to kids. You will get with a stuffed shark in your face. XD

Stuffed dolphin, technically. But yes. XD
oh my god lydia is so cute, i might be getting diabetis
Great comic!
First of all this comic is amazing I love both Rain and Lydia's costumes 😍 second of I think Emily could have probably dressed up as a Witch or something
This is a cute and funny comic. Not too familiar with the characters (my May knowledge is limited to watching her carry an anchor and summon a dolphin), but the gag still lands.
This certainly was a treat.
Tesset (Guest)
Rain dressed up as Brisket is adorable :D
As another fan commented, this is so sweet that I might get diabetes.

This is absolutely awesome. Thank you.
Heck yeah, a new Rain page! I've never played any Guilty Gears games and I initially thought they were Team Aqua and Team Magma. Then I was confused as to why a Team Magma was throwing Kyogre.
brisket rain brisket rain BRISKET RAIN BRISKET RAIN
I love that they’re dressed as Guilty Gear characters.
A moment ago I realized Lydia interpreted “don’t throw … at every stranger” as throwing at family members is ok
Agentomega (Guest)
Me: Bucket!
Me (seconds later): *gasp* R A I N B U C K E T

(megas kawaii, I can’t even)
Tokuben (Guest)
I am both happy and in love, you just made my day. Now I want more rain family comics.
Awesome surprise
Glad to see more of canonical Rain
Das Enby :) (Guest)
Accidentally clicked on lastest and as I was attempting to go back to my old page, I saw this. Almost missed out! TwT
And Lydia is now my favorite character—sorry, Rain, I like chaotic children.
You should always Totsugeki young child, it's not only always right but always cool. And always makes its more adorable too.

And Bridget's personal storyline in Strive and its overall message is a good fit for Rain, Daisuke and Katano are truly great men especially with their clarifications with Developer's Backyard, just sad to see no Yo-Yoing here.
Emma (Guest)
I've found this comic just on Tuesday this week and it was emotional roller coaster. It was the first I was crying for a webcomic and I love it. ^^ Thanks
Although Lydia is such a cutie pie ^^
Daphne (Guest)
Hey, same here! I spent Thursday in tears! It was glorious <3
Eve (Guest)
Same! I've been binging the whole series all day~
I'm gonna miss all of the characters so much!
TK-Dragon (Guest)
Pleasant surprise checking back here after a while. I figured some of these would pop up every now and again.
Ever-Present (Guest)
When I reached panel 13, I thought this was some reveal that Lydia had actual magic powers or was possessed. Then I realised it was metaphorical
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
Oh gosh, this is too precious. Thank you for sharing!
SalsaZoe (Guest)
I'm so glad you're still going to be making Rain stuff occasionally
THISTRANSGUY but EnbyAuti (Guest)
Ahhhhhh! So cute! Shoud I do that? I mean I kinda to old but… XD I’m being Luz from The owl house (my favorite show) Also one of my special interests Ahhh Rain, you will always have a huge place in my heart ❤️
Mila (Guest)
Though I only came across "Rain" for the first time over the past week and stampeded through most of the series here in only a few days, I was happy (dare I even say relieved?) to see there's still a little something happening there from time to time. (I kinda grew attached to these characters rather quickly, you see.)
Katherine (Guest)
This is literally perfect. <3
Tokuben (Guest)
Is there no post Rain Christmas comic?

No. Sorry. I reposted last year's holiday thing on social media because I didn't have time. Just life keeping me busy. ^^;

Maybe next year.
Lena/Lyra (Guest)
This really gave the one thing that I wanted from the initial ending and that was for some of Rain’s friends to be referred to as aunt/uncle [insert name here]. I do still wonder which title Ky would use and maybe it’d depend on how they feel but regardless thank you for this Lynn!!!!!
Alesha (Guest)
Rain dressed as Biscut! Soooo awesome.
This is the first page that's been uploaded since I finished my initial read through of this comic. I absolutely love it!