11th Jun 2021, 8:39 AM in Ch. 42 - One Day at a Time
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Author Notes:
I don't have much to add down here, so I'll just say I hope you enjoy the page from Blair's casual flirting, to Isaac's casual sassing, to Allison's casual... ruthlessness? XD

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Phoebe Z (Guest)
...........well, that's one way to get everyone inside and playing Fighter Frogs.
does that mean there is a chance of Rain :D:D:D
There will be rain in Rain at Rain's party?
CrownedSun (Guest)
100% chance of Rain at Gavin's party; she's already there!

...rather or not there's gonna be precipitation, though, is up in the air.
Chrissy (Guest)
I see what you did there.....
I don't feel like Allison is being ruthless? Seems like a normal response? Like, if she didn't notice, what else is she gonna say?
TK (Guest)
At least for Carver, I think he thought maybe she was more taking a jab at it like "Oh you call that flirting?"
johannna (Guest)
Ace vibes?
purplespacecats (Guest)
s w e r v e 🤣
"Oh, THATS what you call flirting? Here, lemme show you how its done!"
TK (Guest)
I know some people pointed out earlier that Allison had like the ace colors, but we know she used to like Rain. And she seemed oblivious to flirting or maybe she was just shoving him off. My theory though, she's demisexual or demiromantic. Given all we've seen, I dont find it unlikely.
She could be het-ace. That would explain the ace colours as well as still having the crush. Also, some people are just completely oblivious when it comes to flirting
Pseudonym (Guest)
we already have a homo-ace. might as well have a het-ace too

also, can confirm. i am horrible at telling when someone is flirting with me.
Drake Zephyr
Well I just think the ace color scheme would be a bit on the nose for her to be ace. I mean she might still be, but until we get confirmed, all we can do is think.
Philine (Guest)
wow, I am up to date now... just stated reading a couple of weeks ago, but honestly this web comic helped me a lot!
it gave me courage and hope in a time where I really needed it.
I don't think any piece of media ever got so many strong emotions from me.
seeing how Rain overcomes all the hurdles in her life was very motivating for me, It helped me open up to the people I trust.

Thank you, Jocelyn, for creating this! I wish you all the best in life!
Are Blair and Isaac dating? I'm worried I missed a page or two. I ask since Blair has his arm around Isaac in a more friendly manner than platonic friends usually do.
Ais (Guest)
Yep! They were actually dating when Emily was dating Blair too (with Emily's knowledge and consent ofc). They're both poly!
Blair explained it back on page 1357, but it boils down ot this

Blair met Isaac while dating Emily. Blair, being polyam and pan, started dating Isaac, who is gay, at this time, while still dating Emily, also pan.

after Emily and Blair broke up, he remaiend with Isaac from that point to now, Blair got himself another girlfriend, Shelby, bi, and Isaac has another boyfriend, Carlos, ace. Shelby and Carlos are also both dating, as well as Blair and Carlos, but Shelby and Isaac are not dating.

and they are, and i quote, "all consenting adults aware of everyone else in [their] happy little polycule."
girlygirl (Guest)
wow i like how it gets more and more cloudy every page!
doombird (Guest)
Ohhhh! Last comic I commented that I had a rabbit named Cloudy, bc theme appropriate with Rain and Puddle. Now I feel ALL KNOWING AND POWERFUL XD
imma be honest, i didn't notice the clouds rolling in until Izzy pointed it out.
I love how ruthless everyone is in this comic