Getting Ready
17th Oct 2011, 8:00 AM in Ch 6: Fallen Angel
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Getting Ready
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Author Notes:
Ah. A “Rain and Fara bickering” page. It’s been too long. ^_^

In case you’d forgotten, you’ve seen “Halloween Princess Pandora” before here -
But you can see a better pic here -

There are a couple other things to mention, and they primarily revolve around hair! First, Maria did indeed begin growing her hair out like she said she would in the last page of the last chapter. It’s hard to tell though. I was originally going to have it be noticeably longer, but after some research, it seems her hair would’ve realistically only grown maybe an inch (maybe an inch and a half tops) in that time between the end of the last chapter and right now, so it doesn’t as visible as I’d like it to be even though she IS growing it out.

Then, there’s the more obvious point, Rain outright changed her hair. We can see both eyes for once! And that’s going to be like that ALL CHAPTER LONG! Aaaaaaahhh!!!

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
User comments:
What a cutie!
DominoJaye (Guest)
GAHHHHH, so cute; and the interminable wait to find out who Rain ends up with in the end (or end-of-the-beginning, at least) will be AGONIZING...
Kaylee Frye
Hi there ! I'm not normally into comics and had never ever read a web-comic before, but I was introduced to Rain by an artist friend of mine who is an amateur web-artist, and she is a Trans and identifies as Queer. I even created an account on this site just so I could post comments about this comic. Previously I only read the on-paper comics that 3 of my personal friends who are amateur comic artists had created themselves. Occasionally when I visited various conventions of SciFi/Anime' I had bought some other people's comics to sorta help support local small artists, so that's sorta where I'm coming from. I'm a Trans myself but totally hidden except from a handful of longtime friends, and my family which are small and poor so they have never been of any financial help to me, but support me morally. I transitioned 20+ years ago, and being short, pass without question. Some of the Transfolk I have known in the past have been very self-destructive, getting into alcohol and hard drugs or deliberately having unsafe sex, and some I know have died of suicide or HIV-AIDS. You seem to have your head screwed on, better than most, so please be careful and be one of the success stories, in the world of Transfolk. Since being told of this comic, I have read all of it over the last week or so, I'm assuming from various things that you are USA based, where Transfolk are often treated worse than in many other countries, but you are of an age that you can always move somewhere more accepting in future, if you feel the need to. Some countries now give Transfolk full or nearly so, legal rights and protections. Generally Canada has a few more equal rights laws than the USA for example. SUMMARY Don't become one of the statistics (which are bad enough for Gays and Lesbians, but even worse for Transfolk 75% long term unemployed and 40% dead, (mostly by suicide), many by HIV and a surprising number are murdered by "gay-bashers"). Be one of the success stories ! An old friend of mine works for Haliburton KBR in Houston Texas, she transitioned aged 40, while within the company, and has gone on to get her Phd. They still won't promote her, so her superiors have far lower qualifications than she does, but hey in part that's probably because H-KBR, like almost all major companies, has the famous so called "glass ceiling" whereby women are kept down lower than men, in pay scales and seniority. Originally, "he" had married and had a child. Although when s/he transitioned she then got divorced from her strictly religious wife, but they stayed good friends. FINAL SUMMARY You go girl ! Keep producing this amazing comic, I'm sure its.. is the word "cathartic" ie medicine-like for you, but I'm sure it's medicine-like for a great many Transfolk and other GLBT folk out there, especially the younger ones who are just coming out or transitioning, or thinking seriously of doing so. Your comic has an important part to play in saving many lives and much heart-ache, for many within the GLBT community... and it's so much fun to read ! Personally I want to see Ky and Rain have a session together, does that make me Kinky or just "open to a wide variety of expressions of gender-identity and sexual orientation and expression"
@Kaylee Frye
Wow. Thank you for sharing!

Just as you say, one of the major reasons I'm doing this comic is because I want the trans youths to see the idea of being transgendered presented in a positive light. I grew up with media typically depicting trans characters as either comic relief or villains, which made me think I was a joke and afraid to be myself. On the other hand, if trans themes are depicted seriously in media, it's always the negative parts; the hate crimes, the drugs, etc.. Not everything about being like this is negative. And I want transfolk (especially the younger ones) to understand this. Even in the face of oppression, it IS possible to lead a happy life and acquire what they want.

So, yes, this comic is very cathartic for me (because I need those reminders every now and then too), and I occasionally get messages from people thanking me for making this comic; and that really is the most rewarding feeling in the world for me.

Anyway, I get depressed sometimes, but I stay away from drugs and don't even consider suicide an option. It's a long, slow, and very trying process; but then I hear success stories of people going through it all and they're happy. Almost unanimously happy. No matter when they did it or what they went through to get there; it's pure joy. I want that. And that to me, is worth working toward. So, I don't think you have to worry too much about me.

In the meantime, I'll just do what I can to pass on that message with my comic. ^_^

Long story short, thank you for the meaty comment. It really made my day. I'm glad you're enjoying the comic so far and I hope you will continue to. Thank you again.
Wow... I was gonna post a comment, but I don't think I could top the one Kaylee left, so just... everything she said.
That, and Maria and Rain look adorable in the right-most panels
Kinda figured Maria would go as Princess Pandora again, seeing as she spent all her coinage on Rain.

Luckily, she still looks good in the old costume. :)
Cassie (Guest)

Pintodog (Guest)
The 'convenient view blocking action' (which is likely totally unnecessary but she'll do it anyway because NERVES) strikes again
RUTHless (Guest)
Rain with two eyes? Impossible!
The gender envy is killing me!