24th May 2021, 11:44 AM in Ch. 42 - One Day at a Time
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Author Notes:
Throughout the chapter so far, lots of folks have been asking about Trevor's boyfriend, Frank. Well, here he is. If you were wondering where he's been, it turns out Gavin has more friends than they expected and the dads were not ready to host a barbecue for like a dozen teenagers. XD

(Wait. Is that everyone, then?)

Anyway, don't worry if you don't remember Frank. I think besides this bit of the story, his last and only other appearance was back in Chapter 13. He probably won't do all that much either, but hey, he's here!

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Friendly reminder that Rain is now available in French (courtesy of the translation of my friend, Mia)! We're up to ten chapters now live as of this weekend, and more will go up every Saturday. ^_^

While I know most of you can and probably do already read in English, the option is there if you're bilingual, or if you know anyone who is more comfortable reading in French that you think might enjoy the story. I invite you to share this with anyone you think this might benefit. ^_^
User comments:
Gavin): 'Can I have friends over.' His Dad: 'You have friends?'
ever-present guest (Guest)
If Ky hadn't been a friend of Gavin then I feel like Frank talking to people from his car could be construed as harassment
I disagree with that one, ky stands before gavin's house while gavin expects people over and is gavin's age. I think frank is in the clear of assuming she is there for the party.
Coffee Milk
And if she hadn't been, he probably just would have apologized and let it be. That's definitely not harassment lol
ever-present guest (Guest)
fair enough. Context is important
girlygirl (Guest)
THERES frank! so looks like the fan theory is not true but he does kinda look like a older soft aiken XD. hmm so beside gavin there is
1. rain
2. ryan
3. maria
4. chanel
5. rudy
6. emily
7. ana
8. blair
9. isaac
10. fara
11. vincent
am i forgeting someone of is there just one more?
Kate (Guest)
So far the count for Gavin and his friends is
1. Gavin
2. Ana
3. Maria
4. Chanel
5. Blair
6. Isaac
7. Rain
8. Emily
9. Rudy
10. Ryan
11. Ky
12. ?

I can't think of a 12th person, besides maybe Allison? But I don't know if Gavin has even seen her recently enough to invite her.
I could see Allison showing up.
either Gavin invited her or Rain did. she's almost definitely gonna show up though. there's no reason for her not to.
Hey, I thought the exact same thing! I thought that was Aiken, until the dialogue told me ^^ I was kinda disappointed, but this makes it a lot easier for Rain to just have fun and enjoy the day, as a normal kid, because she is just a normal kid in an extraordinary situation :)
Chrissy (Guest)
So, Gavin waited until that late to say how many were invited? Though I admit, I did think Fara and Vincent were just extras to the list....
Some Ed
If my experience is anything to go on, it could be he said how many people were invited, and that report was discounted. As the step-dad of one of my high school associates said, "I've never seen that boy with more than three friends over. Where did all of these kids come from?"

The step-dad's spouse had during the week custody, and this encounter was in the summer. Literally every friend at the event had been over to visit previously, on multiple occasions, but with school and other things going on through the school year, there weren't that many of the guy's step-son's new friends able to show up at a time.

Not everyone invited was able to attend, as even in summer, there's still possible conflicts. I think I was the only friend of a friend, though the event had been officially open for people to bring friends to.

To be fair, the situation's a bit different, as the boy with the unexpectedly successful party in my past had been a new student in our school the prior school year. He'd been a misfit at his prior school, and technically he was still one at the new school - it's just that we had enough students to have a successful misfits social circle.

Taking advantage of Kate's list, we have

1. Party boy himself
2. New kid in school
3. Old friend.
4. Kid 3 years younger, so probably no prior chance for them to be in the same social circle during prior summers.
5. Old friend's new friend.
6. Old friend's new friend.
7. New kid in school, at least relative to prior summers.
8. Old friend's ex.
9. Old friend's brother.
10. Old friend's brother's new friend.
11. New kid in school's friend who doesn't go to the same school.

It feels likely that Gavin had someone over previously who hasn't been significant enough in the comic for me to remember their association with Gavin. But most of this friends list is expansion that happened this year and because of Rain. Blair and Isaac are here because of what happened to Maria, but I somehow don't feel like she and Chanel would've been dating if not for Rain, so that could be attributed that way, too.

I'm not saying that these are all really Rain's friends. Everyone clearly gets along, and I'm sure Rain would've been less successful getting friends if Gavin hadn't contributed to the atmosphere in Rain's friend circle. But I felt like Gavin was content to go with status quo, while Rain was deliberately seeking new friends as a new kid in school who was especially disconnected from her prior life.
Chrissy (Guest)
Oh, and this still doesn't discredit the fan theory... If reactions were getting too weird for him, it's possible he went home early.... Flights aren't that dificult to change...
What is the fan theory you’re referring to? I’m not really involved in the community and I can’t think for the life of me who you’re talking about.
The theory is that Frank and Holly's uncle are one and the same.
Chrissy (Guest)
Frank is Holly's uncle
Kyle (Guest)
OMG! Frank is so cute, especially in pink!
So much <3 This is such a wonderful chapter <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
New profile? O_O
i like how Ky said "for now" for her pronouns. jsut shows how much more accepting of herself she is now than when we first met her.
Tanny (Guest)
Getting much better at drawing cars...... Frank's car looks a lot like a 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid, given the extra little side windows behind the rear door windows.
1602 (Guest)
Hey, It's missing a bit of Rudy's hummor.
cjc333 (Guest)
I love Kylie’s pool outfit, so cute ^-^
Did they seriously think Gavin only had 3 friends?