4th Apr 2022, 8:53 AM in Ch. 44 - And When the Rain Clears...
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Author Notes:
The answer is yes, they have met before. But their inability to recognize each other makes sense (at least, I think so). It was one time, six years ago, for like 5-10 minutes (if that). Plus, back then, he didn't have a beard, and she didn't have short, green hair.

Or maybe it just makes sense to me because I'm terrible with faces. XD

Colin has heard the name, Liriel before, though. Also, probably just once, but it's uncommon enough to stand out.

All that said, it is probably worth noting that Emily introduced her as Liriel. Every other character throughout the chapter has continued to say Rain, but Liriel is her first name now after all. As she says on the linked page, "everyone can still call her Rain", but presumably this means she goes by both. Maybe it's just Emily who says this? Maybe it's how she introduces herself now, while everyone who already knows her goes by what they always called her? Who can say? ^_^

Also, just because I completely forgot to mention this last time, Rain mentioned going home to wash her face after the makeup started running from her crying. And I meant that to imply why she's arriving after Emily (and also why she no longer has a mark on her face). I meant to include that in the last page's dialogue, but I think I cut the line because it didn't feel natural. Still, I probably should have addressed that in the blurb at least, given some folks asked about it. My bad. ^^;

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
aw damn i thought she'd recognise him
Oh, if they recognize each other at later time, that would be great, if you ask me 🙃
Draca (Guest)
Well if Lydia and Colin's Daughter become friends... They could all meet up sometime and Fara could be there, and well that's how that realization bomb drops >.>
ImGwendy (Guest)
I got here from TikTok, someone shared this comic with me and I’ve binge read the entire thing in a week, it’s such a good story!!!! I can’t remember the last time I’ve cried so hard while reading a story, this is truly something special Jocelyn 💜💜💜 I hope you don’t mind, would it be okay if I talked about this series in a TikTok and let my following know about it if they don’t already? I think the representation is perfect and could especially help out a ton of trans people still in the closet but looking for more representation 🥰

I don't mind at all. Please share away! ^_^
ImGwendy (Guest)
Thank you!!!!! 💕
What is your TikTok user, again?
ImGwendy (Guest)
If you’re talking to me, it’s @ImGwendy 🥰 But if you’re talking to Jocelyn, I’m also interested in what her TikTok is 💕
Well, I'm definitely following you
ImGwendy (Guest)
It’s the same as my username here 😊
Oh, I'm old and out of touch. I don't have a TikTok. XD

Honestly, I'm always the last one to jump on these things. I try to keep up, and I see that it's popular, so I feel like I should get in on it. But I figure by the time I actually join, the rest of the collective internet will have moved on to the next thing. It's happened to me more than once in the past. ^^;

So I think I'm just lowkey trying to wait until the next thing, and then I'll try to be one of the first on that. XD
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
It also doesn't help Colin that he knows her by Rain...

My assumption is Emily introduced her as Liriel because that is her legal first name and so that's what the school would presumed to refer to her as. It just makes things simpler. The three people I know who use a different name than their legal first name in everyday life (and where both names socially align with their gender presentation) always give their legal first name in a situation where legal documentation or identification may be involved - school, work, pharmacy, etc.
Sarah (Guest)
I also have my bets on Fara showing up too and then everybody realizes who each other is.
I go by a different name than my parents gave to me – while I’m cis and have nothing against my parents, the name just didn’t fit and I found a better one (or better: it found me). All my roleplaying friends knew me only by that name, I met my first wife in that circle, got to know her colleagues and boss, was employed there – and am using my chosen name even for work contracts and my own company since then, while it’s still not on my passport or other official documents. I was planning to register it when I lived in a very liberal city, but then we moved abroad and that was already enough paperwork, so I stopped the name stuff. Several moves and a divorce later I should attack that again...
My mother uses my chosen name if she talks to my kids; other people who know me since childhood use the old one, and I don’t feel taken serious, so I avoid the contact...
Arcanist Lupus (Guest)
Don't worry about it, Colin, you probably just saw someone reading Garth Nix books!
Erika (Guest)
Just a heads up - you doubled up on the word "is" in panel 2!

Im sure itll be gone by the time anyone responds to this and ask me what im talking about :)

Just fixed. Thanks for catching it. ^_^
*loud-ish cof ...
what are you talking about? :)

/jk ( just in case it wasn't obvious. XD )
I probably wouldn't recognize Colin if I were in Rain's place either.
Leslie (Guest)
I have a friend who didn't really changed names but switched from his nickname to is real name over time. Everyone who knew him in middle & highschool still calls him by his nickname because it is the name we are used to, and at that time he really didn't like his real name.
Over time he started to use his real name with new friends and at work. So I find it quite realistic that her "old" friends call her Rain but she introduces herself (well in that case Emily introduces her) as Liriel to new people...
redbow.kimee (Guest)
My exBf did the same. Shortly before we met he switched from using his middle to first name, so I was somewhat confused when his friends still used his middle name, until I found out it was his middle name.
Unholychinchilla (Guest)
Yup, I knew a guy who you could tell how long somebody had known him based on what they called him.
Same here, see above
A classmate of my son was given an American native name by her o-so- spiritual parents. It doesn’t fit a white European kid and sounds really strange in German. (And AFAIK it’s not even a first name but a tribe.) She switched to her “more normal” middle name around 4th grade.
Some Ed
It seemed to me like she's using Liriel as her public name, Rain as her private name.

But, as for who can say, I think that would be Rain, Emily, and you as the most likely authorities on the topic.
J (Guest)
Neither of them are going to figure it out on their own. They will need more clues before they realize that they met six years ago for 10 minutes. Colin might make the connections if he hears the names “Fara” or “Bryer.”
redbow.kimee (Guest)
Or if their kids become best friends and one day, and one day "grand aunt" Fara drops off Lydia at their house.
Cassie (Guest)
Weirdly, I also recently met someone through work that I’d only briefly met for 10 minutes years ago, before transition, and it took her a bit but she recognized me and even remembered details about our interaction. Suuuper uncomfortable for me.

But I can relate to the name thing. I only use my first name for legal situations and everyone calls me by my middle (or nickname of 15 years). A remarkable number of friends don’t realize Cassie isn’t my first name.
Kate (Guest)
I'm guessing that Colin is going to piece it together after talking to them a bit more. Either "Aunt Fara" will be mentioned by Rain or Emily, or he'll hear their last name, Bryer, said by a teacher or something.
Or maybe Rain will figure it out if she hears the story he just told Emily a couple pages ago. However it happens, I'm sure it'll come out.
cheese (Guest)
omg the suspense rises
Sage (Guest)
I just want to say, thank you, Jocelyn, for this comic. Thank you so much. I remember when I started out reading this, I thought I was a bi cis girl who prefers she/her pronouns. Now, months later, I found myself as an ace queer girflux person who uses they/she pronouns (for anyone who might not know girlflux means that I fluctuate between girl and agender for the short explanation, it’s a form of gender fluidity) and I haven’t really changed much, though. I just found who I am.
I love how you wrote Ky’s character and that they didn’t only go between only girl and boy, but occasionally Ky ends up feeling non-binary in some way. When I was reading Rain, I realized I was like Ky in that respect, except without ever feeling like a boy. You didn’t shy away from writing in Ky’s dysphoria, which I found important - sometimes when I get dysphoric I feel like because sometimes I’m okay with being seen as a girl, then it makes no sense to also sometimes really hate being seen as a girl. Some don’t people don’t understand how gender can be fluid and then look at you weird for it - one of the reasons why I’ve been closeted for a while. But I’m starting to come out now, to friends, to siblings… maybe at one point my parents, but I feel like coming out to parents is harder than others, because you’ve known them all your life.
I probably already said something similar to this as Kinkajou in a past comment, but I really wanted to say this as Sage, because I know if I had the chance to name myself that’s what I would’ve chose.
In all seriousness, this comic is amazing, and thank you for all the representation that you put in here. If anyone bothered to actually read this, thanks for reading this far, I know it’s long.
I believe that Emily introduces her as Liriel because that is her first name now
You wouldn't introduce someone by their middle name to a stranger (as far as Emily knows Colin is a stranger)
Savoy (Guest)
As somebody who goes by their middle name, pretty much everybody introduces me by it. It's my name. I only go by my first name at the bank (and other settings where my legal name matters and nobody actually knows me). Same for every other middle name person I know. Maybe it's different outside the U.S.

I'm not sure why Emily introduced Rain as Liriel. Maybe she goes by Rain only with friends and family.
Beroli (Guest)
So wait, she goes by her first name? I would have expected Emily to introduce her as Rain.
1. Just realised this might have been up all day and I just never noticed becasue I kept refreshing waiting for the next page button.

2. I'm certain you've mentioned it but I don't feel like going through 1492 pages to find it, what do you use to draw these comics, especially Rain's hair and the speech bubbles?
redbow.kimee (Guest)
Oh. I just realized that if Colin stuck to translating Chaika Koizumi's works, then he would have recognized the purple triangle thing on Liriel Rain if she hadn't washed it off.
everyone's guessing that they'll bring up Fara or something, but it could also easily be that Rain is just like "Most people just call me Rain." and then he gets it.
Zzyzx (Guest)
Oh, the tension!
Someone better break into a musical number soon
Hi all....

I hope no-one, especially Jocelyn, minds if I do a little bit of analysis here, it's just something struck me as I was reading the comments:

If it hadn't been for Colin things could (would?) have turned out very differently.

Colin supplied the tickets for the con. It was at the con that Rain and Emily first started having feelings for each other. Maybe that wasn't the actual start of it but it's certainly where Rain admits to herself that she has "The biggest crush" on Emily. And Emily admits to herself she feels the same way, the affectionate kiss when Rain is asleep says it all really.

And then of course there is Kellen's criminal act! Which if nothing else positive came from it, it certainly helped strengthen the bond between Emily and Rain. Emily's uncompromising acceptance and reassurance while Rain was having some bad moments all point towards (As Maria put it) the ship sailing itself!

So what I'm saying here really is that despite the bad things that happened as a result (and there are always some), you could say that Rain and Emily owe much of their happiness to Colin. Would things have been different had they not gone to Centre Con together? Only Jocelyn (being effectively the "goddess" of Rain-World) can answer that, and frankly, it doesn't matter!

Fourth Nate (Guest)
I'd forgotten Rain changed out of her trans-coloured "Heckin Gay" shirt - that would have been a heck of a conversation starter with this guy!
Makes sense that they don't recognize each other. It was a long time ago, they didn't meet for long, Liriel was exclusively going by Rain at the time, Collin had difficulty seeing her for herself, Lorcan had been dead for years...
I know people who use different names (middle names, legal names, childhood names) at work or with friends or family etc. It seems Liriel is the name Rain uses to introduce herself to fellow parents at least, and maybe other situations too. Seems perfectly reasonable
I bet if she introduced herself as Rain he would have recognized her