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28th Jan 2022, 10:27 AM in Ch. 44 - And When the Rain Clears...
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Author Notes:
First and foremost, if all that flew over your head, don't sweat it. It's kinda supposed to. You know that moment when you're super nervous but someone says something that even vaguely pertaining to your special interests so you just cling to that and hyperfocus as a means of distracting yourself from your stressors but end up just prattling aimlessly about something that no one but you even understands? That's what Rain's doing.

What? Just me? ^^;

That said, while none of it is really important (right now), the idea is that essentially all of Chiaki Koizumi's works, from Birth of the Lilim, to Black Wings Kaminari, and now The Second Prophet seem to all share some larger interconnected universe and history. And the big connecting point, is that over the course of hundreds of years, heroes who are born with this peculiar purple marking on their face come and save the world from some cosmic threat in classic fantasy story fashion. And all of it apparently foretold, by some girl named Lilith, the first to bear this mark, who is regarded as some kind of prophet.

As a fun aside, I've talked in previous blurbs about how Lilith is an old character of mine (in a time before Rain, she was like, my main OC). But all of the other "Lilim" are also actually references to other characters of mine from old sidelined or abandoned stories too (the Lilim thing wasn't part of their original stories, mind, but the characters and ideas are mostly intact). Incidentally, all four can be found on this list of OCs from like nine years ago as of this writing (#34, 55, 82-83, and 88).

Again, this part is not important, but some backstory on each if you wanna hear it:

Cole's from an old game idea where the plot was intentionally super basic, but everything along the way was kinda up to the player: from what kind of person they are, to their gender, to whether they want to save the world, to whether or not they do save the world. Lilim Cole would be portrayed in a similar way where because they're the first and no one was really paying attention to this whole prophecy thing yet, no one really knows anything about Cole's life. Was he a man? Was she a woman? Were they a courageous do-gooder, an aloof anti-hero, or a coward pushed into it against their will? People only really know that they existed, and that they did something important, but the details lost to time and everyone has their own theories.

Victoria's story is from a very dark edgy phase, where all the protagonists were literally in hell. Victoria herself as a protag was a good person who technically didn't belong there, and she tagged along with these terrible sinners who seeked a way to escape, in hopes that she could get some answers to why she was there. Lilim Victoria is a little toned down; as a Prisoner Hero, she's simply wrongly imprisoned for life. And knowing she's destined to save the world due to her mark, she sees this looming threat from her cell and similarly joins up with criminals in an effort to escape and protect everyone.

In Zenn's original story, he's a simple mercenary who prefers to keep to himself, do the job, get paid, and be on his way. But when he gets hired for a seemingly small job with a big payout, he finds himself stranded in an unwelcoming country in the middle of a revolution. He doesn't want to be involved, but he gets swept up in the stories of the people at the bottom, and fights this battle that ultimately has nothing to do with him. I figure Lilim Zenn doesn't really have to change too much.

And Aisha, through a set of strange, comedic circumstances ends up going from a simple commoner to a princess practically overnight... which she is not well-suited to. Though her heart is technically always in the right place, Aisha herself is very vulgar and very violent, and due to her half-demon blood, she is dangerously powerful. Fortunately, some foolish Demon Lord decides to try and crush what is now Aisha's kingdom, whereupon she receives a perfect outlet for all of her frightening power. The original story was more of an over-the-top comedy, but she herself was so fun and interesting, I felt she might make for an interesting Lilim too.

I like to imagine there's a few other Lilim along the way too, between Aisha and Genten (and I probably could pull from more abandoned old stories), but this is already more complicated than it needs to be, so let's just move on.

So, finally Genten (pronounced with a hard G like gold) is original. He's from Black Wings Kaminari (and Kaminari was made up explicitly for Rain). In the Kaminari lore, black-winged individuals were rare, and seen as a curse, and they'd often be taken out as children to prevent some alleged "misfortune". This was because history tells that "one black-winged man tried to overthrow the kingdom". That man, was the Fallen Hero Genten. But the truth was that he worked as an advisor to his king, and the king was actually mad with power. When Genten tried to fulfill his destiny and stop his evil king, he sadly failed and the king called him a traitor to protect his own reputation and decreed the slaughtering of black-winged children.

Over the course of Kaminari's story, she eventually comes to learn the truth and finds herself where Genten once stood challenging her own father, the current king, in an effort to right the wrongs that have persisted entirely too long. Fortunately, Kaminari succeeds. It doesn't erase the horrors that went on in her kingdom for centuries, but she fights very hard to assure it would not happen again.

Finally, there's The Second Prophet. We don't know anything about that, except that Rain seems to like it a lot, and there seems to be another black-winged young lady on the cover (though we only see her left cheek). It's not mentioned here, but I've been calling her Nagisa. We probably won't hear too much more about this (for now).

I guess this blurb has been my own overenthusiastic Rain moment where I just talk for way too long about nothing of any real importance because I saw an outlet. It's messy, and there's a lot of loose ends that might seem to not tie together, but everything's deliberate, and probably way more fleshed out than it needed to be (mostly just because I love this stuff).

TL;DR - Rain puts this weird triangle - the Mark of the Lilim - on her face via makeup while recording. It's a symbol of heroes in the Chiaki Koizumi manga universe which she loves, so it's just kind of a cool homage for her followers.

Anyway, this is probably the longest blurb I've ever written (thank you if you actually took the time to read it!), and I'm not sure how to wrap this up. So, don't forget to stick around after Rain ends, for one of my next comics, My Impossible Soulmate. I bring this up for absolutely no reason in particular.

(wink, wink, nudge) ;P

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
Noraa (Guest)
Void Noid (Guest)
I thought that the triangle was some sort of call back to concentration camp patches. Like how LGBT people used to wear the pink triangle to identify each other afterwards. Either way, I love the worldbuilding here :)
so, out of curiosity, is Sonneillon a redo of the same one from your Oc list too, the Sonneillon from Black Divinity (#9), or is this a different character with the same name?

Technically, the same. I actually forgot he was on that list. Back in that age of stories, Lilith and Sonneillon had an ongoing battle that spanned eons as they reincarnated over and over again, and get in each others way. So they'd be like "different people but always look the same". #1 on that list, Rozzy, was actually an incarnation of Lilith herself. While Sonneillon was usually called "Sonny" in that story as a purposely fake sounding alias.

That's not quite the way I'm going with the Lilith and Sonneillon Rain follows, though. Rather than reincarnating into more or less the same form over and over again, all the Lilim are entirely different people. And while the original Lilith defeats Sonneillon, it's something more like his "influence" continues to corrupt people across the ages. So the battle rages on between these two - technically - but it's not specifically those two over and over again.

I hope this makes sense. XD
it does make sense. thank you for the info, i was extremely curious.
b (Guest)
haha, i miss talking excitedly about my interests. i used to so happily but now i feel so insecure beinging up anything i like cus no one even pretends to listen or care
Gabi (Guest)
Not everyone will care about the same things. You just need to find the right group of people to share your interests with. Luckily, the Internet makes it easier to find people with similar interests these days.
" You know that moment when you're super nervous but someone says something that even vaguely pertaining to your special interests so you just cling to that and hyperfocus as a means of distracting yourself from your stressors but end up just prattling aimlessly about something that no one but you even understands? That's what Rain's doing.

What? Just me? ^^; "


Why is it so relatable lol
Gabi (Guest)
I enjoyed reading about all these stories.Have you ever thought of writing a book?

Though, I do plan to continue to focus primarily on comics, even after Rain, I do have some stories planned for the future that I think will work better as written out in novel format. And a couple that might work best as games.

Sometimes, I think I put too much on my plate, but I'm hoping it's not too ambitious, and instead, just the right amount of ambition. XD
Allison (not that one) (Guest)
"Sometimes, I think I put too much on my plate,..."

Well, it keeps you of the streets and out of trouble.

At least, that's what I always say about myself when I'm busier than I ought to be.
I like getting all this lore.
Is it just me, or does Nagisa bear a strong resemblance to Chanel?
Phrown (Guest)
Your caption sounds like me. As a child/teen I would talk in excessive details about one subject. Eventually I learned to say “let me know when this is boring you.”
Same, but I never could really believe someone really wanted to hear what I was telling (or ranting about), even if they said so...
I sometimes prattle, not so much when I'm nervous, but when I get excited. It doesn't help that a lot of my interests are in programming and other technical stuff, and I often over-estimate how much is common knowledge. Sometimes I'll get on a topic and talk excitedly for like 10 minutes before realizing I was prattling and that the other person hasn't said anything. I'll ask "does that make sense?" and they'll just stare back at me like I was speaking Latin or something.
Kittysoup (Guest)
Nothing here is literally Final Fantasy with the numbers filed off, or anything, but it's actually so cool to read someone else's stuff who's clearly influenced by it. I sometimes feel alone that my brand of fantasy sci-fi is pushed out by the more obvious influences. I think this is all good stuff, especially how you bent a thing to "turn out" connected, like so much long running work becomes. I remember screaming when booting up X-2 and now again with Remake, like they just did that with Shrina.

And just to be clear, it's obvious this is original and had other influences, too, just the taste of jrpg doesn't go away and even then, there's a certain FFlavor. Very cool info dump. Hope you keep this to add in the print version on a back page or something.
girly (Guest)
oh wow i do this with my special interests to
fy (Guest)
ooo theory - is the black-winged character in "the second prophet" the baby that kaminari saved?
Vessyra (Guest)
Yes!!! I love learning more Kaminari lore, I'm so glad to get a continuation from the first lore-dump now that the series has actually finished. One lingering question that I'm wondering whether you ever considered, or decided to leave ambiguous; what was the deal with the woman with white-and-black wings, who appears in the anime trailer?
Eule (Guest)
I can definitely hear this fast-forwarded XD
SoraKoroku (Guest)
I want to read these as actual manga so, so much.
CrownedSun (Guest)
There's something about the look on Kellen's face in that last panel that makes me feel more hopeful about this entire scene. Heh.
Tepro (Guest)
Rain is definitely me whenever I bring up one of my favorite series
Wow! Your comic is amazing. Its awesome how you come up not just with lore for your comic, but also lore for the COMICS INSIDE YOUR COMIC XD i love this so much. As a genderfluid kid, i have to say i love ky. They really encapsulate how i feel being genderfluid. But anyway, my point: Amazing story!!! looking forward to seeing impossible soulmates too
Em.exe (Guest)
Not gonna lie, every time Chiaki Koizumi's works come up here, I just wish that I could read them!!!

I don't know if you'd ever be interested in drawing them out but it would make my . . . I was gonna say year. Decade? It would be AWESOME. I would smile so hard my face got stuck.
Oh, huh, it's Nagisa.
He's done goofed