Chapter G cover (and June update!)
20th Jun 2022, 4:51 PM in Special
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Chapter G cover (and June update!)
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Author Notes:
Today, I've begun drawing Volume 6 content! From here on, my plan is to work on the art for bonus chapter pages from Volume 6 and 7 everyday from Monday through Thursday. Naturally, I won't post them all here, but I just want to show that things are in motion, and that progress is going smoothly. ^_^

If it's not already super obvious from the chapter cover (intentionally left unnamed at this time), it primarily focuses on Maria and Chanel. Volume 6, in general, focuses on them a lot (the expulsion, Chanel's haircut, the dress, prom, etc.), and there's a number of details I cut from their arcs because I couldn't quite find the place for them. So, both of the bonus chapters in Volume 6 will fill in those blanks. Chapter G will actually open the book, taking place before Chapter 34. And Chapter H will close the book, following Chapter 38. I hope you'll look forward to them both.


So Rain is my focus on Mondays through Thursdays. But what about Fridays?

Fridays will be kept to slowly prepare My Impossible Soulmate's page buffer. Up to now, I've been kinda alternating which story I work on based on my mood on any given day, but - despite my original insistence that I would focus on Rain first - I confess I'm just so excited for MIS, that I've prioritized it more often than not. So instead of fighting my hyperfocus, I'm going to try redirecting it for now. It'll have it's day for me to work on it at the end of the week, while I prioritize Rain (like I should) the rest of the week. We'll see how I do.

Speaking of which, I've set up the Comic Fury site for MIS. It's basically ready to launch. Although the comic itself isn't started yet, I have the extra pages for listing the cast, an FAQ, links, and more all ready to go. I haven't decided exactly when to officially launch yet, as there's a important little detail about the story I haven't revealed yet. But I'm hoping to get that out there soon, so y'all can start bookmarking. ^_^


And because some of you sweet folks worry about me, I'd like to confirm I don't work on weekends. I mostly just catch up on my weekly shows and game on the weekends. No overworking here!

If I can just give a small life update too, it might be a slow work week in general this week. I'm going to see Game Grumps Live one day, going to the dentist another, and my folks are visiting on yet another. I'm looking forward to all of it (well, maybe not the dentist), and I'll be doing the best I can to function around everything, but it might just be a bust of a week this time, and I'll actually start strong next week. All the more reason I wanted to share this today! ^_^


Anyway, I hope you've all been well. Stay safe, happy, and healthy. And I hope you'll continue to look forward to what's to come. ^_^
User comments:
Looking forward to it, in my mind it's already on my shopping list, haha.
Mild Lee Interested
Glad that you are taking the time to look after yourself too!
I completely understand you are excited for the new story. When a project is "finished", it's hard to get back to it. But enjoy the little endorphin rush you'll get ticking off each little box in your list :)
Tesset (Guest)
Chapter G? More like Chapter Gay!! Hey-oh! :P

Excited for Volume 6 to come out!
Tokuben (Guest)
After seeing this I now want a bonus chapter of Rain and Emily raising Lydia.
I can't wait to fully read this one.
b (Guest)
Hope (Guest)
Freyja (Guest)
Any chance you would do a color version and/or a box set after all the volumes are done? Maybe through crowdfunding? I know you talked a little about this before, but it was a while ago (and I can't find the comment about it). Because I (and presumably others) would really love that!
Is the MIS comicfury page live so we can subscribe now, or are you waiting to launch it?

It is not yet live, no. There's details I'm not ready to reveal yet in there, so it'll be a little bit longer. I don't know exactly when.
I wish I discovered this comic earlier, but I'm glad I still found it when I did. I binge read the whole thing in about a month and it really inspired me and helped me. Thank you so much :)
Welcome to the Rain fandom!
Ooo nice cover!
ThisTransGuy (Guest)
Sorry to bother you but when will the update Characters page come up? It doesn’t have to be exact!🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
I cannot wait!
Pretty much intend to buy any new books from you.
I don't have all of them but i remember when i was downloading the pages and someone pointed out the books to me.
I'm like, uhh why would a web comic be at barnes and noble, then they showed me the webiste and i bought the first three volumes.

Gonna get the rest when the pay chekc is good.
Phrown (Guest)
Hello Jocelyn.

I went as Gavin for Anime North. I want to send you a picture, but couldn’t find an email address. Is there a way I could send it to you?

Sure. Send me a DM here on Comic Fury if you like. I admit I'm pretty bad about checking them usually, but if I know to expect something, I'll keep an eye out. ^_^

Alternatively, Twitter is probably the easiest place to reach me. I'm @LynnSenpai84 over there.
Phrown (Guest)
Thanks. How do I DM you on Comic Fury?
I’ve sent you it.
More Chanel? I need to get my hands on these books!