Uncle, Part 2
19th May 2021, 7:52 AM in Ch. 42 - One Day at a Time
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Uncle, Part 2
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Author Notes:
Once upon a time, like a decade ago Holly mentioned having an uncle who shares a bed with his "roommate". It was mostly just meant as a silly gag page to illustrate that there's a lot more queer people in our everyday lives than many people realize. But this tangential little page has persisted as one of the more popular in the story. It was never meant to be anything more than what it was, but a lot of big theories came out of it, including the possibility that her uncle's roommate could possibly be Aiken, or Gavin's dad, or Arthur's brother, or even Rain's dad. XD

None of it was ever where I was going, but the theories were fun. It's been a delight seeing what was originally no more than a throwaway page having sparked so much enjoyment and speculation. ^_^

Now, years and years later, Holly's uncle gets brought up again, and she finally learns the truth about him. In the past, Holly might not have been antagonistic, but she might have still struggled with this. But seeing Emily come out and be happy with Rain helps contextualize it all for Holly. She's seen her dear friend in a healthy, happy, queer relationship, and now she's more prepared to support her uncle if he needs it (even if she doesn't get all the lingo).

So thank you for enjoying that old page. I didn't expect it to be something people clung to, and I didn't expect to give Holly much in the way of character growth in this story. But I guess I felt inspired. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Chrissy (Guest)
Hmmmm... And we still don't officially have a name for Holly's uncle, and Frank is missing from the pool party.... Headcannon continues
if anything it only got reinforced
Sarah (Guest)
Who is Frank again?

Gavin's dad's boyfriend.

It's been a really long time. No worries about having forgotten about him.
girlygirl (Guest)
Gavins dads boyfriend- i dont know why he has not been there yet but there is a fan theory that he is rains dad to...
Chrissy (Guest)
He's not Rain's dad. Rain's dad is Marcus, and we have seen both in the pages, and they don't look anything alike...
i like this theory...

i REALLY like this theory.
That was the first panel I ever saw of rain (it was posted on r/Sapphoandherfriend), so seeing it brought up kinda brings w whole story full circle for me
Autocorrect always screws up whatever I'm typing. It's hilarious sometimes.
AAAAH! We finally get a callback to Holly's Uncle:D
Is that a carrot on the back of Emily's phone? I'm curious because I've seen "spoofs" of iPhones with a pear and a tomato, but this is the first time I've seen a vegetable used.... So I suppose what I'm asking is, is that supposed to be an "eye-phone" made by the carrot company (carrots are good for your eyes), or does Emily have a cover on her phone with a carrot on it?

I don't think it's ever officially named in canon, but I've been calling it the Carrot aPhone, myself. I mostly picked it over fruits because of carrots' association with bunnies (because I love bunnies). XD
Carrots are known as a good source of vitamin A..... very clever phone name!
That's what I was expecting. I do think it would be cool to actually have a cover like that to put on an Android phone...!
The name 'aPhone' is actually used in canon, although I don't think the name of the company that makes it is.
Ariadne (Guest)
An eyePhone would have a potato
Melissa (Guest)
In Zootopia, Judy's phone is the iCarrot.
Tanny (Guest)
Pantssexual killed me.
Still lying on the floor because of this hilarious callback!
Uncle Roger (Guest)
Now I'm hoping for a drawing of Emily hugging a pair of pants...
girlygirl (Guest)
is it bad that Holly is my favorite character? i love her! and thank you Jocelyn for keeping Emily and Debbie and Holly as friends!
Ane Gartlin9
Nice reference to the roommates joke (they where roommates) made me laugh
Chicken_Sandwhich (Guest)
pantssexual... the all knowing Holly strikes again XD
YaBoiCivicMan (Guest)
Just read through the entire comic start to finish, in one sitting. Only took what, 17 hours?
William Melton (Guest)
Ah, Emily. With her attraction to cookware and leg coverings.

Poor emily is never going to get Holly to get it right XD
Ais (Guest)
I don't usually comment but I wanted to say how much I absolutely adore this comic, I've been reading for well over two years and I'm just so amazed at how far this story and these characters have come. I was at the start of my queer journey when I picked it up, and now I'm well into my transition and openly out to everyone, but the whole time this comic has meant a lot to me. Thank you so much for this masterpiece!!!!!!
ever-present guest (Guest)
So Holly told her uncle she had a "pantssexual" friend? I wonder what he thought of that
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
Awww, what a sweet page. I'm glad these three were able to stay friends, despite the changes life brought them.
Anon (Guest)
Damn these folks sure changed a lot over like six months lol neat
Marie (Guest)
I really liked the story over most parts, but it doesn't have to throw in so many outing stories, really takes away a lot of meaning of the comming our
Holly is just too great