Comic 1285 - Chapter 40 Warning

14th Sep 2020, 12:42 PM in Ch. 40 - It's Okay to Cry
Chapter 40 Warning
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Author Notes:

Jocelyn 14th Sep 2020, 12:42 PM edit delete
A follow-up to the recap I posted earlier, as some folks seemed a bit shaken by it. If you're one of those people and don't think you can read the next chapter (either just not right now, or not ever), that's fine. Do what you need to do. The next chapter is pretty standalone, so you don't have to worry too much about missing anything crucial. Please, just take care of yourself. :)

Chapter 41 will be a much more lighthearted one, and I hope to see you back by in November for some good times. ^_^

For everyone sticking around, Chapter 40 still begins on Wednesday.
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bgb16999 14th Sep 2020, 2:15 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for the warning. I'm looking forwards to this chapter.

Also, in case you missed it, there are two days left for the second part of the Rain Favorite Character Tournament. You can vote for as many of the characters as you want. Part 3 will begin Wednesday along with the new chapter.
X Guest User 14th Sep 2020, 2:15 PM edit delete reply
I love how much you care. Thank you so much for caring about these users, and for posting this. You literally rock.
Guest 14th Sep 2020, 3:05 PM edit delete reply
Gah, wish I'd known beforehand I could have read that white on black small text image full size textblack on white just below it lololol
I'm looking forward to the next chapter since it puts even more realism into things. Unfortunately that is the life far too many have to deal with.
SometimesIReadComics 14th Sep 2020, 3:55 PM edit delete reply
I think I'm ready for this story arc now. The secondhand cathaticism from Emily sticking it to her mom could be good for me.
~J 14th Sep 2020, 6:11 PM edit delete reply
I'll be sticking around, because I love your story and characters, and... this does need to happen.

I do really appreciate the warning, though.
Tramuntana 15th Sep 2020, 4:01 AM edit delete reply
(Insert Thorn in You and Don't Speak her Name here for background music)

-> ~J
Yeah, it does need to happen, but we will be crying for two months...
ivyil 15th Sep 2020, 5:49 AM edit delete reply
Ah, thank you for giving us this warning. I’m definitely definitely not in the headspace for this. Too close to home, and I’m already in a bad place lately.
Aria 15th Sep 2020, 1:30 PM edit delete reply
I decided to give it a chance, but I take the author's promise as a promise Emily will solve it somehow. Fingers crossed :)
Noonerboi21 15th Sep 2020, 2:09 PM edit delete reply
Ok so i just need to get emotionally prepared for this chapter but i think that I'm ready. If it does get to heavy for me then i might skip the chapter
WindandRain 16th Sep 2020, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
Love you Lynn!
William Melton 16th Sep 2020, 6:24 AM edit delete reply
I'm in for the full haul, even if I am sad we are nearing an end.
Gabi 16th Sep 2020, 8:14 AM edit delete reply
Funny, just this morning I was remembering how my parents would humiliate me whenever I was anything less than perfect, and how I grew up afraid of making mistakes, knowing I would inevitably make many and be scolded for them until they were convinced that they had broken me, and I had no way to know when it would happen and no way to prevent it. Fortunately, they have learnt over time and recognized their mistakes, especially my mother. But not all parents do.

Bad stuff happens. It's a part of life. Some people are really awful. At least this is fictional, so it won't hurt as much as if it were happening to someone I know. In any case, it must have been really hard for you to write and I'm looking forward to seeing the result, and learning more about the characters in this story.

In other words, I'm sticking with you all the way.
StringKitty 2nd Oct 2020, 1:33 PM edit delete reply
Why do I get the feeling I'm gonna relate to Emily super hard here.
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