Can I Ask You Something?
18th Oct 2021, 12:46 PM in Ch. 43 - Liriel's Daughter
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Can I Ask You Something?
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Author Notes:
Realistically, Rain has probably asked Fara about this before. Maybe even more than once. But I think it's natural for Rain to be thinking about it again. Between the fact that she's on her way to acquire the last thing her mother left for her, and also that that dream last night seemed to shake her up pretty bad. Poor kid's got a lot on her mind right now.

As Fara says, she's not done responding. I've said earlier that I'm trying to reduce the frequency of two-pagers lately. There's still a few later on in the chapter, but this one felt more "separable" than the others, so I'll take it where I can get it.

Hmm... it's not the best-sounding start, though...

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Dzaka (Guest)
the look on rain's face in the last panel lol that was my face when i was reading it all
Kinkajou (Guest)
Poor Rain for even thinking that. She just wants to be accepted and feel accepted by her parents... and poor Fara. It's never nice when you come out to someone and then they act all weird about it. Speaking from experience.
As a trans girl who lost her mom before her egg cracked,it's something I've thought about a lot too
Kinkajou (Guest)
Well something you can count of for sure is that likely almost everyone here who's a Rain beau accepts you <3
Fara is really putting her foot in her mouth right now.
Pip (Guest)
No I don't think she is. She is building up to something here... I think she's trying really hard to paint the whole picture and be really honest. I reckon it'll be the realisation that Liriel avoided those topics to try and protect Fara (especially from Marcus), rather than any closed- mindedness, and maybe we'll find out something else that happened...
Phrown (Guest)
Exactly. It’s the “straight shooting” side of Fara colliding with her “protective mom” side. And Fara expressing her queerness around Rain’s dad is exposing herself to harm.
girly (Guest)
i love how its just like the first car scene with rain and fara but i hope we get another flashback to liriel
BaileyR (Guest)
I knew it would be "rain"ing on tuesday.
Vessyra (Guest)
Déjà vu. It was so freaky, but also nice, seeing a scene from chapter 1, updated into the new art style.
Leah (Guest)
I know this is a serious page but ... puddle necklace! <3
Awwww, I hope Rain finds peace in her feelings of her mother. It's so difficult to never get to tell someone who's close to you about the real you. Even if Rain never had a very good childhood with her mother, it's still so important for a person that close to you to know who you are. I really feel for her. I hope she finds a happy conclusion, in this part of her story which is already sure to be a bit bitter.
Allison (no, not that one (Guest)
Technically, she did tell her mother. (See the Prologue.) And her mother was "understanding" (unlike her father), but didn't take her seriously.

"Just give him a couple of days. This won't last long. I'm sure of it."
Come on Rain she was clearly building up to something