The Costume Thing
28th Oct 2011, 8:00 AM in Ch 6: Fallen Angel
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The Costume Thing
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Author Notes:
I enjoyed this page a lot. It’s always fun giving the foreground to a number of characters who don’t normally get so many lines. Devon’s “costume” may actually be my favorite one to draw so far. It can be a chore to make sure the bandages (or toilet paper) line up in the appropriate direction, but I feel like the end result is so worth it.

Rob and Drew, being best buddies, decided to compete a little as ninja and pirate respectively. In Drew’s case, I don’t personally understand what constitutes a “gay pirate”, but this scene is loosely based on a real incident at a real Halloween party in which a straight friend of mine was dressed as a pirate and was thought to be a “gay pirate” by many people. Again, I don’t really know what aspect caused this confusion, but I guess that’s just teenagers for you. Anyway, said theme fits well in the story, so I slapped it in here.

Then there’s Chase. Who the hell is he? Apparently, he’s Emily’s boyfriend (at least, I’m really hoping that’s apparent by the last panel). But what kind of guy is he? You know, besides a much taller and seemingly older guy. The two of them together represent a popular couple costume choice of devil and angel.

And I can’t even begin to list all of the ironic points in there…

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
Jennifer K (Guest)
Oh man. Emily's an angel too? Somebody's going to have to change.
Marie (Guest)
Doomblob187 (Guest)
Oh, Drew.
How can a costume look gay?
Syter6 (Guest)
If it came out of the closet
Ethal (Guest)
Hahaha best response:p
RangerVI (Guest)
I read "Just a pirate! I'm not gay!" very wrong, and thought for a very awkward second that he had said "Not a pirate, I'm just gay!"
Ah, the reread dichotomy back again.

What an appropriate costume you have there...
AriaOfEffect (Guest)
Reading in 2021, stressing out when Rob pulls his mask down to talk.
oh good, it's not jsut me.
How young and innocent we were in 2011 that I didn't give that a second thought back then. But you're right, I drew it, and it's stressing me out too now. XD
Selix (Guest)
oh god on reread Chase is such a creep here like oh god
"And I can’t even begin to list all of the ironic points in there…"

Y'know, I don't even remember whether I caught this little line in your blurb the first time through. But in foresight... yeah. How weirdly appropriate. You really do have everything outlined in advance, huh?

Including, perhaps, a certain other unwitting but appropriate "couple's costume" involving one of the characters on this page. I would say more as to ask whether you intended it or not, but I'm not sure if there's a way to spoiler text in these comments.

Let's just say Chiaki might lend a hand in the pair I'm referring to figuring out that 'their costumes' are so good for each other. Yeah, that'll do. ^^
The foreshadowing with Chase and Emily's costumes is perfect