Another Introduction
26th May 2021, 8:18 AM in Ch. 42 - One Day at a Time
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Another Introduction
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Author Notes:
Okay, now that is everyone. ^_^

...I think.........? :O

No, it definitely is. ;P

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User comments:
What an adorable interaction.

Also, new profile picture? Cool stuff!
Gabi (Guest)
Yes, very cute. Both the interaction and the profile picture.
Oo the vehicles are in the exact same position too!
omg this girl! <3 havn't seen her in a while :3
Discoh (Guest)
yoooo allison!!
i remember there were a few comments yesterday speculating on who else could show up, when that guess came up i was like "hmm yeah that would be cool, i could see that happening" and it just happened! awesome detective work, you guys.
anyway, i'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!
Tepro (Guest)
Not an interaction I expected, but definitely a cute one!
Yeah, Allison!
Jerry (Guest)
Hey, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for producing this comic. I'm 6 months post successful completion of leukemia cancer treatment and I've related so much to your series. I'm having a test performed soon to make sure there isn't any cancer in my spine and I'm nervous! Your comic has kept me happily distracted.

btw I also like anime, rpgs and metal \m/. FF6 is still my favorite. Yet to play ff7 remake. I enjoy your posts in-between the comics.

Hope you are well!
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
I'm so used to Fara driving Rain everywhere that my first thought seeing Allison driving was "is she old enough to drive???"
Melissa (Guest)
Dunno about New York, but in Ontario, you can get a G1 license (which requires a licensed driver to accompany you) when you turn 16. Then if you go to driving school, you can get your G2 (which allows driving alone) after 6 months, IIRC. Otherwise I think it's 9 months or a year? It's been a long time since i got my license, though, and it was during the transition to graduated licensing (I got an L license under the old system, then a G2 under the new one), so my memory's a little fuzzy.

I know a lot of places you have to be 18, or even older, though.
SteveHeist (Guest)
US rules have it at 15.5 years old for a training license that requires a licensed driver 21+ to accompany, 16 you can get the "real" license.
In panel 4 of this page, allison is said to have her license
besides the fact that she's around the same age as Gavin and Rain, so around 17 or 18, it's actually been confirmed in comic that she can drive, as she drove to meet Gavin when she was first introduced.
i knew she was gonna show up. this party is about gathering ALL the friends, that includes Allison.
hold on...

i know Ky's in girl mode right now...

and Allison says she's straight

but we've seen how both of those factors can change for characters before.

are you trying to set up Kyllison or am i just an overshipper?
Chrissy (Guest)
I just noticed Ky's backpack looks pretty stuffed. I'm guessing bathing suit, and a change of more masculine clothes- including a binder?
Allison! This story needs way more Allison