21st Mar 2022, 11:23 AM in Ch. 44 - And When the Rain Clears...
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Author Notes:
Finally, we reach Emily and Vincent. Vi, admittedly, hasn't changed too much (though his ponytail is slightly longer, and all you ring seekers will be happy to notice his wedding band). Emily, meanwhile, is rocking that heckin' cute braid that Rain apparently did for her (Rain wanted to keep her hair short, but I guess she still likes to braid, so it's win-win). ^_^

And Emily's a gender therapist too! The world could use more of those! Especially good ones. ^_^

As an aside, her patient was originally planned to be a reference to a future story (as I've done once before with another character from another story), but the timeline just didn't add up. Like, now that I'm about to start some new things soon, I'm trying to be a little more mindful of the logistics of cameos (like when and where characters could logically appear). And I know a cameo doesn't need to be canon, but it feels so good when it is and it actually works. So this kid is (probably) nobody we know or will know. But I guess not everyone needs to be plot-relevant. XD

Anyway, I wonder what Emily's crying about...

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User comments:
I like the little pan heart necklace Em has
Damoinion (Guest)
Me too, that really stood out to me.
Allison (not that one) (Guest)
I'm amazed at how good some people's eyes are. Or maybe other people are much better at deciphering manga than me.

All I could see was a pendant with some sort of colored stripes; I assumed it was a rainbow, but a pan flag makes more sense. And I didn't realize the little blot on Vincent's hand was a ring, let alone a wedding ring.

(FWIW, I also have a really hard time recognizing faces. Maybe there's a connection?)
Aww, what a great choice of profession for Emily! And I love love love the braid! A bit worried about Emily crying, but they're hopefully happy tears <3
Maxwell (Guest)
As a therapist, I think Emily is very well suited to the job. I guess she's still in her internship? 24 seems young to have finished grad school. Either way, this is a very happy development.

Strange to think that when I started reading this comic I was still in my teens, and now I'm adult. With a profession, even. Seeing Emily all grown up drove that home in a weird way.
ThisTransGuy (Guest)
Thank you so much! I am so glad that Emily is a gender therapist I have a question for you will Carmen ever have a story? I haven’t seen it.
Matt (Guest)
I don’t know about where you are (though I can guess by the use of “grad school”), but here in the UK students can start university for a bachelors degree at 18, graduating at 21. A masters-level degree can follow straight on, and that takes typically 1 year. So by age 22 it’s not unrealistic to expect a perpetual student to have BSc (Hons), MSc.

If they are super-committed, and had a high pass in their bachelors degree, they can start a PhD (Doctorate) directly, without going through the masters degree. A doctorate can be completed in 3 years (though it’s tough going), so theoretically Emily COULD be Dr Rose Bryer.

Highly unlikely though, and I don’t think this level of work requires an actual PhD qualification as most medical doctors are not qualified to PhD (ie Doctorate) level.

I’d speculate that Emily has completed a relevant first degree, and possibly a Masters degree, and has recently started in practice.

redbow.kimee (Guest) it's already stated that Emily just finished her masters and it's her first day!!!
Maxwell (Guest)
*facepalm* Yep. All the relevant information was right there in the comic. Don't mind me.
Maxwell (Guest)
Here in the U.S., Emily would probably be in college for four years and then grad school for two. It's highly unlikely, if not impossible, that she has a PhD, as a doctorate in clinical psych would likely take at least five years. A PsyD wouldn't be that much shorter.

If Emily has finished grad school, she *just* finished. It would also make sense for her to be doing her clinical internship at Vincent's practice. (Though I don't think that's what Jocelyn is going for, if only for simplicity's sake.)
Oblellow Mlellow (Guest)
@Matt If I recall correctly, here in the U.S. it takes four years to earn a Bachelor's Degree, then another two to four years for a Master's, depending on your field. Then, after that, another four to eight years, again depending on your field, to earn your Doctorate.
I think, and again I may not be recalling correctly, that Psychiatry is a two-year Master's and either four- or six-year Doctorate field (it's also SUPER expensive, like all medical fields). This matches with the timeline, since we've been told it's Em's first day at work, and in the U.S. you legally can't begin working as a Psychiatrist until you at least have your Master's Degree.
What people forget or just don't know is you also can get into therapy via becoming a licensed social worker. It's specialized training, but you can take on patients with a bachelor's degree. Though of course going further is better since it also means better pay, more opportunities, and deeper levels of care. But you can go from licensed clinical social work to a psychologist.
In many (Most?) of the US states, a masters degree is sufficient to get state licensed to be a gender therapist, for instance here in Texas the license is called a "Licensed Family Counseller" and there are many different specializations under that, for example marriage counselling, gender counselling, etc. but with the masters degree, you have to practice under the supervision of someone with a doctorate level license, and the doctorate gives you authority to practice under any or all areas of specialization. Most with only the masters degree are working on getting their doctorate degree eventually. That was the situalion with my gender counseller who was working on her doctorate when the Covid pandemic hit and screwed up everybody's plans and I don't know if she's had the chance to get back on track with that.
My best guess it's that she's crying because this person is her first patient since she got her master, and it's excitement.

Also, cute braid!
Phrown (Guest)
I was expecting the patient to be Carmen again. Though I guess at this point that wouldn’t work.

Some guesses about Emily crying:
-first patient excitement (can’t take credit for this)
-the patient is going back to a terrible home
-it hit home that Emily didn’t get a chance to be herself until well into her teens.
Tokuben (Guest)
OhMyGod her last name changed! Please tell me that Lydia is also a Bryer too!
Also nice necklace!
And what a great job she got.
The world needs more gender therapists
So happy to see Emily

Hopefully happy tears

Looking forward to the next page

redbow.kimee (Guest)
I'm soo happy for Emily. First day of her career, and first patient, and soo many firsts, and Vincent is there to guide her. When Rain said, "first day working in hwr chosen field", I was kind of worried that ahe would be doing something boring like stock trading or idk. But this is such a good fit for her (-:
Vessyra (Guest)
Wow, didn't see that career coming, but in retrospect, I can definitely see it as something Emily would be great at, and passionate about. Also, great to see Vincent again, I had been slightly worried that he wouldn't make it in
Ky (Guest)
Ummm.... Is Emily pregnant? Again!

I'd know them kind of mood swings anywhere lol
Tokuben (Guest)
Wait then who's the daddy?
Ky (Guest)
Um.... There is no Daddy lol that's kind of how a lesbian relationship works 🤣
As for how she got pregnant. Well that can happen many many ways.
Me and the wife with our kids are prof of that lol.

But who's to say Emily is not just emotional because the person reminded her of Rain when she was younger or etc. Still hope that maybe Emily is pregnant 😊
It was just the one time.

Liriel, Anastasia, Gavin and Emily together. One wild night in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Or was it that one night Rudy slept over?
Vikki McD
I am utterly terrified whenever I have to see a new doctor for the first time, due to past bad experiences. It's not much better if I'm seeing a doctor who specializes in treating trans people, since there's always a possibility that they are actually a bigot trying to trick trans people into coming to them.

I would utterly love it if I could have a doctor as nice as Emily.
Oh snap! I somehow missed that Emily changed her last name when I read this earlier today.

If you have problems with my moderation, please DM me. Thank you.
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
I bet Emily sees a young Rain in her patient and is so happy her client is getting the same opportunity.

As we edge closer to the finish of Rain I have to wonder ...

Eventually, do you think you'll ever do a Rain spinoff?
E.g., Anastasia. It would be very interesting to read Anastasia's story. That's one possibility.
Terra (Guest)
As someone in the process of becoming a therapist via being a licensed clinical social worker I am not sure if she really can be 24 and be one. A quick check showed needing a masters degree to be a gender therapist, and while you can get a bachelor's degree in 4 years or less, it actually isn't as common for a variety of reasons. Then there is the master's program which usually takes 2 years, though depending on the school there may be an accelerated program, mine has one if you get a recommendation.

Though you can become a therapist who works with transgender patients via becoming a social worker who then gets a special certificate. That's actually what I am aiming for to move into the field, and what my therapist has. It also makes you very well rounded for hopefully having understanding of navigating resources outside of what a straight psychology might give. Because over specialization can suck.

It isn't impossible Emily did up to a masters in four years and some change, but it's not very representative and is very much a straight up stretch of believability. But it is your story, I just kinda wished mental health training was represented with a little more variety then everyone having to have super specialization to work with transgender patients.
Mturtle7 (Guest)
Hey, if I was just starting in my new job and my first patient/customer/client told me that this was the best day of their life, I'd probably have a similar reaction (keep it together at first, then start bawling my eyes out once they're out of sight). I didn't wonder at all what Emily was crying about when I first read this page! I guess we'll see if my assumption was right tomorrow...

Also, am I the only one sort of delighted by the way "Rose Bryer" sounds? You know, since "Bryer" sounds a lot like "Briar", a kind of thorned plant similar to a's a very pretty last name(s)!
afton (Guest)
idk why this page got to me so much but now im in tears too <33
when VIncent's character box came up I thought it read "Gender: Therapist" rather than Gender Therapist so
i dunno i found that funny for the few seconds before i reread it
Phrown (Guest)
I just realized this is a callback to the first scene. Because Rain was braiding her hair.

So I wasn't gonna say anything about this until I DM Lynn asking for permission, but. I've been envisioning a fanart idea for like hundreds of pages now that I might want to commission from someone. And the main thing I knew was that I wanted it to be Rain and Emily, but a bit grown up. Approximately this far into the future, even.

This was long before I knew the final chapter would be a time-skip. I figured if we did get to see their "future" designs, I'd work with that, but in case that didn't happen I started envisioning what might make sense for them to look like. After all, especially if I was going to have someone else draw it, I'd need some strong references for what they should look like.

I kinda knew instinctively that Rain wouldn't grow her hair back out the way she used to wear it. It seemed like a natural progression for her to continue wearing it shorter -- perhaps slightly longer than it was at the time (around March 2013 in comic time), or just stylized. This makes sense to me for a number of reasons. Not the least of which being how much Emily seemed to boost Rain's confidence by complimenting the shorter look on multiple occasions. And the more Rain continued to grow emotionally, to come out of her shell, and seem to become outwardly proud of who she is, the hair just seemed like a symbol of that. (I never envisioned the colour, but I love it for her!)

But when it came to Emily, I had to think a bit. I thought, there's no explicit reason her hair HAS to be different, right? I mean, not everybody changes their style that drastically in just a few years. And that's true. And heck, maybe it didn't have to be a permanent change! She wears her hair a couple of different ways throughout the meat of the comic depending on the situation, after all. But I couldn't shake the idea that it might be nice to have a symbolic change. And then it hit me -- Rain's old signature braid. If Rain wasn't wearing it anymore, why couldn't Em? It seemed like a perfect fit. Symbolic of her love for her partner, for part of their history together, and in some ways maybe even of moving on from who she used to pretend to be. Perhaps her old hairstyle, much like everything else about her at the start of the comic, was borne of trying to impress her mother. She's past that now; it might make sense for her to at some point change yet another thing about herself in reflection of that. It didn't occur to me that Rain might even be the one who did her braid for her, but that's an adorable detail too. I'd all but forgotten how much Rain seemed to love braiding, and that probably didn't go away just because she can't do her own hair that way anymore.

So, yeah. The headcanon I daydreamed up about my two favourite girls' future hairstyles based on their relationship together? Eerily similar - nigh congruent - to how Lynn actually ended up drawing them. I've both actively and unwittingly predicted several things over the course of binging this comic, but I've gotta say I'm pretty starstruck by this one in particular. Uhh.. not to toot my own horn I guess? 😅 I just get really excited about little stuff like this, and this story (especially the relationship between these two in particular) has been my hyperfixation over the last several days. Sooo... yeah. I just thought this was really cool and wanted to geek out about my thoughts for a bit. I love this so much. 💜💕
This page is the exact reason I decided I want to try and become a gender therapist. I want to help as many people as I can and being a therapist would be the best way for me to do that