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15th Nov 2021, 9:15 AM in Ch. 43 - Liriel's Daughter
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Jocelyn 15th Nov 2021, 9:15 AM edit delete
Hey, Rain finally got her Kaminari cake. XD

And if you're wondering how baby clothes and a new home factors into being part of her goals, that's easy! It's right on page 1: "I wanna be a mommy!" It was the goal right from the beginning. And being a mommy is more than just being "a girl with a kid". It's taking care of and providing for that kid, so she grows up safe, happy, and healthy. Rain doesn't just want to be a mommy; she wants to do it right! ^_^

I'd just like to add that this chapter is almost over. We'll be wrapping up this week. And then... there'll be a small hiatus before the last chapter begins. I didn't really want to put a break here, but some of the medical/dental shenanigans over the last month have thrown me off my game and I fell a bit behind. (It might be nice for everyone to have a little breather after the emotional rollercoaster of the last few pages anyway.) So I'm planning for Chapter 44 to start sometime in late December. But brace yourself for at least one more ride on said rollercoaster this Wednesday.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

A couple weeks ago, I had three our of four of my back molars pulled. Once again, much thanks to all of you who've donated to or shared my GoFundMe to help make this possible. Unfortunately, this is still not the end. It's a big step, but my mouth still needs a lot of work. So don't forget, you can still help right here at this link.
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jgrace 15th Nov 2021, 9:48 AM edit delete reply
Phrown 15th Nov 2021, 9:48 AM edit delete reply
I liked Rain getting a Kaminari cake. I have a couple questions about the next chapter:

I was kinda expecting Chase to show up. Is his part finished or not yet?

Is it going to take place after a time skip?
Jocelyn 15th Nov 2021, 10:23 AM edit delete reply

Chase's part is more or less done. His ending is a little lowkey (albeit with some elaboration in one of Volume 5's bonus chapters), but the gist of it is he's been arrested, and probably won't be too prominent an issue going forward.

As for the time skip question, I'm just going to coyly dodge the question for now by sipping this tea next to me. XD
Tesset 15th Nov 2021, 10:53 AM edit delete reply
Cruel option: The time skip epilogue chapter is bonus chapter G, and will only appear in the physical volumes :P
Infected Genes 15th Nov 2021, 9:49 AM edit delete reply
Infected Genes
I hope Rain wear her Fathers ribbon when her hair grows long enough.
Tokuben 15th Nov 2021, 10:01 AM edit delete reply
Seeing Rain holding Lydia is so sweet, she is going to be a great mom.
And she has a Kamrina cake! (I hope I spelled that right)
Mild Lee Interested 15th Nov 2021, 10:07 AM edit delete reply
That's really sweet! A warm calm after the tears.
Rain looks adorable in the top panel.
(And the candle colours are a nice touch)
Tokuben 15th Nov 2021, 10:23 AM edit delete reply
I never noticed the candle colors. Nice touch.
Jocelyn 15th Nov 2021, 10:24 AM edit delete reply
It was only fair after the candles on Emily's cake. XD
Tanny 15th Nov 2021, 10:48 AM edit delete reply
Momma Rain is so cute. 😭😭😭
Kyle 15th Nov 2021, 10:53 AM edit delete reply
Wow! I'm so proud of Rian for using the money for that. I'm sure we all thought she'd use it for her surgery, but this is a smarter, nobler move. I hope the house isn't too far away from all her friends.

In the final chapter, I hope we'll get one final around of apperances from all the characters, showing them make progress on their respective fronts: Maria mending things with her mom, introducing Chanel as her gf, Rudy and Ryan parting ways with a kiss, Ana telling Gavin her secret, Aiken and Jessica, Ky and Drew, brother Arthur meeting his brother, Fara and Vincent making the next steps in their relationship, the list is endless, unless I pretty much covered it here, lol.
Absentia 15th Nov 2021, 2:23 PM edit delete reply
possible Kellen redemption so that the siblings aren't at odds anymore.
Kyle 15th Nov 2021, 3:16 PM edit delete reply
Oh, yeah, that too. A possible sudden appearance of Marcus so the Flaherty siblings can unite and tear into him about the pain he's caused them would be good, too.
Dave The Squirrel 15th Nov 2021, 3:41 PM edit delete reply
The only way I would want to hear about Marcus is to find out that he made a ton of money after leaving, died intestate, and that Rain's share is enough for her surgery. That would be a much better revenge than just venting spleen at him.
Absentia 15th Nov 2021, 7:03 PM edit delete reply
Let's be honest though, even if he did make any money, there's no way the siblings would get any of it. He'd make sure of it.
Some Ed 15th Nov 2021, 1:25 PM edit delete reply
Financial solvency is a good goal, especially for someone who wants to be a good mommy. There can be better goals, such as not being tied to an abusive SOB who makes the family environment toxic. But we do what we can and that doesn't always include the time to re-evaluate our priorities, and sometimes the finance difference between the toxic environment and the whatever could be provided without that particular toxic influence is just too much.

This is not to reflect poorly on Rain's Mom. He did the best he could with the situation he had; sometimes, we can't make the best decisions as quick as we'd like. It's also frequent that we miss the signs that our self-sacrifice is also sacrificing someone dear that we wouldn't want to harm until it's too late. Such is life - we have a limited perspective, and we do the best we can with it.
Melior 15th Nov 2021, 2:40 PM edit delete reply
I think this is the comic that really hit me that Rain is about to end. The pool party was really the last time we’ll see the whole gang together, and the explanation of that of the end of “one day at a time” didnt really hit me. This comic has been an incredible journey and it will be a strange feeling to one day run out of Rain.
Terra 15th Nov 2021, 3:22 PM edit delete reply
This may be my own experience here but I think not only would Fara be very against this being a teacher, but Rain's short term solution wouldn't really help the long term for her family. Because what Rain did here was kinda like taking a college fund and spending it on a house. Not to mention the intent kinda implied behind Rain getting that money in the first place.

In my own experience I spent 10 years trying to get together the money to transition. However what I now know that I wish I had realized long ago was that transition is expensive, living is expensive, and having a family is expensive. The best way to help with that is to get a higher education which pays more money. Fara couldn't have supported Rain and her transition or her high school without a college education

I get her not going right off the bat, and Emily waiting a semester, but college is really hard to do when you have financial worries in the background. It just feels like Rain not using the gift she was given wisely, and honestly it wouldn't be something I would let my teenage daughter or niece do so I don't get why Aunt Fara wouldn't see the problems with this.

But in the end comics don't work the same as real life, so I guess I shouldn't get to worked up over it.
Vessyra 15th Nov 2021, 4:49 PM edit delete reply
The thing is though, finding someplace to live was immediately important. Sure, a high-paying job would earn good money in a few years, but they needed money now, in order to pay for someplace to live, and baby supplies. Rain isn't even sure what she wants to do as a job, or if she wants to go to college; she could very easily end up losing a year or two on a degree she isn't interested in.
Terra 15th Nov 2021, 6:26 PM edit delete reply
@Vessyra Yeah but like I said Emily could use the money since she does want to go to college. Either way owning a home isn't any cheaper than having a child, and comes with it's own financial concerns. Which probably would then fall to Fara and her boyfriend to cover since they would be making most of the money. Family is great and all, but this is kinda tying both couples to each other, which doesn't seem fair to either.

But like I said, it's fiction so I won't go any further than this because I don't want to start a fight. I just feel that while it's supposed to be a sweet moment and affirming on Rain deciding she can still tackle life without getting the big surgery first as many would my experience and being in a similar situation this just doesn't feel like anything but an overall foolish move. But then again Rain is still a teenager and making mistakes is also part of growing up. Heck there reason this rubs me the wrong way is because of my own foolish mistakes.
naobilynn 15th Nov 2021, 9:51 PM edit delete reply
I dunno. I disagree. Having a house is a very good decision to make and a good thing to spend a trust fund on. Both college and homes are investments but given that they needed a place to live and raise a kid, buying a house makes more sense to do first, then college, then transition. Raising an infant and college is a bit of a tall order. It would make more sense to get the kid a bit older before starting college. Buying a house also reduces monthly expenses versus renting something so saving up for college will be a bit easier. Having a kid early tends to postpone college anyways so waiting is pretty normal. I personally would place them ahead of the game for having a house.
Dave The Squirrel 16th Nov 2021, 8:12 AM edit delete reply
Rain's decision is hers to make. Her priorities seem to be about the people she loves, more than any financial goals. This does not surprise me, given they way she's sought affiliation and attachment with people who accept her. All of the MBAs in the audience should put aside their spreadsheet analyses and let Rain be Rain. (I'm an MBA myself, so I can rag on other MBAs if I like).

Another factor is that Rain has just been through years in a school environment that was full of stressful situations. She may not want to commit to more of that, and she may not have to. I don't recall her ever expressing much of a career related aspiration. At this point in her life, she may not have decided what she wants to do in the future.

There are other profitable career paths out there. My brother in law never went to college, but he's a master electrician and makes a solid six figure income. I know a car salesman who does $300K a year with no degree. My own son never finished his degree in theater tech, but his practical skills got him a career in IT support with a six figure income. Because he doesn't have a degree, he'll never be a manager, but he's glad of that.

Rain did what she felt was important. We can second-guess her all we want, but it's her call.
redbow.kimee 16th Nov 2021, 7:48 PM edit delete reply
I'll add that being housing insecure can totally mess up one's college plans,even if they're on scholarships and don't need to think about tuition.
Lana 15th Nov 2021, 3:32 PM edit delete reply
It's going to be difficult to say goodbye to this comic. I only just discovered it maybe half a year ago and it really helps to have something like this to relate to, or at least live vicariously through :D
masterbladero 15th Nov 2021, 4:19 PM edit delete reply
Yeah the use of money for better general life security is gonna keep all that family happy.
j-eagle12212012 15th Nov 2021, 5:39 PM edit delete reply
Fingers crossed that the last chapter is an 8 year time jump so the story finishes in the present day
Sarah 16th Nov 2021, 12:41 PM edit delete reply
That would be awesome, but I'd be so sad to see the story is over. This comic is probably the best I've read.
Ever-Present 16th Nov 2021, 4:02 PM edit delete reply
oh wow lydia is 8 in the present day! Way to make me feel old
Mild Lee Interested 17th Nov 2021, 4:37 AM edit delete reply
I'm also hoping for this, but I'll be happy with however Jocelyn chooses to end the story.
Maybe some "where are they now" vignettes in a few years time if she has more to tell :)
Banksia 16th Nov 2021, 9:08 PM edit delete reply
Sorry, just wanna ask, does all trans people take surgery?
Jocelyn 16th Nov 2021, 9:36 PM edit delete reply

Not at all. Not every trans person wants to have surgery. Not all of us need it. Many do, but it's by no means a requirement of being trans. Every trans experience is unique. ^_^
Steph 16th Nov 2021, 10:37 PM edit delete reply
A friend linked me this when the second page of the letter came out. I binged it all in a week. And now am a crying mess on this fine Tuesday night. ;)

This is a beautiful read. Can't wait to read the next chapter in a few hours.
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