Comic 1512 - My Impossible Soulmate - Kenta Intro

29th Aug 2022, 8:21 AM in MIS Coming Soon
My Impossible Soulmate - Kenta Intro
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 29th Aug 2022, 8:21 AM edit delete
NOTE: This and every other character intro for My Impossible Soulmate will be based on the character's first appearance.

I thought about switching things up, and jumping into introducing some fantasy people today, but I guess this is going to be the last real worlder for these early intros anyway; might as well get this part finished up first. But next time, I'll start showing you the people of the other world.

You can check out the official site here -

My Impossible Soulmate, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Your thoughts and comments are, as always, absolutely welcome. ^_^
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Anonrss 29th Aug 2022, 9:17 AM edit delete reply
I am subscribed to the MIS RSS feed so I don't miss it, but I wonder, if there are other people doing the same. I am just wondering if it might be best to post these on both sites :), We eagerly await any new content.

Thank you.
Syter6 29th Aug 2022, 9:22 AM edit delete reply
Jocelyn said she didn't post it there because she didn't want to mess up the page order so early, if I remember correctly. They are however posted on the characters tab
Jocelyn 29th Aug 2022, 9:26 AM edit delete reply

So, the only reason I'm not posting these as pages over on the MIS site, is because I don't want new readers - months, maybe years, from now - having to wade through a dozen character introductions before they can start the story.

They are going up on the MIS site, though. Just on the Characters page. ^_^

I'm posting these as pages here, however, because it gives me an opportunity to hype up and leave links to the new comic without interrupting anything. Not much is happening on the Rain side of things right now after all.

(Ha! Syter beat me to it!) XD
bgb16999 29th Aug 2022, 10:26 AM edit delete reply
He can't really be straight too🐈
Jocelyn 29th Aug 2022, 10:27 AM edit delete reply

"This is getting out of hand! Now there's two of them!" XD

"Seems to be straight" is just gonna be my all purpose approach to introducing straight characters. Straight people don't really tend to "come out" as straight, they just kinda expect everyone to assume they are, so it feels like a safe way to word that. Plus, this also allows me some wiggle room later if anything changes.

flashes back to "but you said Emily was straight" for close to a decade
SilverTheTransGirl 31st Aug 2022, 1:41 AM edit delete reply
yes references!!
Phrown 31st Aug 2022, 1:56 PM edit delete reply
Are there going to be LGBT+ other worlders? If so, will there any new sexualities/genders not explored in Rain?
Jocelyn 31st Aug 2022, 3:45 PM edit delete reply

Yes, and yes! Even in a fantasy world, people can't escape my surplus of LGBTQ+ characters! (I can't wait for people to tell me how unrealistic it is for there to be lots of gay people, while ignoring the fact that the story also has magic and demihumans and stuff.) XD

But yeah, there will be a few orientations/identities that either didn't get a lot of screen time in Rain, or didn't have room to appear at all, that I'd like to give extra time to here in MIS. (For example, I've confirmed elsewhere that there will be a prominent aro ace character this time around.) And I'm very excited to work with this character.

To be clear, though, it won't all be new orientations. There will still be characters who are either just gay or just bi or just trans or stuff like that too. Even things I've worked with before, I may just take a new approach to how I write them. For instance, there are at least two trans characters planned in MIS as of this writing (knowing me, I'm sure there'll be more before the end), but I don't think either of them are quite like Rain or Ana or Ryan, etc.. I've always been of the mind that there's lots of ways to be gay and lots of ways to be trans, etc.. We're all of us different and unique in some way, and I want to highlight that by telling different kinds of gay or trans stories with these characters (instead of rehashing ones I've already told). So even ones I've written before, look forward to seeing some new approaches! ^_^
psychicbanana 2nd Sep 2022, 12:19 AM edit delete reply
as an avid baseball fan and player i shall be constantly nitpicking every baseball detail put into the story lol
for real though I'm a massive fan of your writing, I found Rain around the start of chap. 42 and ended up binging the entire comic in an afternoon, it's since become the only piece of written media that I can say I genuinely love as I'm usually not much of a reading person. I'm looking forward to MIS and I hope you enjoy writing it as much as I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it!
Mturtle7 5th Sep 2022, 8:39 PM edit delete reply
I like it when I can look at a character's bio and very quickly infer the general sort of narrative 'function' they serve in relation to the protagonist. Like, with Fumiko, it's abundantly clear from the outset that she was perfectly designed to be believable as Chiaki's hopeless crush - she's tall, attractive, kind, and high status, so she can easily be put on a pedastal, but she also has a severe attitude, is persistently hetero, and has no common interests with Chiaki, so she can seem nigh-impossible to confess to. And with Kenta, we get the perfect one-two combo to set up her jealousy: he's tall, athletic, and charismatic enough to crush Chiaki's self-esteem, while also being just shady enough for her to feel like she has other, more legitimate, reasons for disapproving of his new relationship with Fumiko. I feel like I can really taste the way this story begins already...can't wait to start reading once the comic launches!
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