V Years since V Day
26th Jul 2021, 1:07 PM in Special
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V Years since V Day
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Author Notes:
Talked some pretty heavy stuff the other day, but on a more positive note, I'm celebrating an exciting anniversary today. It's been five years since I... caught a Cloyster in Pokemon Go. ;P

If you know, you know. XD

If you don't, there's a story here.
User comments:
Happy Choochiversary!
Happy Cloysterversary!
Happy Clamiversary!
Pseudonym (Guest)
Happy V-A day! So long with a Cloyster and you're still not sick of its cries, impressive! Though I suppose thick pants would help with that.
Your promotion card is in the mail.
Interesting... my birthday and your Choochiversary fall on the same day
Fourth Nate (Guest)
Felix (Guest)
I just binged everything and I love this! :D
Kinkajou (Guest)
Congrats! Also, I've recently reached kind of a milestone for me. I've surpassed 100 pages now in my story that I've been working on, so I'm super happy. It's basically a love story between two girls.
Random trans broski (Guest)
Comedians, go home. I think I found peak comedy. Anyways, congratulations!
SometimesIReadComics (Guest)
That game's already 5 years old? How time flies.
FallenAvatar (Guest)
Hey, love the series and have for a long time. Was wondering, where is the best/official place to get the Rain Comic books? I want to get them :)

You can find those right here. ^_^
Cherryberry (Guest)
Woah! That's a while! How is it for you now that it's been so long?
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