Come Back
2nd Jun 2021, 8:31 AM in Ch. 42 - One Day at a Time
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Come Back
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Author Notes:
Kind of another throwback page today. I'm quite fond of Ky's occasional interest in attributing weird "soap tropes" to the friend group. XD

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User comments:
Coffee Milk
I love Allison just trying to get a read of all the characters and make sure they're all comfortable with the language she uses for them
Zophah (Guest)
If this is a soap opera, then either Rudy or Maria needs to be the evil twin.
Chrissy (Guest)
But.. They're not twins... Besides, this series already has an evil twin... That was revealed several chapters ago...
Sylvia (Guest)
Wait, when was the evil twin? Who was the evil twin? I must have missed something
Seed (Guest)
Kellen, Rain's sister who chopped off her hair without consent. She and Aiken are twins.
stag (Guest)
Wait didn't the evil twin already go through redemption
Chrissy (Guest)
Not with the one she assaulted...
Lynn (Guest)
I don't think so, but she is begrudgingly making an effort by talking with Vincent.
Chrissy (Guest)
Well, Ky.... Back around Xmas... Rain's former identity did briefly.... You met "him"....
Anna Gartlin9
i hate that you are technically correct but also love it
Sarah (Guest)
I'm trying to remember what chapter Alisson was introduced in. I remember it being at the mall. Anybody have enough of a memory to point me to where? I'd like to revisit that part.
Tesset (Guest)
Jocelyn posted a link to it last page, but it was chapter 28 where she first made an appearance, though she was mentioned a few times in the chapters leading up to that, and I think the physical-book-only chapter where she appeared might have come first? Not 100% sure tho.
It was in chapter 28 :)
SilentNight (Guest)
I think a few egos have died and been resurrected at least
Matt (Guest)
Oh oh… Is that a portent of doom there from Ky? Is Mr Flaherty going to show up?
I predict Marcus will show up in the final arc of the series.
Reverend Browning (Guest)
I don't think so. The series kinda feels like it's wrapping up, and unless he comes back on his knees to beg forgiveness, I think everyone in the story is emotionally mature enough now to immediately cut him back outta their lives the moment he shows up. And yea, there are definitely abusive people like that in real life, who'd just show up one day to try and start shit, but I don't think it would make a lot of sense for the story to have him appear.
StarwingCorona (Guest)
Gavin's denial of anyone coming back from the dead in the friend group was pretty sus. Officially headcanoning he's a zombie.
Drake Zephyr
To be fair, he was Frankenstein's Monster during the Halloween party wasn't he?
personally, i wouldn't consider that as coming back from the dead. Adam was made of dead pieces, yes, but he was a new life. he never died until the end, regardless of the various pieces that made him.

(yes, i called the mosnter Adam, his unofficial name is Adad Frankenstein, i will explain if asked)
I love that Rudy is self conscious enough to cover himself up. Adorable :3
he's probably remembering dressing up as a girl now and is shy. he might have even considered it for the party before deciding otherwise.
This page is perfet:)
Awwwww, Ruby's coming out, and she's a little blushy now <3 Rudy's alter-ego is sooooo adorable, I love when he dresses up as Ruby <3
No *person* came back from the dead... But a *name* did.
Chrissy (Guest)
That is true. But does Ky know that yet? She did arrive after Ryan was introduced to everyone, after all... I'm gathering that she's still in the just arrived phase - She is still wearing her backpack here...
Wait... Rudy can be self-conciouus? I really like Allison's facial expressions in this. Snarky Ky is snarky, and... i agree... i'm not tbying nobody has come back.
Quff (Guest)
Dang I wish I could just pass easy like Rudy as ruby.
Dwere (Guest)

It's situations like this party that make me miss the two pagers. It's certainly a better way to get some detail in without stretching things out too much. Aside from this the scene is almost perfect!
nocord (Guest)
discord link on seems to be expired. helpo? :(

Try this one. ^_^
Wisdom_Pen (Guest)
I remember being very self conscious over my chest growing up even before I knew I was Trans Female so I do relate at least sort of to Rudy.
Psiah (Guest)
I think... the only person who's died in this entire story has been... Rain's mom? Imagine if she somehow showed up at this party... that would be... interesting.
Dom't worry, Ky, you'll wake up and find it was all just a dream!
Annabelle (Guest)
Every time gavin is off-screen he dies and is revived
Opus the Poet (Guest)
Having actually been declared dead and then revived, that trope always perks my ears a bit. And in case you're wondering it happened 2001-08-31 and involved a pickup truck, an angry drunk driver, and me on a bicycle. I was hit at around 60 MPH and was thrown about 100 feet horizontally and 12 to 16 feet vertically which is why I was declared dead at the scene (and the fact I was in fibrillation which prevented me from having a pulse for the first people on scene). The people who saw the wreck thought "Noone could survive that." Surprise!
I was about to say something about Rain's mother but then I realized it was really dark