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14th Jun 2021, 8:53 AM in Ch. 42 - One Day at a Time
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Author Notes:
Panel 2 gets me every time. XD

Other than that, just some sweet light-hearted discussion between Rain and Emily. It's a little funny to think that Emily's been pregnant for about nine years worth of pages (and spans more time - even in webcomic time - than the entirety of the girls' relationship). It's honestly disorienting to even draw her without the belly at this point! It's just part of who she's been for all this time. Like, the recent Dragon Quest crossover pic I did a few weeks ago was the first time I'd drawn her not pregnant in so long, it was genuinely surreal. That's not something I thought was going to happen to me, but here we are. XD

But she's at the end of this little journey (or rather, at the start of the next). It's been a long time coming for us and especially for her, and now the kid's almost here. (Whether that means this chapter or at some other point later, of course, remains to be seen. But it's soon nonetheless.) I think it's natural to feel that anticipation after so long. It's a little scary, but it's also exciting. ^_^

(And for my part, it'll be nice when I stop getting targeted ads for maternity clothes and baby supplies when I don't have to research pregnancy stuff for the story anymore. Google must think I'm either on my 30th trimester OR having my eighth child by now.) XD

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Friendly reminder that Rain is now available in French (courtesy of the translation of my friend, Mia)! We're up to 13 chapters now live as of this weekend, and more will go up every Saturday. ^_^

While I know most of you can and probably do already read in English, the option is there if you're bilingual, or if you know anyone who is more comfortable reading in French that you think might enjoy the story. I invite you to share this with anyone you think this might benefit. ^_^
User comments:
Wait there was a time Emily wasn't pregnant? I completely forgot that was a thing lmao
technically, the first time we saw her pregnant was at Halloween. everything before that was pre-pregnancy

Well, technically, we didn't see her pregnant on Halloween. It would've been after the party. Chapter 7 would technically be the first time we see her "pregnant".
eh... she said she got pregnant late October, meaning the very latest it could have happened would have been Halloween. i highly doubt her and Chase did it that night, especially after the party, so logically it would have had to happen before the party. so while we didn't KNOW about it before Chapter 7, technically we saw her pregnant before that.

sorry, i don't mean to debate with you about your own comic. i love you and it. i'm jsut overanalyzing things and this is how my brain logiced it together.
Amelia (Guest)
Google know not how the world works, only how people search and use their email.
Gabi (Guest)
Huh? No other comments yet?

Yes, I can't believe it's been so long! I'm looking forward to meeting the new family member and seeing how Emily and Rain deal with the challenges of parenthood.
Microraptor (Guest)
Emily feels like her pregnancy has been going on for years!
Emily! what's this head? 😆
To be honest it probably feels like it's been nine years to Emily as well.
Don Edwards (Guest)
She's close now. Having observed several women through pregancies,I've learned that the normal duration is forever (as seen in this page) plus about two weeks.
Vick (Guest)
As a transgender pregnant person, I totally agree…!! :)
Awwww, she wants to meet her baby <3 That's so cute <3 <3 <3 <3
Pseudonym (Guest)
That's very sweet of her, but there's just not much to meet with a newborn. They're all surly potatoes until they grow up a bit.
Vick (Guest)
It might seem so to an outsider, but for the parents it’s a big thing, a start of a new relationship. And babies grow in interaction with caring people, you cannot just wait for them to grow a bit and only then do something together with them. (But I totally agree, I’m not interested in other people’s babies either :). )
firefly42 (Guest)
a pool party childbirth scene??
Drake Zephyr
I feel like it's been a while since we got a very chill chapter, just fun n stuff, I doubt it'll happen at the pool the part.
Anna Gartlin9
can't wait for the cute baby, and the 2 girls being great moms :P
Neodria (Guest)
"Feeling ready to meet this one" You say?

Time to make that happen at the most horrible time possible.
ever-present guest (Guest)
...or twins
catlife333 (Guest)
How far along is emily at this point? I can’t remember.
Avanu (Guest)
I started HRT today and I'm so happy this series has been here for me.
ever-present guest (Guest)
Congrats on starting HRT!
Vicky95 (Guest)
Please we need to have a visit from Lydia before the chapter ends. Also an epilogue showing how things go for all the cast.
ever-present guest (Guest)
who's lydia?
Emily's baby.
Drake Zephyr
Who's Lydia again?
Lydia was the name of emily's child. Lydia wynn.
It was revealed earlier in this chapter
Lydia is the name of Emily's baby. Lydia Wynn
Chrissy (Guest)
That's the name Emily picked for the baby....
Fayekename (Guest)
Can I get a preggers in chat?
Chrissy (Guest)
Missed opportunity for her to say she's been pregnant for ten years. 😂
Aw cute people being cute is always cute