2nd Apr 2021, 8:29 AM in Ch. 42 - One Day at a Time
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Author Notes:
Blair explains polyamory to a clueless Gavin. This is it. This is the whole party. Expect thirty more pages of charts for the rest of the chapter! XD

Jokes aside, we'll see the pool next time. XD

Fun facts: The other partners, Shelby and Carlos, have never been seen before this chart. And I don't know if they ever will be, honestly (these last few chapters are dense enough without me squeezing in more characters at this point). It's possible, but it's not a guarantee. However, Isaac does mention Shelby by name in passing during Chapter E (one of Volume 5's bonus chapters). And in Chapter 41, Blair remarks that some asexual people may indeed be sexually active, which I like to think implies he knows such a person. Perhaps, he's dating one, like Carlos here. So even if we don't see them again, I feel better knowing I've given the other partners some kind of shoutout.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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User comments:
Phoenix (Guest)
Why is Shelby cute tho
TheaHills (Guest)
I just read through 11 years of Rain comics in a little over a week!! I am so glad I found this, I needed this in my life!!
Congrats on catching up
Welcome to the rain beau club
Same here! Really glad I did, cuz I'm absolutely in love with this!
CrownedSun (Guest)
The hardest part of Poly is carrying around the flowcharts.
Phoebe Z (Guest)
The ace ring on Chanel is a nice touch!
I absolutely didn't saw that, good eye!
Willowstream646 (Guest)
Oh my gosh!!! I totally didn't notice that!!!!!! Whee!!
ChaosStar0 (Guest)
I'm guessing the backgrounds on the flowchart denote the person's sexuality. Rainbow being Gay, Magenta Yellow Cyan being Bi, Black Grey White Purple being Ace, but what does Fuchsia Lavender Navy mean? (At least I think those are the right shades?)
CaveTalesZ (Guest)
The Magenta Yellow Cyan flag is actually the pan flag! And the Fuchsia Lavender Navy flag is what people use for bisexuality. Hope that helps!
Strawb6 (Guest)
Magenta yellow cyan is actually Pan, Fuchsia Lavender Navy is Bi
Yay for us (briefly) seeing another ace person!
Fourth Nate (Guest)
Cute! Blair looks so happy!
I notice that based on his words, he only mentions dating 2 people (Isaac and a girlfriend), but the chart shows an arrow between himself and Carlos as well?
purplespacecats (Guest)
fhsjdkfh as a queer woman named shelby who used to have the tips of her hair dyed pink i'm a fan of this character hahah. only difference is that i'm gay, not bi; otherwise it'd be a bit too similar and i'd be weirded out lmao
Archer Xanthorg
Does he just carry those charts around with him? XD
Rain (Guest)
Joke's on you, I love charts
jesslc (Guest)
Me too! I'm totally down for many more pages of charts.
VVTT (Guest)
I wish everyone in the rain polycule a very pleasant love and respect :3
My body is completely ready for 30 more pages of charts.
Long-Time Lurker (Guest)
"Is there actually a pool somewhere?" XD
Hey wait a minute, that second panel is really familiar...
oh snap I was wrong about queer easter eggs
I mean, u were still close though
Drake Zephyr
So I actually have a bi friend named Shelby and the coincidence feels kind of scary.
Chloe (Guest)
is that thumbnail a frazzled Rain or a frazzled Jocelyn?
girly girl (Guest)
I think its Rain because i think Jocelyn has longer darker hair unless she dyed it?
I think it's Rain in her swimsuit. She looks shocked at something so either the water is too cold or someone she doesn't know arrived at the party! (Ryan)
Yay, positive poly representation!!!
wait where did he get those presentation things from? does blair just carry those around with him, or do gavin's dads just have spare presentation thingies on hand?
Haelwenn (lanodan) (Guest)
heh, all three of them dating an Asexual…
naobilynn (Guest)
Man, poly feels like so much work. I have some mad respect for poly groups that pull it off. I can barely handle having more than one friend, the idea of more than one significant other is overwhelming for me. It's really interesting to see people who are able to give that much to more than one person. All the love to every relationship type. :)
Chrissy (Guest)
Just remembered another relevant in rainiverse comment... Something about not everyone can be as horny as Carver... I think it was around when he met Channel
Shoto (Guest)
Oh good, I'm not the only one who draws little charts of my relationships for other people to understand. ^^"
Doing my chapter reread and I now get the impression that Maria timed her question to maximize Gavin's flusteredness.
I wish we could have seen Shelby