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11th Oct 2021, 10:52 AM in Ch. 43 - Liriel's Daughter
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Author Notes:
In case it's not obvious, the first page is just a dream. Or more specifically, a nightmare Rain's having about her dad. It wouldn't be the first time. Or the second. He's a scary guy, and the original source of a lot of Rain's anxiety.

Will he actually be there when Rain is getting her inheritance? We don't know (though, as he did abandon his kids and dying wife, it would probably be in his best interest not to be make an appearance). Did Rain's mom feel the way her dad (in the dream) describes? We don't know that either. It might just be that she's incredibly anxious about what will happen today, and it manifested... like this. Poor kid. :(

Although I've been trying to avoid two-pagers as much as I can lately (I fail at that a lot this chapter, mind), I wanted the second one here to confirm that the first didn't happen. Though, as Emily quickly discovers, it's "real enough" for Rain.

After the previous chapter was a lot of light-hearted fun, this new one starts off heavy (again, this is going to be an emotional chapter, but there'll be some lighter moments too). But if I can take a second to just acknowledge that this is the first canon page I've drawn in many years where Emily is not pregnant. That is way more exciting than I thought it'd be. :P

(And yes, we'll see more of Lydia soon too.) :P

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
ooh we go
Tokuben (Guest)
I already want to go over there and rip his mustache off his face.
DestructoDee (Guest)
I'll help you do it! I'll hold him, and you rip it off. :D
Kinkajou (Guest)
I was not ready for this to be the first page in the chapter… poor Rain she doesn’t deserve to have such a horrible dad…
nastag (Guest)
Oh, poor girl! Rain getting her inheritance has to go better than that, though. Liriel looks so loving and accepting in the chapter cover art, it would break my heart if things went poorly... I only finished all of the previous chapters of Rain recently (a friend got me into it), but I'm already super excited for the next page! Hang in there, Rain!!

Right off the bat with the feels I see

And my worst personal fear, running into sperm donor and dealing with his abusive bullshit

This is going to be a rough chapter

(Gets tissue box ready)
darkkenchild (Guest)
Ooof, I feel this. The parents are swapped, but I have nightmares like this all the time...
CuteZoeyMonster (Guest)
THIS is how the Chapter Starts? I'm so here for it. You woke up today and chose Violence. It's beautiful.
Liriel always wanted to believe that Rain's dad had good in him. and Liriel being who she is, it's likely she left him something in her will too...
Tokuben (Guest)
It still would've been nice to see what the birthing experience was like for Emily.
Did she crushed Rain's hand while in labor?
TK-Dragon (Guest)
Was it ever stated how Rain's mom actually died? I wonder if Rains dad let out the anger of losing his wife onto the kids. Might explain why he's such a horrible nightmare to Rain and maybe why Kellen and Aiken were so hardline transphobic and homophobic. I dont know I'm just spit balling here. I also noticed not a lot of mentioning of him by Rain's siblings, maybe they all have some level of resentment or hatred towards their father.

It's never specifically stated how Liriel died, but I have indirectly inferred that it was likely cancer.

As for whether Marcus took the frustration of losing his wife out on his kids. He did not. Quite the opposite, in fact. He left the picture before she did. He abandoned his dying wife and his kids - including an 11-12 year old Rain at the time. Needless to say, leaving behind one's sick spouse and young child is good way to make oneself seen as a garbage human being in a hurry.

But it's also implied he wasn't a great person, anyway. Fara, Aiken, and Kellen have all been pretty open about hating him. And Rain hates him largely on her mother's behalf.
TK-Dragon (Guest)
Oh okay, yeah sorry I guess I kind of forgot. The last time I read those pages was quite some time ago and I haven't done a full re-read yet.
Wow. I know I predicted Marcus would show up, but I didn't expect the first time we really see his face to be the actual first page of the chapter.
(And also, my prediction was that he would show up for real in the present before the end of the story, not just another dream, so I can't say I 'called it.')
Phrown (Guest)
This chapter will end with the revelation that Rain’s mom accepted her completely. She didn’t say anything while she was still alive because it was dangerous while the father was around.
Ryleigh (Guest)
I think that's exactly correct. I also think that's why Fara was given custody of Rain because Liriel know she would support Rain no matter what.
Allison (not that one) (Guest)
I'm skeptical that Liriel even knew. Most people who haven't had to be aware of transsexuality would not assume that the occasional gender-nonconforming behavior meant anything more. Even now, most of the time, the child has to explicitly announce "I'm a girl, not a boy" or "I'm a boy, not a girl" before parents see that that's what's going on. And even then, they usually want to believe that their child isn't _really_ trans. Note that Fara wasn't aware until Rain told her.

As for Fara getting custody -- my guess is that it was simply that there wasn't a lot of choice. Fara was willing and able to take her in, which I don't think either Kellen or Aiken was eager to do, and there wasn't anyone else. I'm assuming that if there were any uncles or other aunts or grandparents or adult cousins, we'd have heard of them by now.
EnbyousThom (Guest)
I always pictured Dad to be...more severe looking. Angular and imposing, something like that. But this guy just looks like Doctor Robotnik on a diet. But I guess that just goes to show that abusers can be anyone, even video game villains who recently purchased a toupee.
Marcus Flaherty/Father Quenton, OTP?
Not to be confused with Chase/Prison, the other major unresolved OTP
girly (Guest)
oh no.... already crying oh my god poor rain :(
Bold of him to say she deserves nothing when all he deserves for his actions at the nicest is a middle finger for just abandoning his kids. No matter what Rain helping Emily with her child is better parenting than he ever did.

The only (biological) parental approval Rain needs should come soon.
Oh god! That hurts so much :( It's really horrible to see a trans girl in such pain because of what other people do to her. Rain has already gone through so much, and her cruel father is someone she should never have to deal with. I just want to wrap her in my arms and protect her.

She would love to note that she looks really cute in her outfit; she's growing into such a lovely young woman. She doesn't deserve to hear that awful stuff from her father.
Yikes... I need to take a couple minutes to let myself process this page.
starlow (Guest)
im not the only one who finds it weird not seeing emily NOT pregnant
Fourth Nate (Guest)
New baby, new legal adulthood, new name... same old bedroom :)
So far we're 1/1 = 100% for everything turning out okay! I hope it keeps up
Finally, a full-face reveal (albeit sepia-toned)!

My pet theory is that the more clearly we see his face, the closer Rain is to putting him behind her.
What a terrible start to the day