My Impossible Soulmate - Full Synopsis Reveal
15th Aug 2022, 9:25 AM in MIS Coming Soon
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My Impossible Soulmate - Full Synopsis Reveal
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Author Notes:
Back in December 2021, I announced My Impossible Soulmate, my new webcomic project that would follow after Rain ended. It's now been four months since the end of Rain. Life's been determined to get in my way, but slowly but surely, things are coming along. ^_^

At the time when I announced MIS, I didn't say much of anything about it. And for many months, this continued. I kept mentioning how it was practically impossible to talk about the synopsis without spoiling something. How I couldn't show almost any characters besides the lead. How I was being coy about the specificity of the genre, of all things. While nothing I said before was untrue, I definitely haven't given you the whole picture yet.

So let's have the whole picture today (for the genre and story synopsis anyway)! ^_^


I have dropped some hints in the past, and I do think some folks picked up on it. Yet I suspect others may be taken off guard by the direction I'm going. But today, I'm here to officially tell you that it's a Romantic Isekai. If you're familiar with this concept, then I'll be clear and say this is not a power fantasy, there are no cheat skills, and the main character could probably be taken out by a child half her size (never mind a demon lord). XD

And if you don't know what isekai means, it just refers to a story featuring someone who is transported to another world where they’ll have to either seek a way to return home, or learn to adapt in this new place.

Let me elaborate.

The story follows socially awkward high-schooler, Chiaki, who has a crush on her childhood friend - her only friend - a girl named Fumiko. They don't have a lot in common, but they've always been there for each other. And although Chiaki's feelings for her friend are strong, she fears Fumiko won't feel the same way. What if she turns her down? What if she doesn't even want to be friends anymore? Fumiko's her only real friend, after all; the possibility of losing her is so devastating to Chiaki, she plays it safe and holds her tongue.

Then one day, after a seemingly minor injury causes her to pass out, Chiaki awakens to find herself in an unfamiliar place. A place where magic and demi-humans and legends of heroism are all real. As much as Chiaki loves games and shows with settings like this, she doesn't believe she's capable of going on a quest or fulfilling some kind of destiny herself. This new world is scary, and she wants to go home as soon as possible. Chiaki would never forgive herself if she got killed in another world before confessing her feelings to Fumiko!

But how does she get back? How did she even wind up here to begin with? And why is she clicking with the people in this world so much more than those in her own world? It would be earth-shattering for Chiaki to never see Fumiko or any of her family again. But the more time she spends in this world, she fears going home might not necessarily be an easy pill to swallow anymore either...

...especially when one of her new other world friends confesses to her. :)


It's funny. I've always wanted to do an isekai (even before the genre blew up). But ever since it did become big, and we'd see dozens of new ones every couple months, I shied away. I told myself I didn't want to do it unless I can bring something new to the table. If I'm being honest, there's so dang many out there, I don't even know if I actually am doing something new! That said, I just really think I'm onto something special here, and I wanna try and lean into it. And I hope you'll be as into it as I am!

If you're worried about this not being your thing after my previous work with Rain, that's probably fair. The new fantasy setting does change things up quite a bit, and there will be a greater focus on world building, mysteries to uncover, and a little bit of adventure. That said, at it's core MIS is primarily a queer love story (and yes, it will feature a mostly LGBTQ+ main cast). Also quirky humor, and lots and lots of feels. It will be very different from Rain, but I also think those who enjoyed Rain will be able to enjoy this as well.

I don't have start date set, since I am as of this writing still working on Rain Volume 6. And I want to at least have that done before going all in with another comic. However, I'm making good progress and I have the groundwork set to start at least hyping the next comic in the meantime (so that I can finally post something again).

Today, we have the true reveal of the story. This Friday, I'd like to launch the new Comic Fury site. And then following that, I'll post new character profiles every Monday and Friday until we get through the main cast (consisting of all of the characters seen in the poster above, and two more from the previous poster).

After that, I'll take stock of where I'm at (if Volume 6 is done, if I'm happy with my page buffer, etc.) and we'll go from there. If I feel I'm ready to begin, I'll get started posting a brand new comic series as soon as early October! If I don't feel I'm ready, I should at least have a clearer picture of how much left still needs to be done, and I may be able to name a specific date anyway. That sounds fair, right? ^_^

Either way, please let me know what you all think! Questions, comments, thoughts, super early theories? I wanna hear them all. ^_^
User comments:
Ilucuthen (Guest)
Interesting! Looking forward to seeing exactly who the other characters are...
I'll have a more detailed comment later. For now, I'll just say OMG I'M SO EXCITED!
Rose (Guest)
Well I certainly did not see that coming!

I love fantasy and worldbuilding (and, of course, your work) so I am definitely looking forward to this.
Syter6 (Guest)
Syter6 (Guest)
Also, super early theory: it's all a dream :p

Can't have a fantasy story without this theory lol
Fourth Nate (Guest)
I had been wondering why all the hints that it might not be some Rain Beaus' type of story, and this explains it! I'm looking forward to seeing what Jocelyn does with the fantasy setting :)
Also, look at those winged characters! Seems familiar, eh? ;)
Amuletta DelaOso
Not to mention the symbol on what I assume is the school...

Looking forward to it!
I'm actually kinda worried about the setting change, but I'm also really excited about it.

I hope I can alleviate your concerns once I get going. ^_^
Well, I loved the last Isekai I read, so I'm sure I'll love yours
Rea (Guest)
Guessing the Kaminari story is real and based on Chiaki's adventures in the other world. Cool!

(I like how I had a crackpot theory about Blair getting isekai-ed once, it seems like it could have happened in the end!)
Sami (Guest)
Sounds awesome, looking forward to it!
Kimiko (Guest)
Looking forward to the new comic! ^_^
(and also the two remaining Rain books)

If anyone's looking for a trans MC webcomic, I recently came across these two:
- I Want To Be A Cute Anime Girl (
- The Chosen And The Changed (
They both look interesting.
I'm so excited for this!! Let's goooo!!
I'm guessing that the girl with the long hair in the other poster is Fumiko. I am reading at least three isekai webcomics right now, possibly more, especially if there are one or two where it hasn't been revealed (yet). The genre is reallypopular right now
WillowD (Guest)
By any chance would you share the titles of these three web comics and where to find them. Thank you.
chrystal_dark (Is kind-of a reverse isekai!)

There's also but while it contains elements that suggest the genre it doesn't acknowledge it for the main characters. updates so infrequently that it doesn't really count..
Serra Britt
I see a foxboi and I am *all in*
Angeldude (Guest)
I'm pretty sure Rain was originally meant to be a fantasy story, so this is kind of going back to roots in a way. The scarier part is that this seems like it's supposed to be canon to Rain, which means fantasy elements are no longer just imagination in that comic, but actually POSSIBLE!

Suddenly, Black Wings Kaminari is based on a true story! (for certain values of "true")
ARandomPotato (Guest)
I think this Chiaki is the writer of Kaminari, Chiaki Koizumi, as the similarities in this poster to the world of Black Wings Kaminari are a bit too convenient to be a coincidence and it has been alluded by the author that Rain and MIS are connected somehow, so maybe that is it? Maybe the BWKverse has been inspired by her adventures in the MIS alternate world?
i'm pretty sure jocelyn's confirmed that the two are the same
WillowD (Guest)
Oh my Goddess!!! This is absolutely awesome. I love Isekai stories. And it will be really nice to read one where the main character is not increasing their stats or cultivation. I am so looking forward to this.
Banksia (Guest)
Are the characters Japanese or are they American? If thats the case, how would you make sure that you don't make any mistakes culture wise?
Some Ed
Based on my guess that ARandomPotato is correct about who Chiaki is and the names Chiaki and Fumiko, I'm going to guess that most of the initial characters are Japanese, but once they get to the other world, apart from Chiaki herself, the answer is "no."
Tokuben (Guest)
I was expecting this to be a normal highschool romance/comedy, but now things got interesting.

I just want to say thanks for yesterday. I've been so excited about MIS, myself, but I've also been worried about scaring people off with the big change in setting from Rain, or just by saying the word "isekai". But seeing people excited for it really meant the world to me.

Thank you always for all your support, everyone. And I'll continue to do my best to provide LGBTQ-positive webcomics y'all can enjoy. 💜
Angeldude (Guest)
If I'm being honest, you kind of did scare me with this reveal, but not really because of the change in setting; that's actually pretty cool. I was more existentially scared by the reveal that MAGIC IS CANON to the Rain-verse. This didn't scare me OFF, but rather made me impatient since I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE FORK IS HAPPENING!

So basically you scared me in the best possible way. Recontextualizing entire settings like this is something that I actually love to see because it makes you question everything you thought you knew, which is both exciting and terrifying in equal measure.
Don’t worry about bringing something new (though isekai could use that). Focus mostly on producing works you enjoy, with a secondary focus on quality control.
One more thing: I prefer fantasy over real life fiction so MIS appeals to me more now.
I'm honestly really excited about this. At first I thought it would be very similar to Rain. With the whole high school settings of the previews. But an Isekai? Yeah, sign me up. This is certainly going be interesting.
Tesset (Guest)
You know, I suppose this makes the magical girl elements of Magical (Carmen's story) make more sense in the Rain universe too. Like, if Chiaki literally goes to another world, and Carmen literally becomes a magical girl, then there's a common theme of urban fantasy that Rain & co just didn't happen to get involved in. So that's interesting to think about.
Pseudonym (Guest)
Is Rain set in a real-world setting, no matter what its connections to Magical or MIS might say?

Or is Rain set in an urban fantasy setting, and we just didn't meet Centerville's wizards practicing throwing fire bolts without burning the house down?

If it's a real-world setting, I respect that. The demands of the story come first.

If it's an urban fantasy setting, we're not asking the most important question: does Drew ever learn to control electricity?
Pseudonym (Guest)
*Jocelyn, could you please tell us if Rain's
Vessyra (Guest)
I freaked out when I saw that it was coming in autumn, thinking, "Oh no, that's over seven months away!!!". Then I remembered that our dear author lives on the top half of the globe, and freaked out again, thinking, "Oh my gosh, release is already so close!".

Not that there's any rush, of course. After over 10 years of producing the marvel that is Rain, feel free to take as much time off or whatever pace you need.
SometimesIReadComics (Guest)
It's starting! 😀
Reinoa (Guest)
Getting Owl House vibes and I like it.
Pintodog (Guest)
There's the Lillith symbol on the school...
And someone with (small) black wings
Given the amount of passionless cashgrabs of Isekai happened post its boom your heart being involved will result in My Impossible Soulmate beating many out within a few chapters.

Hoping to see the setting shift letting creativity bloom.
Mturtle7 (Guest)
*blink blink blink*

Well THAT was unexpected.

A very welcome surprise, though! I was already going to read MIS the moment it started updating, and this only makes me more excited!

I've always loved really self-aware "otherworld" fantasies, long before I knew anything about anime (Diana Wynne Jones' "Dark Lord of Derkholm" and Sarah Reese Brennan's "In Other Lands" are still among my favorite novels ever), so when the isekai genre exploded in America I had very mixed feelings. Sure, it's got some pretty cool fantasy stuff, and the base premise (reincarnating in an epic fantasy world with knowledge of your past life in the real world) sure *seems* like it should be really interesting and genre-bending, but hardly any isekai stories I've seen treat that base premise as much more than a cheap excuse for making the MC uber-powerful. So naturally I'm especially excited to see your next comic is something that seems like it could really live up to the potential I once imagined for the isekai genre!
This looks so good!