21st Feb 2022, 8:28 AM in Ch. 44 - And When the Rain Clears...
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Author Notes:
Why on earth would Rain and Emily elope!?

Well, weddings are stupidly expensive, and/or some of us aren't good at planning events, and/or with dealing with crowds and whatnot, and/or have complicated family situations. My spouse and I eloped for all that plus many of the same reasons Rain describes. In our case, though, it was one friend with us as a witness, and we told our families afterward. And then our friend group threw us a party at one of their places. Even the rings are cheap. The amount of money spent is not a measure of love, after all.

Have I mentioned we're going on 14 years of a very happy marriage? Going on 17 years as a couple, no less. Eloping doesn't make it any less valid. ^_^

This isn't meant as a slight against anyone who may have had (or anyone who wants to have) a big production of a wedding, mind. Really, you and your partner(s) should do whatever is right for you: whether it's a huge to-do, a small elopement, or not marrying at all. But that's exactly the point I'm making here: a small, extremely low key wedding was what Rain and Emily believed to be the right choice. And in my experience, I have no reason to believe that needs to be an issue. ^_^

Oh, and I gave Rain my ring. :)

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Rue (Guest)
TK-Dragon (Guest)
Yeah kinda what my parents did. They just got married, didn't have an actual wedding. There was an after party though from what I heard. I heard that apparently the extended family was very skeptical of my dad though being he was Indonesian. Apparently when my Mom told my Great Grandpa she met a guy in Japan, he almost flipped his lid till she corrected he wasn't actually Japanese.
Sorry I don't have anything constructive to say.
Sessy (Guest)
I second your Aaaaaaah
I love that

Weddings are really expensive and I totally understand the fear of crowd things

If my partner and I ever decide to do an "official" ceremony it will probably be a simple thing with friends and close family

I'm so happy Rain and Emily got married
I mean, Why didn't they expect it? It was really obvious it would happen, actually.

Also, yeah... big weddings are really expensive, and crowds might be a trouble, even if you're an extrovert. I mean, it's not for everyone.

And that's a really lovely ring!
Kyle (Guest)
When Ky said some of their high school friends and their sweethearts had broken up, I was afraid Rain and Emily were on that list. Thank god i was wrong!!!
Syter6 (Guest)
Only makes me more nervous about the state of marnel
Oh jeez, you’re right!
Tokuben (Guest)
Bout time they tied the knot.
Aloe (Guest)
Go Rain and Emily! Weddings are overpriced and overrated
When some friends of mine got married they reserved the gazebo next to the parliament building in Ottawa. A friend of ours performed the ceremony. For the reception they rented a Legion hall and held a pot luck. The total cost of the wedding, ignoring pot luck contributions and such, was probably around C$200.

It was one of the best weddings I've been to. You don't need to spend lots of money to hold a wedding.
For my family the more cheap kind of making it official is how its often done, both for the reason that the big expensive type are a waste of money so the one I'm related to will automatically hate doing the traditional kind and that the family as a whole will have a party over it so that money is better used trying to feed this high metabolism clan. "So dear we can spend our money on stuff we only use once and makes everyone angry over planning and executing it or stuff we only use once and makes my family love you and lets us have money for our house left over."

Even me the not very extroverted member who could avoid both those big cost investments would still put that money into food. "Did he really spend a wedding amount of money on fries?"
Chloe (Guest)
So you were the Ring Bearer for Rain and Emily
Vicky95 (Guest)
And here I was worried that they were going to break up I am so much happier with this outcome! Although I disagree I'm going to make a big show of my wedding then again I'm the oldest daughter and if I can feel like a princess for just one day I'd be really happy about that!
Eltharrion (Guest)
Have to admit straight, this is the exact reason one of my friends got married without telling anyone. He and his SO just decided to put names in paper and put rings on, didn't really even mention at all because they felt like putting thousands of euros into over-glorified party was a waste. Came up when his SO answered a phone officially with THEIR family name when bank or something called.
Speaking as an eloper myself. it's a heck of a lot cheaper! Plus we did it for strategic reasons - Getting my wife to the UK was easier than getting my fiance here, and the USA didn't recognise same sex marriage at the time, so we eloped to Canada!
Mavis the Rain Beau (Guest)
It's a really pretty ring!
I honestly would have been surprised if they weren't married yet. In fact, I was surprised that Rain's family was surprised, I figured that she and Emily had gotten married years ago.
Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I didn't know that "elope" wasn't just a synonym for "get married," so the dialog confused me at first.
Vikki McD
Well, technically, you were right - it's a hyponym of "get married", not a synonym. :-þ
Syter6 (Guest)
Me too, had to do some googling first
five bucks says Emily took the last name Bryer. it's the only name without any negative history behind it.

i doubt i'll ever get actually married. hopefully my future partner or partners are okay with that. (not like it'll be the only thing about me they gotta accept)
Leah (Guest)
I hope they invited Fara to be witness. ;)
Ever-Present (Guest)
It looks like two rings
Xiane (Guest)
Probably is. Engagement ring (the fancy one) + wedding ring (the band)
Vikki McD

If I ever get married, I'm definitely eloping. (I hate formal ceremonies, crowds, unnecessary wastage of money...)
Banksia (Guest)
I'm not quite sure of your reasoning here. Instead of Rain and Emily's eloping wouldn't it just be better just to have the two women hold a cheap wedding with only their friends and no expensive stuff? What's the point of celebrating your wedding by yourself?

"What's the point of celebrating your wedding by yourself?"

Well, that's the thing: it wouldn't be celebrating by yourself. It would be celebrating with the partner you chose to spend the rest of your life with. :)
Banksia (Guest)
Sorry, I miswrote let me rewrite the question:

Instead of Rain and Emily's eloping wouldn't it just be better just to have the two women hold a cheap wedding with only their friends and no expensive stuff? What's the point of celebrating your wedding with only you and your loved one?
I mean they had a party with their friends afterwards. Some people just really don't particularly care to have a wedding. Sometimes it's the quiet moments when it's just you and those you love most being together that really count and matter and are what you want to remember.

My fiancee and I go back and forth a lot between just eloping or holding off for a more low key event where we get to spend money on the perfectly curated day(s) for us (we also recently saw an interesting idea of doing a low key ceremony with a week long romantic vacation as an alternative to a big one day wedding). It is actually a rather hard decision to make.

And from what Rain said it seems like with how busy their lives were, and given the really small level of attendance that would occur either way, it made more sense to them to have that quiet intimate moment by eloping and then having a party a little after.

Like I think you're missing the point of eloping, eloping is to not have that fancy ceremony, they didn't have a wedding, they eloped. They didn't waste their wedding, because they eloped instead of having a wedding.

And to answer your question about what the point is of only having your partner there with you, that is the point of eloping. It's a simple ceremony for the two of you alone to be with each other and to cement your connection together as the most important people in the world to each other, rather than feeling like you have to share that intimate moment with a crowd of people.

It's pretty clear you're more in favor of throwing yourself a wedding rather than eloping, but different strokes for different folks as they say, some people are fully in on the huge elaborate wedding and some people are fully in on eloping with not a single fancy thing to their name. Most people are probably somewhere in between, and it's always worth considering if the one you hadn't considered before would surprisingly be the best choice for you. As it was for Rain and Emily, happily eloping in private with only each other in the whirlwind of their busy lives with a low key party afterwards.
Beroli (Guest)
I think Rain answered that question in the last two panels.

(Though it occurs to me that Rain's opening line about the ring being a "funny story" couldn't really have led into, "Emily and I got married a couple years ago and you both already know this.")
Mild Lee Interested
We did a DIY wedding with a few friends, too, in the forest way out of town and a party afterwards. We made each others wedding rings, too - it's actually not that difficult to work gold alloys. Best wedding I've ever been to :)
Casey K
Yeah, that's what we did. Married 15 years in May. 16 years together. No huge expensive ceremony. Get in, get out, get on with life. It may not be for everyone, but for those it does work for... more power to ya!
Oh my gosh I mean I knew it but I'm so happy!!!!!!
They're so a-DORABLE <3<3
Fourth Nate (Guest)
I love it
Yay. I’m so happy for them. :)
liminaldeluge (Guest)
I binged and caught up on the comic right when Chapter 42 started but hadn't gotten around to commenting until now.

The explanation makes sense and I'm so happy for Rain and Emily, but a part of me still hopes we'll see a Maria-designed wedding dress before the end of the comic.

Regardless, I just wanted to say that I love the comic, all the twists and turns and character arcs, and I'm really enjoying this last chapter's tone and pacing.
Good for them!!
I've never got why people like weddings though to be fair I hate parties