Rain Delay 28
24th Nov 2021, 9:37 AM in Rain Delay
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Rain Delay 28
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Author Notes:
Rain Delay: goofy little gag comics to keep you entertained while I work on the legit stuff. Don't forget: the final chapter is coming around late December.

The Forgettables (1 and 2)
I have this weird habit when I'm writing. I'll get an idea for a one-shot character, but I still have a name or personality in my head just in case further ideas ever come along. And sometimes those super minor characters become bigger players in the story (see Chanel, for example).

And then sometimes, I include a character thinking they'll probably come up all the time... and then they do practically nothing for most of the story. XD

I dunno. Less a gag, and more a fun fact and/or self-roast. Folks may find it interesting, and it reminds me of what I need to improve on as a writer going forward. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Also, as of this weekend, Rain is now available in Spanish, thanks to my friend, Val. The entire first chapter is already translated, with more to come! If you're interested, you can check it out here:

Don't forget that this is addition to the French translation (currently up through Chapter 16), provided by my other friend, Mia:

Please, check them out if that's helpful/interesting for you! ^_^
User comments:
There is, always more room for cute buns... of any kind
jgrace (Guest)
ill be honest, the only one i didnt forget was puddle
Selix (Guest)
For not knowing what to do with Rob, you managed to give him a really good amount of impact. He affects Drew’s relationship with himself and Ky, adding complexity to that arc. Well done.
Phrown (Guest)
It feels weird that Chanel was never meant to be a bigger player. She and Maria have such a good relationship.
Huh. I'm genuinely surprised I forgot about Brett. I remember thinking at the time that he would have some sort of significant role too!

Also, I love your new avatar! Liriel Rain with her father's ribbon <3
Lexi (Guest)
Hey psst. "In lieu of" does not mean "in light of". It means "instead of".
That being said, Puddles is best minor character!
Kat (Guest)
Jocelyn, do you have a pet rabbit? Or have you had one in the past? Seems like a very specific pet for Rain to have so I'm curious. I had the honor of living with two bunnies over the summer (my short-term roommate had them) and they were delightful.

Why, yes! I'm a proud bunny mama of three. Puddle was actually kind of a last minute inclusion to the story because we just happened to get our first rabbit right around the time I was starting to draw the first pages of the comic. ^_^
Banksia (Guest)
Where I am from, its against the law to own a rabbit. Big sad.
best boy lets go lol
Lexilou (Guest)
Seconded on the more bunny time. Is there any chance for a puddle mini chaper in the future? I think it would be quite popular.
Was channel supposed to be a one-shot character? wow never knew that. I actually got into this comic because of some fanart of her, haha
Gabi (Guest)
I remembered Puddle, Ellen and Frank very clearly. And I remembered seeing Dr. Raviede, but not her name or anything particular about her. The others might as well not have been there, sorry.
How can we forget Puddle?!?
girly (Guest)
brett looks like pre transition me so im happy he wasnt in it more- :) but were did gavins mom go after like season one? oh yea and that colin person. this story has so many characters i love tho like i will miss them so much!
Sad to think it's over, it almost feels like yesterday I started reading it, still glad to see it to the end.
R (Guest)
Brett was cute. I was kinda hoping he was a trans guy. Maybe it was the hair symbolism, lol
We always need more Puddle