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7th Jan 2022, 9:58 AM in Ch. 44 - And When the Rain Clears...
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Author Notes:
Oh! She said the thing! It was us! We were the Rain Beaus all along! XD

And a new Chiaki Koizumi manga, huh? Sounds neat. Don't worry too much about that right now. Perhaps I'm just table setting for later. Wink, wink. ;)

Naturally, we'll find out who's calling next time, meaning we'll get to see another character, finally! But who could it be...?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
So, two timelines, and Kaminari is bi/pan? Yes!
Galaxad (Guest)
Wait, I'm confused. How are there two timelines?
two Kaminari timelines. manga vs anime.
Galaxad (Guest)
Oh, silly me
Noraa (Guest)
she said rain beaus :00
💯 This was so meta and just gave me in the real world goosebumps ^^
Rain is so cute :3

It also makes me really sad that this is the last chapter. At least I'll have other stuff of yours to read after!
1602F (Guest)
It sounds like Fara, Gavin, Ryan or one of the Strongwell kids is calling. Hi from Mexico.
7thChariot (Guest)
ok we could be asking who is calling or texting, i think the better question is what is her ring tone?

also Rain Beaus is just amazing
cracking egg (Guest)
The Kaminari anime OP of course. The 2nd one being sung by the group "L'Arc~en~Ciel" ;)
ahh i see you know what the good stuff is :D

cracking egg (Guest)
plus L'Arc en ciel means rainbow in French, sooo :p
And just like that, you have firmly lodged "Lost Heaven" into my head.

Also, I really hope you've seen "Moonchild"
Kaminari opening title theme most likely.
Misao (Guest)
I feel awfully sorry for Rain that in six years on HRT she's had next to no boob growth :(
Allison (not that one) (Guest)
I've been on HRT for 6 years, and I'm up to an AA cup, maybe.

(Permanent member of the Itty Bitty ....}
After 3 years HRT, I got up to a full B cup (age in my late 50s!) but that included some significant weight gain too, so I dieted and lost quite a bit of weight which unfortunately involved dropping back down to an A cup. By then I had enough money saved up to get implants and that's been a game changer. One word of advice though.... don't go overboard on the size if you do ever decide to go that route. I went a little too large myself, and there have been times when I wish I'd chosen a little more conservatively on the size, but all in all.... 2 years of having implants now, and I'm glad I did it.
I felt that one, ouch. Over two years and, well, *some* progress.
2 and 1/2 years HRT
"Large" B cup (54 B)
It's different for everyone but the important thing I remind myself of is that they are there and I finally have them
FreckleFern (Guest)
Coming up on three years here... and I'm very happy with my 38E size, sometimes we get lucky.
the fact that she calls her followers Rain Beaus is adorably perfect! feels like she's talking directly to us! i love it!
Gilly (Guest)
She kept the hair short? I am surprised. I really was expecting her to grow it out, at least shoulder length.
Allison (not that one) (Guest)
I guess I'm just really un-hip, but: what is the
significance of the purple triangle and dash on
Rain's right cheek?

("He's so unhep, when you talk about Dylan, he
thinks you're talking about Dylan Thomas -- whoever he was.")
@Allison (not that one)

It's actually a reference to some Chiaki Koizumi stuff in canon. More on this later. But don't worry. It's just makeup, and will come right off. She just does it for the show. ^_^
guest (Guest)
oh! she kept her hair short! love to see that confidence
William Melton
Rain is adorable in her exit!
Okay. Serious question. How would you call the fanbase in other languages? :P

Also, I think Lydia is the one calling her. I think
TK-Dragon (Guest)
But isn't Lydia like 6 years old or something? And wouldn't she still be in the same house?

My first guess was that she would be at school, or something.
So we're going to hear about Second Prophet in My Impossible Soulmate.... Maybe the main characters of SP will correspond to the main characters of MIS in the same way the Rain cast lines up with the BWK cast?
Emma (Guest)
Ooh? Different love interests? I wonder if it's what Rain and Maria predicted when the first episode of the anime came out.... Hmmm (ngl I hope Kaminari + Aneko is the anime ship :))
Oh, now I get it. Rain Beaus/rainbows.

Sorry, it’s hard for me to catch on to certain things.
Emma (Guest)
Totally went over my head too lmao
Not Brice (Guest)
I didn't get it till I read this comment, you are not alone lmfao
same here
I love the new look she is rocking and yay she said the thing
Not Brice (Guest)
Love the "pretty hecking gay T-shirt"
Phrown (Guest)
The shirt is available for sale.
Not Brice (Guest)
My parents are raging christian homophobes so I can't get it :(

But I can't wait to see the look on their faces when I come out to them and start blasting punk rock
ThisTransGuy (Guest)
Thank you I ❤️ your comic!
Phrown (Guest)
I’m interested in the title of the manga. Usually the word second has a negative meaning (second best, second-rate etc.) So then why is it in title? My hypothesis is that it takes place in a great civilization that was founded long ago by the First Prophet. Their name was put on the map and now things are running smoothly. But now the Second Prophet came and is shaking up everything. She’s preaching a gospel that goes against the status quo and the higher ups don’t like it.
Ever-Present (Guest)
Reminds me of the second coming of jesus christ
Staren (Guest)
Just wanted to add yet another comment that "Rain Beaus" is amazing
girly (Guest)
wait so rains hair isnt longer. i like her with short hair and like kaminari but like she didnt choose to cut her hair kellen did and she said she was growing it out?
naobilynn (Guest)
She probably decided she liked it shorter. I went through that, saying I would grow it out and later decided short hair is better. Not everyone looks better with long hair anyways. She looks super cute too.
Fourth Nate (Guest)
Six years is plenty of time to have grown it longer and then cut it on her own terms. It's probably a fair guess that she's been through a few different hairstyles since before the timeskip. That's my guess, anyway
In the beginning, her hair was long and she hid behind it. Then she had it cut as a violation, symbolically outing her. As she recovered, her hair few back, but not the same as before, and now she has a clip holding the hair out of her eyes, she's choosing not to hide who she is anymore.
So does that imply that both her and Maria were right about who Kaminari's love interest is?