Runs in the Family
25th Feb 2022, 8:47 AM in Ch. 44 - And When the Rain Clears...
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Runs in the Family
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Author Notes:
In case you've forgotten, when Rain says "dad" she's not talking about Marcus Flaherty. That guy's just Marc; he doesn't factor in anymore. No, when she says dad, she's talking about the person she formerly believed to be her late mother. Here's some links!
The Last Letter, Part 1 -
The Last Letter, Part 2 -
Liriel -
Dad and Mom -

There is a "The Last Letter, Part 3" coming soon (not next week, but the week after). If you're fuzzy on the details, it might be worthwhile to reread the last chapter (or at the very least, the pages above) before then.

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User comments:
Lentrax (Guest)

Next week is gonna hit hard, isn't it?
The week after next: bring tissues, yes. ^_^

Next week will be cute and fluffy, though.
Tokuben (Guest)
I will be ready.
Tanny (Guest)
Johnson and Johnson stocks up 53% this week after another mysterious jump in Puffs and Kleenex brands. More on that at 5.
Cutezoeymonster (Guest)
Next week we're just focusing on the bunnies confirmed :p
Yes! I got really excited towards today's page! I'm eager to know the part three of the letter. And I really love that Kellen is not as judgemental as I originally thought she would be
she's definitely come a long way, and i'm proud of her for it.
Casey K
I almost forgot about Part 3. Oh you are a sneaky one.
Rue (Guest)
finally they mention it
Tokuben (Guest)
It's sad that he's not here with them. He would've been a good grandfather.
TK-Dragon (Guest)
Wow, you really gotta do this to us? A whole extra weak until we can see the details of the letter. Why must you torture us so with waiting? Saying that, I am still excited to see who is covered next week. Like easy option is Maria and Chanel but theoretically could also be the more side characters, Drew, Randy, Devon, Rob, Holly, Debbie etc. I'd imagine they'd be grouped into one section if they're even featured in the finale.
Emily is also an option. we still haven't seen her yet.
TK-Dragon (Guest)
Yeah but I'm willing to bet she'll show up in the final scene of like the Rain family pages.
are we finally gonna get to see the last page of the letter? because i am hyped if so!
And then (before reading the author comment) I remembered this chapter is alternating between scenes with Rain and scenes with other characters.
Anon (Guest)
… I don’t remember who Lydia is. Names are hard. 😬

Emily's kid. The little one seen with Fara on the previous page. ^_^
HeavenHound (Guest)
Only just discovered this comic a couple weeks ago. And it has gotta be one of the best I've read. I heard about it on a YouTuber's Q&A when someone asked her if she's heard of it (she's also Trans). So I looked it up, started reading a couple pages and was immediately hooked! I've literally read this non-stop (besides a couple breaks) since I discovered it! With the great storyline, characters, plot twists, and of course LGBT representation, this comic is a blast for me to read. So you can imagine how disappointed I felt when I realized that this is going to be the last chapter. Needless to say, I'll be sad to see this comic end. I've really grown attached to these characters and would hate to see them go. But every story needs an ending and I'll keep on checking in to see how it goes. I hope more people learn about this comic and enjoy it as much as I have. As a Bisexual and gender-questioning individual, this comic grew a special place in my heart. And after this is over, I'll be sure to check out your other works to see what else you can do with your fantastic writing. Also if you're curious, the YouTuber in question is known as Ash Coyote in case you want to check her out. See you later, Jocelyn.
Ky (Guest)
This is my reality right now. I'm never sure when the right time is to tell my kid about myself. I don't hide it but I don't talk about it.
We have gone over all of the LGBT+ with her and talked about how not everyone is comfortable with the body they was born with or the pronouns given to them at birth etc. Maybe I am just delaying it because I'm a little scared to tell her lol.
Don't worry. She will understand! I swear, kids have like 0.0000000000000001% judgement. She'll be like: Cool! You're unique! And that'll be the end of it. Kids are like that. I don't want to tell my brother because he's 4 and he might accidentally tell my transphobic mum, but one day, i am going to tell him!! But the longer you wait, the more they will have the capability to judge you. Better have her grow up with it than tell her and have her possibly get mad that you're "keeping secrets". Sorry if this wasn't helpful, i understand your position.
Just ordered two "Pretty Heckin Gay" face masks for my girlfriend and I

Should have them in about a week
Vikki McD
I wonder who we'll be seeing next week - guessing Maria/Chanel?
"Mack" (Guest)
I'm kind of sad that this is the final chapter I was so invested and it's sort of relatable as well but I'm glad that Kellen and Liriel made up.
"Mack" (Guest)
I'm having some identity issues and I can't really find somewhere good to vent. Any ideas please I need help
WindandRain is the Rain fan discord server, I would start there. That's a great place for you to talk about gender identity and just find loving people to help you out!
Preparing for the feels ;(
Pseudonym (Guest)
I don't know, it feels odd that these earth-shattering news about Mr. Bryer failed to register much with Aiken and Kellen. Even if, narratively, it's to set up the feels.
Waffle (Guest)
"Not everyone knows as early as me" - well that's certainly true. I'm not sure if I even got as far as "there's some kind of gender thing with me" until I was almost 30, although I can remember things that now look indicative at least as far back as my early teens.
Do we finally get to see what the last page of the letter says?