Rain and Kellen
11th Mar 2022, 9:02 AM in Ch. 44 - And When the Rain Clears...
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Rain and Kellen
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Author Notes:
Originally, this was going to be a one-pager and presented a little more seriously, but I actually really prefer this angle. I think it's more in character with who Rain has become over the years, and at least in my opinion, is just a generally more human reaction.

And hey, fantasizing about payback can be cathartic, but sometimes it's better to break the cycle of conflict and just leave that stuff in your head, like Rain does. XD

It's worth pointing out that Rain never explicitly forgives Kellen. However, she's ready to move on from the past, and she sees and acknowledges that Kellen is ready to be better (shown not just through a simple apology, but by her words and her actions throughout the whole chapter). Kellen is still struggling - she might for a long time - but she's also actively genuinely trying, and personally speaking, I think it's worth noting.

Mind, I don't expect everybody to just like/forgive/accept Kellen now (that's your call). A lot of people came around on her this chapter, and that's perfectly valid. Likewise, a lot of people remain bitter about her past actions. And that is also perfectly valid.

While we're on the subject, I do not mean for this plot arc to imply that you should all just reach out to people who hurt you and expect everything to be hunky dory. Not everyone can be forgiven. Not everyone should be forgiven. But who you do or do not forgive is ultimately your own call to make. Not mine. Not your other friends or family. Certainly not the person who hurt you. You - and you alone - make that call.

Rain made her decision. You're entitled to make yours.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Okay. I totally understand Rain's stand. I might have not forgiven people who hurt me, but it's better to move on, and try to get along if it's worth it. And I'm also impressed about Kellen's progress. I figured this meeting might go well. But this is a better outcome than I originally anticipated. This week's ark really made me happy.

And panel 5 really made me laugh. Loudly.
Rue_ (Guest)
hannah (Guest)
the fact that i know the exact person who sent this scares me
Tokuben (Guest)
Ever-Present (Guest)
I think Rain's position is understandable, since it's been 6 years and she's chosen to keep it short anyway. I'm trying to reconcile with my dad, and we have to agree just not to talk about trans stuff.
Elaine (Guest)
Not to get too serious here, but how do you do that? My mom and I have been trying to do this, but like...I can't really share any of my life with her. Who I'm dating, what I'm doing, lots of it ties back into my transness. I just end up feeling really bitter, and I'm amazed at people who are able to deal with that.
Karen (Guest)
My late mother (my hero!) once told me I had to learn not to give my father "permission to hurt (me)." Easier said than done, but she was right. I told him once, in the middle of his seventeen years of doing everything he could to pretend I didn't exist (including proclaiming that "all" of his kids had now visited his favorite German town, to which I have never been), that I understood if he needed time and I'd be willing to talk when he wanted to. (His response? "His response? "Have a nice day.") But after that I simply decided that the man was no longer a part of my life and, as such, had no power over me. When he finally reached out, after my mother's death, it took a few years of tentative birthday phone calls before we got to a point when I felt comfortable enough to visit him. I've done so several times since. He's changed a lot, and not just because he's very old now and a bit of dementia has settled in. When he asked me to dance at his favorite restaurant—a thing he had pointedly NOT done on earlier occasions, such as my nephew's wedding when he danced with most of the other women who were there—I admit that my heart finally let him back in fully. He could hurt me again if he wanted to...but he doesn't want to.
Ever-Present (Guest)
Elaine, it's mostly due to my specific circumstances. Firstly. the main reason we don't get on aren't just trans issues, but anything we disagree on we tend to argue about. Secondly, he isn't full on transphobic, he just sympathises with people who "have concerns", and believes some terf narratives.

But none of those stop me having a five minute conversation about the weather, or how his day went, etc
I think this is a nice way for the conflict to wrap up (at least until Kellen appears in a later Rainverse comic, if that happens.)
Allison (not that one) (Guest)
I've always had a problem with the idea of "forgiveness." For one thing, the way it's used so much of the time, especially in capital-C Christian circles, it ends up meaning "forget about what that person did to you" and accept the offender back into your life, even if the offender has not done anything to change their ways.

More important to me is whether the offender has made a sincere and at least mostly successful effort to clean up the mess, if it's possible, and to make sure they won't do it again. Moreover, they should do that with no expectation that the person they abused will ever accept them. The wrong the offender has done will always be part of the history of their relationship and the most anyone can hope for is that they can forge a new relationship which won't be like the old one. That's at least how I interpret the phrase "move on."

And sometimes "move on" means never seeing or dealing with each other again. When we way something is "unforgiveable," what that means IMHO is that the damage was too great, there is no hope that they can have any sort of relationship in the future with the person they have hurt, no matter how much the offender reforms.
redbow.kimee (Guest)
Personally, I would forgive Kellen. A lot of people make decisions we come to regret before coming out as LGBT. Even if it's 6 years late, or if her means are a little... Archaic, Kellen is making the effort to make amends. I'm glad that Rain is at least willing to accept Kellen back.
Forgiveness for something like what Kellen did is a process, not one that can just be resolved with a simple apology and a hug.
It is immensely heart warming to see Aiken say "my sisters".
Mturtle7 (Guest)
It's funny...we've seen him act accepting of Rain plenty of times long before now, but those two simple words still hit me so hard, emotionally!
I also really liked this panel because of this.
And because it's also really funny - his face plus the thought "my sisters are weird" really got me in a laughing way ^^
Kat (Guest)
I recall you saying a while back that you were limiting this comic's swearing to a certain number to keep it rated PG/PG-13 (not sure which, or how many swear words). Well here's one of 'em! Were you planning this one for a long time, or were you nearing the end of the script and realized you still had one cuss left?
Random Rain Beau (Guest)
I love the extra little detail that Rain’s face paint has a streak running down it because she was crying
TK-Dragon (Guest)
I like how this shows that people can move on from something without necessarily totally forgiving what was done, it feels like the more mature route to go, showing that all of them really have grown up now.
Lyra Nyx (Guest)
I like this angle a lot actually! Before I knew this series was going to have a timeskip, I really couldn't see a way we redeemed Kellen for her actions. However given the nature of time over the 6 years its been now, it feels significantly more realistic that both of them would be able to repair their relationship at this point.

We saw Kellen clearly trying to get help even right after the bad business (even if she didn't quite seem open to it), so it very much makes sense they'd get here eventually.
Charlotte (Guest)
So I found this comic a few months ago, and holy hell, it has been a wonderful journey. I may not have been here for the past decade and some change that this series has been going on, but I'm so glad I'm here to see the ending of it happening in real time. Thank you Jocelyn, you've changed many lives with your works and touched mine in a way that nothing ever has before. This is only my third comment over this entire comic, but I've enjoyed reading everyone else's and getting a lot more out of it with different perspectives. I hope you're doing okay, and I appreciate you a lot. Same goes for all the other Rain Beaus! I love you all!
Honestly, I’d forgive Kellen if I were in Rain’s shoes. Life’s too short to be holding grudges. Besides, Kellen has apologized, offered compensation (willing to subject herself to Rain’s mercy in terms of cutting her hair), has been using Rain’s (and Lorcan’s) correct pronouns, is dating Hether (making her lgbtq), and honestly seems more scared of Rain than Rain does or Kellen
Thank you Jocelyn for always providing some helpful blurbs with your comic
It's a really nice bonus that can help someone when they need it
Mild Lee Interested
I reallt like the way you have explicitly explained things in your comments. Very thoughtful and well thought out.
I will never forgive my father, but that doesn't mean i don't appreciate that he has made an effort to change over the 10 years sunce my Mum died, so i keep the lines of communication open. We have a relationship where i am always careful to make sure he holds no power over me, so it's....complicated. And necessarily somewhat superficial.
My sister will never, ever forgive him and has cut off all contact years ago.
Both positions are absolutely valid.
Phrown (Guest)
I predicted Kellan would agave her head. I was wrong but a line away from being right.

I believe a key point to Kellan being forgiven is that she wasn’t severely transphobic in the first place. She didn’t have issues with Jessica and Rain because they were trans; her issues were that she felt they were “taking” her brothers away.
girly (Guest)
ok im crying now... so happy that now rain and kellen can get along. im not ready for this to be over but wow this is so powerful
DOomreaver (Guest)
When you trade an eye for an eye everyone ends up blind. Or in this case, bald. Truly a grim fate to be avoided.
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
Omg, Rain's face in panel 5. I'm dying.
Probably wrong, but is the first we've seen a character say (thoughts or out loud), the word b**ch? Just curious, because if it is then it shows how tempting revenge is.

It might be the first time for Rain herself, but it's definitely not the first time for the comic.
A good first use of it then I say! Choked on my chocolate milk when I read it.
I'd cut her hair. Rain is clearly a better person than me