20th Nov 2020, 9:02 AM in Ch. 41 - Graduation
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Author Notes:
The ever elusive "page with no dialogue" appears! This is only like the second or third time this has happened to the best of my memory.

It's also the first appearance of Ana's octopus plushie, Ivan McDorfleton in quite some time (unless I'm forgetting a cameo, it's been over 400 pages!).

Anyway, the page is pretty much exactly what it looks like. Studying is boring. They can't focus. Their eyes wander to each other and their gazes accidentally meet, leaving them both embarrassed. Ana leans in for a quick smooch on the cheek, breaking the tension and putting them both in better spirits. Who can say how studying will actually go from here (especially what with the goofy smiles and the blushing and all that), but they both seem to be happier, at least. That's gotta count for something, right?

Just so y'all know, I wrote this chapter in such a way that every scene will run from Monday through Friday. So next time (and every Monday for the next several weeks), we'll be catching up with someone else. I hope you'll look forward to it. ^_^

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User comments:
Coaldust (Guest)
All together now!

Fox (Guest)
Oh my <3
I wonder what Rain would think of that
<Another house, a few km away...>


"Why on Earth did you do that, Rain?"

"I have no idea, Emily. I just had a sudden, extremely strong urge to say it."
Phrown (Guest)
I like how Ana was all flirty before but is awkward now that she has a boyfriend.

The return of Ivan (and his expression in the last panel) is nice too.
Kyle (Guest)
To damn cute!
Anastasia (Guest)
Gwuh. What cuties :3
Ivan was mentioned in Rain Delay 19, but we didn't actually see him.

I did consider that, but even more recently than that, the last appearance I can recall for Ivan was actually at the end of Chapter 28. ^_^
Calcifina (Guest)
The cute little plushi blush is just the best detail☺
beast of doom (Guest)
January rain (Guest)
AWWWWWW <3 to cute for my eyes (^w^)
Ninjacookies (Guest)
Is there going to be a Transgender day of remembrance post today?

Sorry to say there will not be anything new from me on that front. I've been very, very depressed this year (and to be honest, for the last few, as well). And doing the art pieces themselves, while extremely important, tends to put me in a very bad mental state; one that I'm unfortunately nowhere near emotionally equipped to deal with this year. So for my own mental health, I'm trying to just quietly acknowledge and reflect on the Transgender Day of Remembrance at my own pace.

It's important to make art and statements and raise awareness, and I have nothing but love and support for all the folks who are still able to do what needs to be done today. But it's also important to take a step back for ourselves when we know we need it.
Fourth Nate (Guest)
Thanks for the work you do in this community, Jocelyn. Stay strong and take care
William Melton (Guest)
If she keeps doing that, Gavin might fail the test with flying colors.

Still utterly, completely adorable.
TKK (Guest)
If she keeps doing that, he won't care
Drake Zephyr
Look at Ana's smug grin. Cause she got the first strike in.
omg so cute ^^ <3 I love the adorableness!
Lily (Guest)
My apologies if I missed the link somewhere but is there by any chance like a Rain Discord? ty for any response!

Here you go!

And sorry for the late response! ^^;
Lily (Guest)
ahh! hopefully im not being too much of a bother but it seems that link expired ;-;
Is there a perma invite somewhere by chance :?

Oops! Sorry about that. Try this one. ^_^
Phrown (Guest)
I hope this chapter has a scene featuring Rydy (RyanxRudy)
A.Farron (Guest)
I'm finally caught up!! Totally 3-day binged the story :D I am so soo happy I found your webcomic through mostly chance scrolling through google images. It's funny, I've been on HRT for over a year now, got the judges' letter for my name and everything a few months back but finding your story, personal and all, has given me the courage to start going full time! I've never been this close to coming to terms with a possible GRS than I am right now :) I'm still waay too scared to right now but it feels.. possible now.

Mis:file gave me reassurance about my real self but Rain gave me strength to follow through, so thank you so much Jocelyn. 3 days of reading has done more for me than months of mental preparation. I'm looking forward to the years to come, both for your story, and for my own.

With love, Amanda

Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so glad Rain could be such a positive influence for you. ^_^
hanna (Guest)
ahhh i love these two!
If I may ask, what's your opinion on the latest Call of Duty game allowing you to play as a male, female, or nonbinary character?

I didn't even know about that. It's not my kind of game, personally, but giving credit where due I think it's great that they'd include such an option! That's more than most games do. :)
Personally, while I appreciate the effort at representation/being able to play as myself, since the game is set in the 80's US military, it erases the homo+transphobia present in those times and that organisation.

I presume that if you pick enby, that other characters will respect that. (Especially since you haven't told the game which way transphobes would misgender you.) The idea that everyone in the military in the present day would affirm someone's nonbinary identity is absurd, nevermind in the 1980's.

It sounds to me like this game does its best to try and absolve the US and its military of their awful track record on LGBT+ people. I have no idea how it approaches their awful track record on everything else, but I can't imagine too well either.
idk I personally appreciate it when media set in the past is anachronistically lacking in bigotry. sometimes it's nice to not think about it; that's all
seikueon (Guest)
Just reflecting back onto a comment on an old page that went into a huge rant that Gavin was harassing her instead of the commentor needing to take Ana at her word that it's not a good time "right now".

I remember being like "wow, way to get it wrong" as I watched them get to this sweet place.
Queen Wolfen (Guest)
Maybe this is a weird detail to notice, but I love that cute little octopus plushy back there~
TK (Guest)
I believe Gavin gave that to Ana as a gift.
Gabibutcher (Guest)
So much cuteness!
Waffle (Guest)
Looks like someone thinks someone is distracting.
The octopus is alive!
Not often that we get to see Ana close-up enough to clearly see both her eye colours without having to zoom, like in panel two. It's nice. \^^

Also, these two are just so frickin' cute. Sometimes, the straights *are* okay. ;p And it's nice to see Ivan around~!