Comic 1504 - New Banner 2022

29th May 2022, 8:15 AM in Special
New Banner 2022
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Jocelyn 29th May 2022, 8:15 AM edit delete
On my birthday, I tend to like drawing/posting something indulgent for myself. This year, that something ended up being Chiaki daydreaming about being various Dragon Quest characters (which kinda had to go up on Dragon Quest day).

Because I still want to post something today (I know I don't have to, but I want to) I did have this new banner (for some social media spaces) that I've been sitting on for a little while. May as well share it now. ^_^

If you're reading this and not familiar with Rain, the entire story is finished and available right now on Comic Fury and DeviantArt. There are also physical books you can buy if you're interested (the first five Volumes are available now, with two more to come ideally before the year is out).

My Impossible Soulmate is planned to start later this year (I'm roughly aiming for Fall, but depending on how things go, it could be earlier or later). It will also be on Comic Fury and DeviantArt (and will likely get books), but I'll talk about that later. If you're interested, though, keep watching this space for more announcements to come! ^_^
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Sage 29th May 2022, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
Happy birthday Jocelyn!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! (NOW I got the date right, sorry about a month earlier 😅)
someone_else 29th May 2022, 12:02 PM edit delete reply
RandomWalk 29th May 2022, 2:54 PM edit delete reply
Happy Birthday ! ( Mine is in two days. And a few more years, I am sure. )
Guest 29th May 2022, 4:54 PM edit delete reply
Happy birthday!!!!! Hope you have a great day :D
Dzaka 29th May 2022, 5:02 PM edit delete reply
happy birthday. mine was on the first.. :3
Tokuben 29th May 2022, 5:11 PM edit delete reply
Happy Birthday Jocelyn!!!!!!!!
bgb16999 29th May 2022, 5:46 PM edit delete reply
Happy Birthday!
gms 29th May 2022, 10:24 PM edit delete reply
Happy Birthday, Jocelyn!!! Hope you had a very fun and special day today! Great job on the banner!
Kyle 29th May 2022, 11:26 PM edit delete reply
Happy Bday!! Would any characters from Rain appear in your next comic at all? Even in the background?
Leona 1st Jun 2022, 2:26 PM edit delete reply
I would absolutely love it if we could see Rain, Emily, and Lydia having a nice family vacation in the background at some point
Syter6 4th Jun 2022, 4:43 AM edit delete reply
I am pretty sure that MIS happens before rain, as chiaki is the writer of black wings kaminari
Absentia 30th May 2022, 2:43 AM edit delete reply
Bappy Hirthday!!!
Phrown 30th May 2022, 1:47 PM edit delete reply
Happy birthday Jocelyn. Hope it was a good one. My birthday is also close (9 more days).
Fourth Nate 31st May 2022, 7:57 AM edit delete reply
Happy Birthday!
Morrigan Eldritch 31st May 2022, 8:20 PM edit delete reply
I just binge read all of rain again not expecting it to be done, I started reading it around the prom arc, I've bought volumes 1-5 cause it resonated with me so much

Thank you for the journey
iHateFridays 2nd Jun 2022, 7:24 AM edit delete reply
Happy Birthday!
MadalynJeeves 9th Jun 2022, 8:58 AM edit delete reply
Just wanna say a super belated happy birthday! Also, I just wanna say thanks for working on Rain for such a long time. As a trans gal, Rain really touched me and seeing you see it through made me super happy. It's also super inspiring tbh. Looking forward to MIS!
stag 10th Jun 2022, 4:09 PM edit delete reply
Isn't this banner gonna give spoilers for new readers
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