Oldest, Bestest Friends
28th May 2021, 8:57 AM in Ch. 42 - One Day at a Time
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Oldest, Bestest Friends
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Author Notes:
I don't have much to add down here today. It's just a cute page of the two latest arrivals getting to know each other. For what it's worth, this was considered for a two-pager with the next one, but I decided against it 'cause they're very different kinds of pages. But I hope you'll look forward to what comes next all the same. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Anastasia (Guest)
I don't like that foreshadowing.
c! (Guest)
She's staring right at the fourth wall, too. Haha
I do, I think everything will be great <3 It seems strange to ad conflict this late in the story; it's such a sweet time now, and everything is going nice <3 <3 <3
Kyle (Guest)
When did Ky and their sister move?

Sometime within the last month in canon since this scene. :)
Chrissy (Guest)
After graduation. Probably around the same time Rain, Emily, Fara, and Vincent moved to a larger place where all 4 of them could fit. Jessica also now lives with Ky and Heather. http://rain.thecomicseries.com/comics/1329

Jinx! XD

Small correction, though: there's been talk of Rain, Emily, Fara, and Vincent moving in to a larger place, but it's technically not confirmed that such a move has happened yet. We're learning on this page that Ky, Heather, and Jess did indeed move, but we still don't know Rain's living situation at the moment. :)
Chrissy (Guest)
While, yes, we technically don't know the 4 of them moved, I figured them all arriving together was a pretty big clue...
not necessarily. Vincent has been known to spend most of his free time with Fara whether they're living together or not. so it would still make sense for them to all show up together.
Adama (Guest)
Knowing Kylie's history, is she going to crush on Allison now? 😉
let's go, kyllison!
Oh hey, I'd ship it, (as Nelly would say)!
So, Allison is here, and Gavin and Ana are already here. That means we have at least three straight characters at this party. Possibly four, since we don't know Vincent's orientation. And that's not even counting the straight characters who aren't at this party like Holly, Kellen, or Calamity Marcus.

I know this is a story, but it completely shatters my suspension of disbelief to have this many straight characters present at once. Plus there's like, no legitimate story reason for most of them to be straight. It just comes across as the author trying to shove an agenda down our throats.
Joce (Guest)
I see what you did there
naobilynn (Guest)
Isn't rain straight as well?
sobs (Guest)
rain has a girlfriend (Emily) and has only shown interest in girls so far, so I doubt she’s straight lol
naobilynn (Guest)
Haha, you're right. My brain told me Emily was a boy and I'm not sure why. I was like rain dated Rudy and Emily, two boys. I'm not sure what my brain does sometimes.
Rereading: That was ironic.
I've been waiting for four pages now, over a week, for Ky to walk from the bus to Gavin's front door. Only in this webcomic would I remain enthralled through the whole thing.
Anna Gartlin9
i know right.
(still love it though <3)
Allison is <3 I love seeing her.
Vicky95 (Guest)
Anyone else wants a surprise visit from Lydia by the end of the chapter??? Or is it just me.
Lily (Guest)
hmmm Allison is wearing ace colours (grey black white purple)... not sure if it’s just a coincidence. (it’s been a while since we saw Allison so i don’t remember too much about her atm)
Allison’s top is white and purple, and her hair is gray with black tips...
Ace Allison maybe???
Chrissy (Guest)
Not certain on that... Way back, she did have a crush on pre-transition Rain... And Rain felt similarly, but was too busy struggling with her gender at the time...
Happy birthday Jocelyn!
1602 (Guest)
Happy birthday 🎉!! Have a nice day.
Happy birthday!
Unrelated, but meta question: is it possible for you to turn on "click comic to advance" on this platform?

I was reading through the archive recently on my phone and the "next" link is really hard to tap.
1602 (Guest)
https://comicfury.com/read/rain/comics/ in here is a function like that.
Hey! Late Happy Birthday Jocelynn !
Forgot to say it yesterday!
Has Ky really not heard of Allison?