I've Got Time
16th Dec 2020, 7:26 AM in Ch. 41 - Graduation
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I've Got Time
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Author Notes:
I've said this a lot through the comic, but it's important enough to be worth repeating: there's no time limit to figuring yourself out (whether it be your sexual/romantic orientation or your gender identity). It's not a race and you don't get anything for figuring it out sooner. So, there's no need to rush or fret about it if you haven't figured things out yet, and you shouldn't feel bad if other people figured things out sooner. Everybody's different.

Speaking purely for myself, y'all probably know by now that I've basically always known I was trans (even if I didn't know the word for it). But I didn't realize I was asexual until I was about 30. The funny thing is I still remember a friend in high school suggesting I might be ace, but I denied it, and thought that couldn't possibly be me. Well, a decade and a half later, that friend turned out to be right. It's important to realize these things can take time to either realize or accept, and that's okay. So, take your time. Research. Experiment. Explore. And have fun if you can! ^_^

In Drew's case, the original point I wanted to go with for his character was to have him questioning his sexuality. His arc went in a lot of directions I couldn't exactly predict from the beginning, but to this point, the boy is ultimately still questioning, even after the whole school year. Maybe he's still got a few more years of figuring it out too. And... that's okay. That's valid. He'll get there. ^_^

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User comments:
William Melton (Guest)
That is a lot of growth for Drew. I wonder how he'll turn out.
Katie (Guest)
Thanks Jocelyn! I absolutely adore Rain and everything Rain-lated (sorry I had to lol)
That's actually pretty sweet of Drew's brother. Considering some of the characters struggles with acceptance at school, it's nice to see that Drew's brother is open-minded about Drew figuring himself out.
Oh, hey, Drew's brother is good. That's a pleasant surprise given that Drew's parents were, if not horrible, at least bad enough to send Drew to an awful school.

Anyhow, it's Wednesday, and you know what that means: time to vote in Part 16 of the Rain Favorite Character Tournament! You can vote for multiple characters, and the top two will proceed to the next round!

Being in a school like this doesn't immediately - or at all - imply horrible parenting. I went to the school this one is based on because my folks hoped it'd help my grades. It didn't pan out as anyone hoped, but they were trying to help. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents, though, and nothing that happened in that school was their fault.

As for Drew's parents, we don't know anything about them, other than that they apparently had at least two kids. ^^;
Yuri Bacon (Guest)
> I'm not to even looking to date right now.
I think you have an extra word there :P
Allison (not that one) (Guest)
"... no one's stealing me. No one _has_ me. I'm not anyone's anything."

QFT. And not just in this situation.

People do not _own_ one another as if they were possessions, so they cannot be _stolen_

One of the more pernicious memes coming out of the popular idea of romance is that if you're in love with someone (or they're in love with you) then they're your _property_.

The only one who "owns" Kyle/Kylie is themself.

P.S.: That's also true of children. They do not _belong_ to their parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are temporary _stewards_ of their children.

[Sorry. I get pretty worked up about this kind of stuff.]
Drake Zephyr
The Masculine form of his name is just Ky not Kyle.
I think the biggest take away from this is that Drew has a brother that seems nice. Didn't know about that.
Doomblob (Guest)
This honestly feels like a really good place for Drew's character to end up. Comic is excellent as always. :)
College is a great time for figuring stuff out, my gender identity went through several stages of personal comprehension, changed my pronouns I use with my friends.

But you don’t have to figure it all out in a set time. Who you are is always evolving, some can’t define their sexuality or gender until they are much older. Everyone’s story happens at its own pace.
Dechaineaux (Guest)
Reminds me of a quote from early South Park (apologies fro paraphrasing, can't find the exact quote)
Chef "Children, I've said that there's a time and a place for doing drugs. Where is that place?"
Stan Kyle, Cartman and Kenny "College"
Shadow (Guest)
I can relate to the "figuring stuff out in college thing." Just about any college is going to have a much larger, more diverse student community and depending on the electives you take, you can meet people of all ages and in all stages of knowledge about identities.

College was when I learned the term "asexual," and what a relief that was! I used to call myself "anti-romantic" because I knew I was different but didn't fully understand how. I'd come to terms with it by then, but having something legit to describe myself felt validating. It still took some time for me to be open telling friends and family, but I'm happier for it. :)

He has grown so much since the beginning of the story