Checklist Check-in, Part 1
13th May 2022, 1:10 PM in Special
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Checklist Check-in, Part 1
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Author Notes:
As opposed to April 20th, where it looked like this. So, not an overwhelming amount has changed (bear in mind, some of that time was also my time off), but progress is happening. ^_^

Earlier this week, I posted a teaser for My Impossible Soulmate, which I was very excited to find received an overwhelmingly positive response. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect, but it's been very encouraging. And all the input/criticism is being taken into consideration. I'll probably post some font and brush tests and such in the future too in favor of offering as optimal an experience as I can. ^_^

I've also finally finished all the new drawings for the Characters page. All 68 of the originally projected 50. (So. Many. Characters...) XD

I haven't worked things out perfectly yet, but the new Characters page will probably look a little different. It may even contain less information in favor of avoiding spoilers for newcomers, but I think it will still have everything people who just want quick refreshers need too. It'll just be more... succinct.

The Characters page will also get two new sections! First is for fictional characters (which is hilarious out of context). It's intended to focus on characters like the cast of Black Wings Kaminari that we see within Rain, as well as Halloween Princess Pandora, Mad GigaKaizer X, and a couple of other recurring fiction-within-fiction characters that come up.

The other is going to be a spoiler section. It won't be a big one; it's reserved primarily for important characters who are virtually impossible to explain without spoiling something. This is mostly regarding the handful of characters introduced in the final chapter. I think they deserve to be included, but they will probably need to be kept separate.

I'm hoping to have the Characters page fully done soon; it's not difficult to put together, but it is time-consuming and there's a lot of other things to work on. So the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can go all-in on everything else. ^_^

That accounts for all the new checkmarks. However, I did not include a checkbox for the FAQ page when I made this list, and I did update that as well shortly after. I kinda lowkey announced it too, but I don't know if it matters as much. It's not as important if you already read the whole story. It's perhaps more for my peace of mind, as I'm mostly just glad it's all accurate now. It at least doesn't talk about how "maybe books will happen someday" anymore. Books happened already, so it has links now instead. Stuff like that. XD

I've also got an outline for the Volume 6 bonus chapters that I just need to script out. And My Impossible Soulmate, while nothing is drawn yet, has 30 pages scripted already. (And I know I'm biased, but I'm really loving it and super excited to show you all!)

Thank you for all your continuing support, everyone. I promise I'll continue to do my best! ^_^
User comments:
ThisTransGuy (Guest)
It’s so nice to see what your doing! I have been following this webcomic for about a year! I can’t wait to see the new character page!🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈❤️
Glad to see the progress, Jocelyn! Any progress is better than no progress, in my mind. And you've put in a ton of work!

Rain has been huge in pushing me to be a therapist for LGBTQ youth (still in school for it, though!), and I eagerly look forward to seeing My Impossible Soulmate!
It's raining where I am so I checked here again. Thanks for keeping us updated!
Casey K
You're doing a great job. Hell, you're far better organized with your comics than I am. I probably should have made a checklist for my short story... but yeah... life happened. So, I'm already into writing Chapter 2 and Illustrating Chapter 1 and I don't have any sort of checklist done yet. So, good on ya, girlie for being that organized.
Banksia (Guest)
Where will MIS be hosted?

Same places as Rain. I'll continue to post on DeviantArt and here on Comic Fury. The latter will have a new comic account, but I'll make sure you all know where to find it when it's good and ready. :)
Some Ed
Only 68 of 50? Clearly, you're better at estimating this stuff than I am. I probably wouldn't be done until I'd done at least 173 of 50. Even then, I wouldn't be comfortable with it. (Surely I'm forgetting someone.)
Amelia (Guest)
I wonder how many characters MIS will have at the end?

(quick question, how characters did you plan to have in Rain back when you started(if you remember that is))

1. I want to believe the MIS cast doesn't need to grow too large, but I guess we'll see. Everyone I currently have in there plays an important role in the story, so there's not really any need to add more. Then again, if anything in the story changes between now and then, more could easily be needed as I go. So I guess we'll see.

2. I actually do remember; it's kind of a funny story. Back when I was younger and not nearly as well learned about how many orientations and gender identities there were, I remember having the distinct and specific thought, "I'll write a story that covers everyone: L, G, B, and T." Oh, how naive I was. Even though Rain expanded to include lot of others as well, I would argue that I still barely scratched the surface. I think that writing a story that actually covers (and properly represents) every kind of orientation and gender identity would probably be a much larger, longer story with a ton more characters (and probably more than a bit convoluted). XD

But long story short, it's also why I remember the original Rain cast was basically Rain, Fara, Maria, and Rudy (and Gavin as the literal straight man). Rain's family, Emily, Ky, Heather, Father Quenton, and Brother Arthur all followed kinda closely behind, but the main five focused on in Chapter 1 were basically the whole cast in the very beginning of my planning, with everyone else originally being little more than a peanut gallery to flesh things out. But it's kinda my quirk that I eventually start fleshing out the peanut gallery too until they just become their own prominent characters. Oops? ^^;
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