30th Nov 2020, 8:25 AM in Ch. 41 - Graduation
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Author Notes:
I want you to know I hear all you folks asking for a Rudy scene, or a Fara scene, or a Ky scene. And those are all coming! But this week, we're gonna focus on what truly no one asked for: a Debbie scene. XD

Real talk: this is legit one of my favorite weeks of the chapter. Some lowkey, but surprisingly valuable, character/plot development comes out of it, and I also think it's just really funny. So you might not have been asking for this, but I hope y'all still like it! ^_^

Also, over the course of the comic's run, I've learned my high school experience isn't necessarily like everyone else's. It's been a big topic of discussion on many pages in the past. So with that in mind, I'm going just add that in my senior year, we got our yearbooks like a few weeks before finals/graduation (right around prom, as I recall). I don't know if that's typical or not (I feel like in middle school, we might've just been mailed yearbooks over the Summer, but that's going way far back and I can't quite remember). Still, but I wanted to at least bring it up. You know, just in case anyone's confused by how Holly has a yearbook yet; it's just that that's how I remember it.

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User comments:
Sean (she/they) (Guest)
Aaa I love this comic so much and it’s a crime I’ve never left a comment. This comic really has been such a comfort for me growing up (I’ve been reading since around 2015) when I was first figuring out my sexuality / gender identity. just,, thanks for this comic, it’s just really important to me (and I’m sure many others!) :)
Niki (parrot/bunny) (Guest)
the face on holly's face looks like this '-'
"What Randy said right before that" cracked me up:)
Alice (Guest)
We had a similar schedule for yearbook deployment, gave time to get signatures :)

Though now I'm worried that Rain's going to be deadnamed in the yearbook...
Neelix (Guest)
Isn't Yearbook normally something that's put together mainly by students as an extra-curricular? If so, then it seems unlikely that they would dead-name her, given that everyone knows her as Rain.
Hooman Bean (Guest)
Nooo! All caught up after reading it for the fourth time!! :( But I love this comic.
Zena (Guest)
That was my experience too! we got given yearbooks early so that people could sign them c:

Excited to see where this mini plot goes :D
spork (Guest)
hi jocelyn! have you thought about releasing some new t-shirt/sticker/facemask(??) designs? i know i'm not the only one who would eat that up :0
Phrown (Guest)
I hope this chapter has RudyxRyan. Though I understand if Ryan doesn’t make an appearance.
Neelix (Guest)
Oddly enough the first 3 panels read a lot more coherently if you go back and reread them after you get to the end of the page. :-)
Omy, Holly is so cute in this <3 ^^ <3 <3 <3
Gabi (Guest)
Oh, I've been in Debbie's place more than once. It's horrible when you need to study for a big test and you join a study group hoping it'll help you and they end up going off-topic all the time and not letting you study at all.
Fourth Nate (Guest)
Unpopular opinions: Debbie & Emily back on the path to friendship is one of the things I was hoping for before it ends.
What else is on my wishlist? ;)
- Rudy and his senior friend Ryan leave things on a positive note, but just as friends, before Ryan leaves for college ASAP.
- Drew doesn't need any more lines, but maybe a cameo in the background? Maybe with Randy? Maybe holding hands? ;)
- Everything goes perfectly with Emily's birth (of course)
- Aiken becomes part of family events and cheers on his lil sis. Kellen leaves them alone
- I like Ky, but their plot threads are pretty much wrapped up now, so keeping cutting back to them at school or whatever seems kinda pointless.
- They're way too young for it, but future Maria & Chanel in matching wedding dresses will live on in my imagination ;)
I've never liked yearbooks. Mostly because they had my face and deadname in them