My Impossible Soulmate - Belial Intro
19th Sep 2022, 8:42 AM in MIS Coming Soon
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My Impossible Soulmate - Belial Intro
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Author Notes:
NOTE: This and every character intro for My Impossible Soulmate will be based on the character's first appearance. ^_^

There's probably a lot of curious details about this particular character; more than even some of the other characters. Sorry I won't be able to say much yet, though. But I do hope you like her nonetheless. And new intros will continue to go up every Monday and Friday from now through the month of September. I'm hoping to begin My Impossible Soulmate this Fall.

You can check out the official site here -

My Impossible Soulmate, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Your thoughts and comments are, as always, absolutely welcome. ^_^
User comments:
Allison (no, not that one (Guest)
Is it significant that the name "Belial" is traditionally one of the names for demons (sometimes specifically a name for the Devil)? See
@Allison (no, not that one)

So, the funny thing is, people have been asking about a lot of characters' names, and if they mean anything. While I find the meanings behind names can be fascinating, they very rarely influence my decision on what to call my characters (I tend to find symbolic names a little corny and on the nose, most of the time). So the reality is that most of the names I picked for this cast, I liked how they sounded, I hadn't already used them before, and I just thought the character kinda "looked like that name".

The only exception for me in my writing is when the name is an alias or new name picked or bestowed later. This counts for Belial here, and will also count for any of my other demon characters. I don't want to go too deep into it at this time, but all of my demons tend to have traditional demon names (not necessarily their birth names; it's more like a title given). So her name is significant, if perhaps in necessarily the ways you might think.

TL;DR - Most character names are picked because I like them. Demon names are more deliberately chosen, but she's not necessarily the devil or anything.
So does this mean some/all demons weren’t born with a demonic body?
Preparing for a transphobic villain to say "you're not a biological demon!"
I love the comment about how her hair "just does this":D
Also good to see another character who is already out to herself at the start.
EnbyAutie (Guest)
I really relate to having both physical scars and mental ones.
So she isn’t a fox-girl? My mistake. Is she fire aligned or associated with fire?

Can demons become priestesses or was she not always like this?
Tokuben (Guest)
Reminds me of Bosha from The Owl House.
road-trip-girl (Guest)
these are all making me SO excited for MIS it rules!! and also oh wow shes hot huh
Lilian Rose Tyra (Guest)
I mean, my brain went to the Steven Universe song “Giant Woman”…
Poor Belial, she deserves the tall bf of her dreams!

I am adoring all of these diverse character designs, this is a wonderful way to flex your creativity and it shows. Can't wait to get to know the lore and setting better.
Alesha (Guest)
Well.. I guess I found my new favorite character in this new story :)
I love her design and her character has been very interesting!